When your Venus is in Aquarius, love is expressed in ways that are unconventional. Aquarius is all about independence and individualization. It celebrates its unique quirkiness proudly, boldly. When Venus is here, love is expressed through non-conformity. Aquarius is the sign of the rebel, after all! If everyone gets married, hindi ibig sabihin non, e dapat ikaw din! If you do get married, you may be comfortable with a set-up that most may consider unusual. Siguro kasal kayo, pero walang magpapalit ng apelyido. Or pwede din na ok lang sa’yo na magkaiba kayo ng kwarto. Minsan magkaiba pa ng bahay!

When Venus is here, there is a lot of attraction towards characters who are interesting, and even eccentric. The more people may question, “Siya? Bakit siya?”, the more you get intrigued. The more you get intrigued, the more this intrigue turns into amusement. Eventually, the amusement morphs into magnetic attachment. Hindi kailangang classically maganda or pogi. Hindi kailangang opposite sex. Minsan mas bata, minsan sobrang tanda ng partner. Or ibang religion. Hindi deal breakers yang mga yan. Accepted mo kasi sila for whoever they are, regardless of whatever boundaries society has imposed upon them. Wala naman masyadong bearing sa’yo if it makes sense to society, or not. Minsan pa nga, the weirder, the better!

When Venus is in Aquarius, there is also an innate need, to serve humanity, somehow. Championing humanitarian causes, environmental activism, and other advocacies are common in this placement, especially in adulthood. If you have this Venus placement, your natural partner will want to share this passion, as well. Volunteer work is something that is enjoyable, something that can create a deeper bond between you and your partner.

Hindi clingy and warm ang default ng Venus in Aquarius, kaya sometimes, you may appear cold, uncaring, or detached. More intellectual and objective. Ayaw mo ng uneccessary drama that beats around the bush. Hindi naman dahil sa intolerance, although it can seem like that at first. Hindi mo lang naturally alam kung paano i-process ang complex emotions, kaya usually, hindi ‘appropriate’ ang reactions mo dito. You try to obectify emotions first, in order to process them. Kailangan may rationale. Kailangan may explanation muna. May plan of action na din. Finding common ground in volunteerism, or joining organizations together, can help warm up the passions of this Venus. Having common friends too, perhaps other couples that you can hang out with, will help facilitate growth in your partnerships.

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