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*disclaimer: This is a VERY GENERAL overview of 2019’s Cosmic Climate. Take this with lightness, fun and with a smile! With that being said, Let’s go!


2019 for most of you, will be a year of LEARNING. This year is all about learning new, practical skills, that you usually gloss over, dear Taurus. Real, definite changes are right around the corner, and having the proper skillset to succesfully navigate them, will be integral for your well-being, and peace of mind.  You like doing things that are usual and familiar, kaya this might be a bit challenging, for you.. However, yan ang lesson ngayong 2019. Change is coming, and you need to prepare yourself.

This year, you are meant to discover new ways of being you. There isn’t anything wrong about the “old” you, but upgrades are always important – we can always grow and improve, or we can wither and fade away. Parang mga apps sa cellphone diba, pag hindi natin inuupdate, hindi na umaandar ng tama. The difficulty of this process is directly proportional to the level of resistance you put up, kaya naman it’s best to learn how to go with the flow, dear Taurus. The winds of change are upon you, and it’s best to welcome and embrace them!

Good news is that  your ruler, Venus and Mars, stay DIRECT the whole year – our energy and hearts are healthily moving forward in general, so let’s do this! Bring it on!

Here is a short summary of key points during this year, From Filstrology, with love! We’ll discuss them in detail over the course of the year ❤

2019 Annual Forecast:Solar Chart:02 Taurus

On JANUARY 6, A PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Foreign Travel, and Foreigners.

Expect alot of new energy coming in, with the new year dear Taurus! This year will bring possible opportunities for travel – these and other new adventures that will unravel within the next 6 months. Opportunities for extended studies may also appear, so pay attention! kakailanganin mo yan. Also, it is very possible for an opportunity to travel to present itself – take it! Madaming possible interactions with foreigners, na magbibigay sa’yo ng madaming bagong ideas that will truly be helpful for you in the near future. Absorb everything that you can!

On January 21, A LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots, Ancestry and Land. 

A culmination of some sort in regards to your home and family, is set to unravel within the next 6 months. Great period to sell your property or your home, so you can find new ones.  Madaming mag lilipat ng bahay, or matatapos ang payment sa property, or perhaps patapos na ang important rennovations. Family members may leave through marriage, or through transfering of residences. Madaming mangyayari sa home life mo ngayon – mga bagay na kailangan tuldukan, para makabwelo sa mga bagong panimula.

From March 5 – 28, MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in your solar 11th House of Friendships, Social Networking, Organizations and Ambitions.

Be conservative and prudent for now, and be kind at all times. Prone to mis-interpretation ka ngayon, so don’t volunteer to be a spokesperson for anything! Future plans may seam to be confusing for the time being, and pwede ka magkaroon ng konting tampuhan with your friends, because of petty misunderstandings, so be careful with what you say during these next 3 weeks!

From November 6, 2018 URANUS re-entered your solar 12th House, staying there until  March 7, 2019. 

This period will cause alot of “last-minute” reflections, as you prepare for one of the most life-changing transits your life – URANUS’ transit through YOUR sign, from 2018-2026! 

Uranus is the planet of unexpected change, chaos, excitement, and break from tradition – ideas that are so far from everything that you stand for. There is an undertone of fear – napakaimportante kasi sa iyo ang stability and security, kaya naman anything that shakes your foundation is terrifying for you. This preamble allows you some last minute preparations for what is to come. During this time, there is a feeling of fostering “complete surrender” towards the changes that are seeming to be inevitable.

Last November 8, 2018 JUPITER entered your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures.

Jupiter, the great magnifier, is on the part of your sky where it is happiest! This year will be very transformative for you, and you may find yourself in situations that will allow you to develop a better union with you intimate partnerships and trusted confidants. This is a great year to explore possible joint ventures and investments, but it important to exercise caution, kasi there is a tendency for your head to be above the clouds – hindi ka as realistic as you usually are! Exercise common sense at all times, and remember: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

On March 7 Uranus enters YOUR sign, directly affecting your solar 1st House of Self, Physical Body and Vitality, First Impressions, or the way that you present yourself to the world.

The next 7 years will mark a period of great change for you, dear Taurus, so much so that after this transit is over, you will look back and realize that you are not the same person at all, anymore. New jobs, new relationships, new identities are moving in from the horizon, and it will be electrifying! Taurus, you are  known for stubbornly resisting change, but whether you are ready or not, Uranian energy will pull you out of  situtaions where in you are ‘stuck’, intentional man or hindi. The last time this happened was in 1942, 84 years in the making, kaya naman expect alot of shake-ups and excitement!

On JULY 2, A SOLAR ECLIPSE happens on your solar 3rd House of Communciation, Immediate Environment, Transportation and Siblings.

New beginnings in terms of your Home and Family are set to happen to you within the next 6th months. This is the time na pwede na punin ulit, kung ano man ang nawala. This is the perfect time to move houses, to buy properties, to relocate to better places. This is a wonderful time to start a family, too! For others, may additional family members na dadating, pwedeng baby, pwedeng gaining members through marriage. Pwedeng mag forge ng extremely close friendships that can equate to family ties, as well.

From July 8 – August 1, MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in your solar 3rd House of Communciation, Immediate Environment, Transportation and Siblings.

Refrain from engaging in deep confrontations with your family members. Prone ka kasi ngayon sa misinterpretation, kaya it’s best to avoid difficult conversations until after the retrograde. Information that you were previously unaware of may come up now, or perhaps mga past issues with the family na naisantabi na, might tend to pop up now. Exercise patience! Don’t sign any leases and delay any purchase of any properties for now.

On July 16, A LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Foreign Travel, and Foreigners.

Closures when it comes to your Career, are in order – hindi naman sa mawawalan ka ng trabaho, pero certain realizations will reach conclusions now. Pwedeng ngayon mo ma realize na hindi mo na gusto ang ginagawa mo and would like a change of working environment. For the next 6 months, a process of letting go and moving on, regarding some area of your career, will happen, and although mahirap sa umpisa, changes now will be for the best in the long run.

From October 21 – November 20, MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in your solar 7th House of  One-on-one interaction, Relationships and Committed Partnerships. 

Once more. careful with your words, dear Taurus, especially when discussing things with your significant other. There is a tendency for relationships to encounter turbulence during this time, so be as kind and as understanding as you possibly can. Try your best to be objective, pwede kasing yung ikinaaasar mo, hindi naman pala valid, na misunderstand mo lang ang point. this applies to all your close relationships, hindi  lang romantic.  If possible, please refrain from making any final decisions during this period!

On December 3 – Jupiter enters your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Foreign Travel, and Foreigners.

WHat a nice transit to end the year with! This is a wonderful transit that will bring you  energies of exploration and travel – Adventure is everywhere, and the world is your playground! Go out, meet people, engage in other cultures, work with and befriend foreigners! Study languages, do not be afraid to expand your mind – the sky is the limit! Just be sure not to put too much on your plate, para hindi ma-overwhelm! ❤