With Venus in Sagittarius, love is an adventure! Love is all about learning, traveling and collecting experiences together with your loved one. Venus here has a deep craving to share experiences with others. Mahilig ka mag padala ng pictures kung nasan ka, ng pagkain na kinakain mo, ng mga landscapes, para makita din ng loved ones mo kung ano man ang nakikita mo. Na babalik ka ulit dito one day, at isasama mo sila. Isasama mo siya.

Love here is expressed spontaneously, with a zest for life and a wanderlust that knows no bounderies. Kung nasa Sagittarius ang Venus mo, mahilig kang magliwaliw. Lakad dito, larga doon! Traveling with your partner is held in the highest esteem, kaya talagang pag iipunan mo yan. Your natural partner will want to go out and see the world with you. The perfect partner is someone who values experiencing things first hand, just like you. Someone you can travel with, and learn from, most especially.

Venus here is lighthearted and fun, and easily excitable. This is a Venus that loves to laugh and to enjoy the day to day, without strings attached to the past, or without being intimidated by the future. There is a certain kind of positivity that is unmistakable here. With Sagittarius being a fire sign, there is alot of passion and warmth, pero, hindi ito nananakal. Freedom is important here. Kung Venus in Sagittarius ka, you need room to explore, to roam, and most especially, to grow. Napakaimportante nito! Pag clingy or attached ang partner, tapos KJ, may preno ang happiness mo don. Hindi ka magiging completely happy if may partner ka na i-gui-guilt trip ka pa para lang hindi ka umalis at samahan siya instead.

Commitment is a big word that can sometimes be very overwhelming for you, especially if it is being demanded. Actually minsan, mas gusto mo pa yung pa-hard to get, kasi parang adventure yon, conquest kumbaga. Let the games begin! Yun lang, minsan hindi mo na naiisip, kung gusto mo ba talaga yung tao, o gusto mo lang manalo. Malakas din ang loob mo, kasi nga adventurer. Minsan, kahit hindi naman kayo compatible, hindi mo na napapansin, kasi na di-distract ka sa challenge. Very positive ka, na kaya mo baguhin yung tao, and being a mutable sign, sa umpisa, ikaw ang mag-aadjust. Before you know it, ikaw na ang nag-bago completely.

When your Venus is in Sagittarius, there is an attraction towards people who are broad minded and well cultured. Kahit kung gaano ka ganda or pogi, pag kulang sa brain power, e alanganin. Yung mga matatalino na adventurer. Yung may natu-tutunan ka, habang kasama mo siya. Attraction with foreigners, or those who are foreign-born geographically, or locals who reside abroad, are very common. Kaya naman din ang LDR, basta you get to fly to each other from time to time!

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