FEBRUARY 2020 Cosmic Weather Report for ALL ZODIAC SIGNS

Whew. January, natapos ka din!!! Parang 3 months rolled in one, sa bigat ng pakiramdam. Within 24 hours of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the seemingly harmless Taal volcano woke up from its sleep, displacing thousands upon thousands of people and animals. Hopefully, you all are safe.

The last time Saturn and Pluto were conjunct was in LIBRA, which is a Venus ruled sign all about beauty, love, and partnerships. Around that conjunction, around 1983, was the time when we first were made aware of the HIV virus, leading to an AIDS epidemic. Now it’s all about CAPRICORN, where there is perseverance, steadiness, and a slowly but surely kind of mentality. Traits we attribute to Capricorn can be traits seen in the novel Virus.  Go figure. Mag-ingat lahat ha, make sure you all wear your face masks!

Mahirap isa-isahin lahat ng nangyari hindi lang dito, kundi worldwide. Nakaka overwhelm na din ulit-ulitin. Energy-wise, the heaviness that January has unleashed will reverberate throughout the year, and although the pressure has dispersed significantly, this cosmic overture is far from over.

Now, we move forward. 1 month down. 11 to go. Fight!

Things get a bit tricker this month. Things may seem very overwhelming still. ALL planets are direct, after all, walang pasaway na tumatakbo pabaliktad. Until the 16th, that is. February brings us the first retrograde of the year, with Mercury waltzing backwards in CANCER, a water sign that truly brings us inside our feelings. Valentine’s day falls under the retrograde shadow, so emo kung emo! This should be interesting.

For really specific details on how this month’s Cosmic Weather may affect you, you will need your exact birth time and place, and a competent astrologer who can compute and interpret your charts. However, even without these, knowing the general energies at play can greatly assist in planning ahead. You know the drill! 

For more accuracy, check your Rising sign first, followed by your Sun sign!

ARIES                 LIBRA              
TAURUS             SCORPIO    
LEO                    AQUARIUS    
VIRGO               PISCES

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