With your Venus in Pisces, love is a feeling, indeed. And one that is deeply felt. Imagine a quiet, candlelit dinner, watching the shadows and the light playing out in your partner’s face, and smiling, beacause you feel overwhelmed by beauty, and by so much emotion. Hindi kailangan magsalita, kasi nag-uusap na ang mga mata ninyo.  There is a quiet knowing about what is happening between you. There is potent energy in this moment of stillness. Most of the time, the most important conversation is the one that has no use for words. 

Venus in Pisces is all about dreamy romanticism. It’s gentle and quiet. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but it’s a cup that expands as much as it needs to. It is able to hold so much acceptance, love, tolerance, kindness, empathy, and compassion. Venus likes being in Pisces, she is exalted here. Venus here is able to love as much as she can, without any limitation. Nakakapagod din, kasi hindi ka napapagod magmahal. Kahit masakit. Kahit minsan, wala ka namang nakukuha pabalik. This Venus forgives, again and again. Emo, pero alam mong totoo ‘yan!

When Venus is here, it’s all about tenderness. This is someone that values quiet, simple moments. Hindi kailangan ng grand gestures. It can be as simple as watching the stars together, at the end of a long, tiring day. Magkatabi kayo, ramdam na ramdam ninyo ang presence ng isa’t isa. Alam mo na mahal mo, alam mo na mahal ka. Hindi na kailangan siguraduhin, hindi na kailangan itanong. Magkatabi lang kayo, pero parang may energetic atoms of love na lumulutang sa hangin. You look at each other, say something random, you smile at each other, and there is happy contentment, and deep peace. 

When your Venus is in Pisces, you crave that feeling of sacredness, in a partnership. It’s almost spiritual. It feels holy and important and it feels like your soul is being nourished by this love that you have for each other. Mahihirapan ka sa mga partner na hindi mapakali, na hindi kayang malayo sa gadgets nila, or yung mga partners na hindi nag papatay ng TV. Yung hindi tumitingin sa’yo pag naguusap kayo. The right partner for you will understand your need to connect in a way that is almost transcedental. Hindi kailangan maging spiritual, pero someone who can look into your eyes and linger there.  Yung hindi natatakot mag connect on that level, kung saan you let this person in your heart and your psyche fully, in a way that makes you both feel vulnerable. Your perfect partner is someone who understands the things that you do not know how to say. Gets na niya. Someone who treats you gently, with respect, care, and finally, someone who looks at you, like you are made of magic. ❤

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