2019 Overview: Annual Forecast For ALL Zodiac Signs

What a roller coaster, 2018 has been! Hindi pa masasabi na time to unbuckle, kasi, sa totoo lang, nag uumpisa pa lang tayo. Naaaaaapakadaming mga pagbabago ang mangyayari – hindi lang personally, but globally as well. Huge cycles are about to end, and a new era is about to begin.

The next year will be intense and very pivotal, leading up to 2020 when the planetary heavy weights, Saturn and Pluto, meet in a dramatic conjunction, ending an immediate 30-year cycle, kung saan magdadala ito ng MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION in very important areas of society – governments, authority figures, states, international relations, and other traditional institutions. Isa lang ito sa madami pang ibang mga mangyayari na sobrang exciting, na nakaka-kaba din kahit papano. We shall discuss them monthly, as they come along.

Madaming mag-iiba, na mahirap sa umpisa, pero makakabuti saatin, eventually. Ganyan talaga ang buhay – we live, we learn, we make mistakes, we grow from these mistakes, and we become better people. We need to constantly progress as a collective, and of course, in our personal lives as well – kailangan natin matutunan na pakawalan ang mga bagay na hindi na nakakabuti saatin, so we can have room for growth. So we can improve and lead better lives. So we can evolve. Importante ‘yan. Imagine if hindi mo pinakawalan ang pager mo! Think Nokia. Motorolla, as well. Kodak. Those who don’t evolve, get left behind. Napag-iiwanan. Tapos, mahirap na maghabol. 

It’s best to use this year as a period of preparation. Karamihan sa mga outer planets natin this 2019 will be in EARTH signs, so it’s very important to be centered and realistic this year. Learning to work with Earth energy will be crucial – Earth energy is all about being grounded, being centered, and being firmly rooted in practical reality.  Utility, Usefulness, Viability, Value, Integrity, – these are lessons na kailangan natin isa-puso this year, so we can take advantage of all the blessings this year has to offer.

For really specific details on how 2019’s Cosmic Weather may affect you, you will need your exact birthdate, time and place, and a competent astrologer who can compute and interpret your charts. However, even without these, knowing the general energies at play can greatly assist in planning ahead. You know the drill! 


Click below for your Sun sign and most especially your Rising sign, for more accuracy.

ARIES                 LIBRA              
TAURUS             SCORPIO    
LEO                    AQUARIUS    
VIRGO               PISCES

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