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With your VENUS in LEO, falling in love never ends. Love is ideally an endless 2-way street of affection and adoration, and Venus here is happiest if a relationship can sustain,  or even surpass that feeling of infatuation at the beginning of a romance. Kung pwede lang, kahit kailan hindi mawawala yung feeling kapag bago ang relationship. Nakakakilig at exciting pa din, kahit matagal na, kahit matanda na kayo. The never ending falling in love, kung saan you are in constant pursuit of each other, not in a way na maarte or pahabol, but in the way wherein you don’t become so comfortable to the point of not seeing each other anymore, not noticing each other anymore.

Kung bagong gupit ka, tapos pagka-uwi mo, hindi man lang ito napansin ng partner mo, malulungkot ka. Kung nag effort ka magbihis, at hindi ka man lang binigyan ng compliment, nakakainis yun. Your natural partner would be someone who notices details, kasi with your Venus in Leo, these little things matter to you more than most! Mahilig ka magpa selos, pero pag ikaw ang nagseselos, pikon ka naman. Hehe. Kailangan mafeel mo na mahal na mahal ka ng partner mo, in order for you to be fully happy in a relationship. Totoo na mataas ang requirement mo for affection and adoration, pero in fairness, once you feel special and loved and completely adored, lahat naman ibinibigay mo talaga. All out. Hindi pa nila hinihingi, hindi pa nila alam na kailangan nila, binigay mo na.

With Leo being the sign of royalty, (Lion is the king of the jungle, after all!) there is, in varying degrees, an expectation for your partners to treat you like you are their king/queen. Grand gestures. Beautiful settings. Yung may chocolates, balloons, and flowers! The more romantic, the better! But take note ha, more romantic doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. Yes, expensive gifts are nice, but you can be as happy too, under a majestic sunset, slow dancing to your theme song, with the love of your life. Parang pelikula, may flair for the dramatic.

Now, Leo as a sign has alot of pride. This is someone who wants to shout its love from the rooftop, for all the world to hear! Of course exagge yon, but kidding aside, these are people who want to be really proud of their partners. They have a need to show the world how wonderful and how beautiful their object of affection is. More than that though, they want their partners to be really proud of them. There is a childlike quality in their intrinsic need for the attention of their love. Think of a child on a slide in a playground saying “look mommy look, daddy did you see me?”, “look at me jump”, etc. Hindi pagiging mayabang ng bata yun kundi may innocent, pure need ito to be validated by his loved ones. Pag may competition sa school at lahat pumunta pero wala si mommy, might as well na wala nalang tao. Ganyan ka-important sa Venus in Leo ang attention ng kaniyang minamahal. ❤

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