VENUS in the Signs

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Love is in the air! Well, love is in the air naman palagi para saating mga Pilipino na super romantic in general. You can’t deny how festive we are culturally, kaya super extra talaga tayo kapag may mga celebration na ganito. Since napapanahon ang relationships and pagmamahalan ngayon, it’s the best time to discuss the planet that rules this occasion … *drumroll*… VENUS!

Ahh, VENUS, the planet of love, beauty, sensuality, and luxury. A lot of the common masses know and love Venus, pero madami ang hindi pa aware sa totoong importance at symbolism nito.

All through-out your life, at least once, malamang nag check ka ng astrological compatibility mo with your crushes. “Ano nga ba’ng bagay sa Taurus?”, “Shucks, di tayo bagay, Pisces ako, Capricorn ka”, “kelan birthday niya? OMG Leo siya, bagay kami!!!” Hehe, lahat guilty diyan. Minsan tumatama, pero madaming beses naman, nagkakamali.

May value na nakukuha pag nagcocompare ng compatibility ng SUN SIGNS, which is the same as the horoscopes that we see in newspapers and magazines. However, when it comes to calculating romantic love – how we love, who we are attracted to, who we attract, and everything else in between, the best symbol to look at, is VENUS.

There are Pisces Suns na usually shy type and very dreamy and floaty and accepting of situations, pero bakit pag dating sa love, ang tapang? Palaban! Kasi ang Venus pala niya nasa Aries.

May mga Virgo Sun na super service oriented and super humble, conservative and critical, pero bakit pag dating sa love, medyo self-centered pero super warm and affectionate and very romantic? Kasi ang Venus niya, nasa Leo.

You get the point! Now to get the most accurate descriptions about your love nature, and what signs you are most compatible with, nothing will be more precise than having a personal natal chart analysis, kung saan kailangan mo ng accurate birth date, time, location, and a competent astrologer who can interpret your birth chart. 

However, for those who have no access to their birth times and birth charts, click your decade of birth below, for you to know your VENUS sign:

1940-1950, 1981-1990
1951-1960, 1991-2000
1961-1970, 2001-2010

Ngayon, alam mo na ang VENUS sign mo, and most probably chineck mo na din ang sa sweetheart mo!

Below are descriptions of VENUS under each sign. Keep in mind that some Venus combinations work better than others. Kung hindi compatible, hindi naman ibig sabihin e doomed to fail na. Mas kailangan lang trabahuhin, at mas lagyan ng effort.

Other factors too, are considered in compatibility. Again, to really compute for the full potential between you and your sweetheart, you will need to have someone interpret your Astrological charts. However, just knowing your VENUS signs will greatly help in understanding how you react, kapag napana kayo ni kupido!

click below, para mag-kaalaman na! 🤪😉


HAPPY VALENTINE’S!!! Take care of each other and enjoy! ♥️

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