If your Venus is in Capricorn, love for you is a serious matter. Love is integrity and commitment. Love is putting in the hours, to make sure that relationship foundations are strong and solid. Hindi ka mahilig sa trip-trip, or sa casual dating. This is someone who loves with integrity. Having a strong character is important to a Venus in Capricorn.  Commitments are honored. Loyalty is important. Someone who does what needs to be done, kahit mahirap.

Steadfast na manliligaw ang Venus in Capricorns, regadless if male or female. These are people who are determined to win their beloved, come what may. When they set their sights and their hearts towards someone, they are not afraid to do whatever it takes, to win them over. Matiyaga, masipag at ma-abilidad. Kahit matagal, okay lang. Kaya nito maghintay. Pagtatrabahuhan muna niya. And kapag nakuha niya, he doesn’t shy away from exclusivity and commitment. Mas kaya nito na mag abstain nalang, single nalang, kesa yung papasok sa relationship na hindi naman siya 100%.

A little tricky trait here though, is minsan, pag hindi pinaghihirapan, madaling nate-take for granted. Sometimes, easy come, easy go. Mas may respect kapag pinagiisipan muna, pinagpapaguran. Mas kampante ang pakiramdam. If your Venus is in Capricorn, mas nae-endear ka sa mga partner na mahirap abutin. Aspirational. It pushes you to be better, and in the end, the achievement of love is always worth it. And kapag wala na yung kilig, kapag lumipat na yung excitement sa day to day kung saan kailangan na gawin ang chores, kailangan na gumising ng maaga, kailangan dalhin sa doctor kasi may check up, Venus in Capricorn stays, and responsibly does what needs to be done, with diligence and strength of character.

Ability and mastery is important for these people. The better the reputation, the more powerful the position, the shinier someone is, for this placement. People who are celebrated and revered are very attractive. Usually kapag bata pa, madalas nag-kaka crush ito sa professors, teachers, maybe doctors. Men in uniform. Those who have reached a certain status in their career. Usually, this is not just because of fame or stature per se, but instead, it highlights discipline and capability. Attractive talaga for you, lalo na if masipag and hard working. It can’t hurt too, if this is someone who can be sort of a mentor to you, who can improve not just your standing in society, but your work ethics and life in general. Because of the attraction towards people who are in a sense, established and mature, there is usually a strong attraction towards partners who are older, too. Capricorn is the sign of elders and authority figures. With Venus here, age is usually just a number!

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