With your VENUS in the sign of CANCER, love for you is all about nurturing. Safety is important, the home is important. You are not afraid of words like commitment, long-term, and forever. Your natural partners are those who are not afraid to promise you the future; someone who wants to establish a home and a family with you. May intense need ka for emotional security and safety, and may pag-ka conservative ang views mo on love and relationships.

When you love someone, there is a protectiveness that is almost akin to mothering – you like to keep your loved ones close and protected, and malaking part ng identity mo ang pag aaruga sa partner mo. Hindi ka lang romantic partner, kumbaga, partner ka for all occasions – lover, sister, mother, best friend, protector, muse, all in one. Deep commitment easily comes to you, kaya naman hindi maiwasan to expect the same from others. Pero siyempre, hindi naman lahat ganyan, kaya may tendency ka na ma-disappoint more than most. All out kasi si Venus kapag nasa Cancer siya, and the wrong partner can make or break her.

There is a certain vulnerability in this placement. Crabs have hard shells, for protection, pero once you go through the armor, sobrang lambot pala ng nasa loob. Kaya din Mabilis ka maging defensive , kasi kailangan mo talaga protektahan ang heart mo, mas sensitive kasi ito compared sa iba. Usually, pag nagmamahal ka talaga, yung gusto mo talaga ha, hindi yung crush lang, wala ka nang natitira sa sarili. Wasak kung wasak. Kaya mahirap magtiwala basta-basta!

Very intuitive ang Venus in Cancer sa needs ng partner niya, kaya outside of the possible emotional smothering, super spoiled and well cared for naman talaga ang mga partners mo! Be careful with the tendency to be manipulative when it comes to love! You want to be super indispensible and eeffort ka naman talaga, na 100/100. Kaya lang,  minsan pag hindi na talaga kaya, you have to know when to quit.

On the other hand, If you are on the other end and you love a person whose Venus is in Cancer, just make sure na loyal and faithful ka, and that you always assure them that you will not just disappear on them, or put them in alanganan, because most have intense fears of abandonment. Also, may tendency sila mag-tanim ng sama ng loob, matagal bago mawala, and super tagal ng recovery period! One thing is for sure though – the love you give is given back to you a hundred times, in return!

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