With your Venus in Scorpio, love for you is not something that is taken lightly. Love is dance of uncovering intricate layers. Not just physical layers of clothing, but more so, the emotional layers wrapped to protect the most fragile parts of the heart.  Love is intimacy, love is not being afraid to discuss things that may be uncomfortable. Love is deep discussions and vulnerability, and most of all, the absence of secrets.  Scorpio is generally a sign that keeps so much inside. The person that unlocks this heart, gains complete access to everything it holds. Kaya Pag dating sa pag-ibig, hindi ito basta-basta. Unless other factors in the chart say otherwise, with Venus in Scorpio, it’s usually all or nothing. Kaya nito mag abstain at maging single for a very long time, kasi usually, mahirap i-tolerate ang mabababaw na relationships. It needs that feeling of nervous excitement; the intoxicating, seductive, palpable quality in relationships, kung saan nagtititigan palang kayo, parang bumibilis na ang heartbeat mo, lumalalim na ang paghinga.

Kahit gaano pa kabigat, kahit gaano pa kadilim yung nakaraan ng partner mo, kaya mo tanggapin. Pag nagka-gusto ito, hindi siya basta basta na tu-turn off. If your Venus is in Scorpio, you like the good, the bad, and the ugly. Kumbaga, as long as there is complete transparency, complete openness, kaya itawid ang kahit ano. Full disclosure, full stop. Alam na alam mo kapag may hindi sinasabi sa’yo ang partner mo. Unang iwas palang ng mata, alam mo na na may mali. Alam mo kung may tinataggo. Ang issue kasi dito, e hindi yung kung ano man ang tinatago. Ang issue dito, e may tinago. That is a sin greater than no other, when partnered with a Venus is in Scorpio.

You like learning everything about your partner, because loving is knowing the beloved. Not just superficial details, but everything. Your need to understand your loved ones to their very core, making them feel seen from the inside out, is fundamental. A partner who withdraws and withholds information and thoughts will drive you to misery. Your natural partner knows this and shares information without being asked. Those who don’t will subject themselves with investigations, research, and a lot of heavy, loaded questions. The right partner for you will understand that there is a part of you that intensely fears abandonment and betrayal, and that removing any emotional barriers through transparency, can greatly help in easing your fears.

e.g. When a Venus in Gemini asks: “San ka galing?”, gusto lang niya malaman kung saan ka galing. Kasi curious siya. Kasi mahilig siya sa info. Anong intent? Information, for information’s sake.

When a Venus in Scorpio tentatively asks: San ka galing?” iba yun. Madaming pwede maging ibig sabihin yun. Madami.

If your Venus is in Scorpio, gets mo yan.

There is an element of possessiveness, sometimes, that can easily overwhelm others. Pero, Venus in Scorpio can be all about deep, quiet, passions, too. There is a great attraction towards people who like to probe psychologically or those who need psychological probing. This Venus likes getting to the root of things, feelings, intentions. The deeper the conversation, the better. The more exclusive the information shared, the closer Venus in Scorpio feels. And when a Venus in Scorpio falls in love, it stays in love. For a very long time.

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