When your VENUS is in TAURUS, Love for you is quite simple. The less conflict, the better. Stability, dependability and knowing that you are secure and both in it for the long run – yan ang mga important key words and phrases for you. Ang pagmamahal para sa’yo ay dapat comfortable. Hindi kailangan gawing complicated. You can be yourself, no pretensions. Naturalness is valued. Hindi kailangan nang madaming superficial porma, make-up, complex fashion, para ma-attract ka sa isang tao. Simplicity is very attractive – your object of affection is as attractive to you in the morning, bagong gising and may muta pa, as he or she is, in some fancy event, all made up and glamorous.

With your Venus in Taurus, mahilig ka magpa-kain! Either through cooking for your loved one, or embarking of little food adventures – new restaurants, or new tastes lang per se. Masarap na bonding ang pagkain, para sa’yo. Super attuned ka kasi sa 5 senses mo, of course including taste, kaya na-eenjoy mo talaga ang mga taste tests and food trips. On the same note, since this placement is one of the most, if not the most sensual of  Venus placements, you give equal importance to the other senses – you love smelling your partners, your pamangkins, your loved ones, in general. Touch is also a big deal for you, kaya more than other signs, mahihirapan ka sa long distance relationships. Kung walang other planetary placements na kokontra (alot of AIR placements perhaps), this Venus makes you value physical touch more than others – hugging, touching, holding hands, being  malambing and in close proximity with your loved one is very important for you para maging masaya ka sa isang relationship.

Hindi mahilig sa complications ang placement na ito. You feel like you don’t need to fix what is not broken, so hindi ka mahilig sa madaming kung anu-anong extra usapan, extra discussions, extra arguments. Basta magkasama kayo, watching TV, magka hug, ok na. Peace and harmony is very important for you. Your natural partner brings calmness and serenity to your soul and your spirit. Mag ingat lang kasi minsan, masyado nang complacent, and sa katagalan, there is a tendency to be too familiar, na hindi na umeeffort, as time passes by!

Also, this is the most stubborn of all Venus signs, so it has trouble letting go, and moving on more than most signs. Taurus in a gentle way, feels very possessive sa object of affection niya, so pag nawawala, mahirap mag move on. Matigas ang ulo nito, so it tends to stay in long term relationships kahit it makes more sense na maghiwalay na. But basically, people with Venus in Taurus are  dependable, good providers, and may staying power talaga. Pag nagmamahal, wagas at totohanan talaga, pang-matagalan!

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