2019 Annual Forecast:Banner:05 Leo

*disclaimer: This is a VERY GENERAL overview of 2019’s Cosmic Climate. Take this with lightness, fun and with a smile! With that being said, Let’s go!


2019 for most of you, will be a year of INSPIRATION! Ahh, What a beautiful word, dear Leo! This year, JUPITER, the luckiest of all planet, will expand your creativity, your creative self-expression, your heart center. You will be called upon to SERVE, in ways that you have not considered before. Being a LEO, you are used to the stage – the spotlight is a natural place for the natural leader that you are. Recently, napapansin mo na din na lagi kang naka-focus sa mundane day-to-day realities of running your kingdom, and minsan superficial na ang pakiramdam. Naghahanap ka ng something greater, something larger in life. This year might bring you just that!

This 2019, you will re-learn how it is to be connected to the source – lessons that re-aquaint you with your spirituality will allow you to flourish! Dahil dito, mas magbubukas ang creativity mo, and you will be able to shift your direction towards  the path that won’t compromise whatever it is that is really important, for you. With Uranus entering your Career sector, pwedeng magkaroon ng sudden Career changes – being a fixed sign, hindi yan magiging madali para sa’yo.  However, you are being called towards a greater, higher, more universal path – leaving a Kingdom to rule an Empire, might just be worth the effort.

Good news is that Venus and Mars, stay DIRECT the whole year – our energy and hearts are healthily moving forward in general, so let’s do this! Bring it on!

2019 Annual Forecast:Banner:05 Leo

Here is a short summary of key points during this year, From Filstrology, with love! We’ll discuss them in detail over the course of the year ❤

On January 6, A PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 6th House of everyday Work, Routines, Errands, Service and Health.

Expect alot of new energy coming in with the new year dear Leo! This Eclipse at the start of the year will bring opportunities that will allow youto  improve you day to day work and routine. Kailangan maganda ang mind and body connection mo ngayon, to make sure na optimum ang performance mo at all times. For the next 6 months, you may feel the need to refine your daily schedule, and your health regimens.

On January 21, A LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in YOUR sign, directly affecting your solar 1st House of Self, Physical Body and Vitality, First Impressions, and Your Self Presentation.

Important new beginnings are in store for you! Within the next 6 months, changes in realtion to how you project yourself, will unravel. This is a great period to reinvent yourself – may plano ba mag bago ng image? This is a good period to close cycles and move on from impressions you give on others, that are not an authentic representation of your true self. Letting go of habits that are bad for the body, is a usual characteristic of this transit.

From March 5 – 28, MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy, Other People’s Money, Joint Ventures/Investments.

Please try your best to avoid signing any contracts during the duration of this retrograde, especially those involving joint ventures and investments. Statistically, something in the fineprint is always overlooked, and it will bring heartache in the future. The sense of urgency that you feel, is just mercurial energy. Instead of speeding up, slow down, review everything ,ask question and study possibilities.

Last November 6, 2018 URANUS re-entered your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion and Higher Learning, Foreign travel and Foreigners. It will stay there until  March 7, 2019. 

The last 7 years brought to your life significant changes when it comes to your personal philosophies – perhaps influenced by travel and foreigners, these new beliefs greatly challenged ideals na matagal mo nang pinapaniwalaan. Kumbaga, mga paniniwalang kinalakihan mo na. Madaming intense na mga experiences abroad, madaming napuntahan, or madaming mga pag-aaral na nagpalawak ng utak mo. These last 3 months will be the culmination of this expansive period.

Last November 8, 2018, JUPITER entered your solar 5th House of Creativity, Self-Expression, Romance, Fun and Children. It will stay there until December 3, 2019.

Jupiter, the great magnifier, is on the part of your sky where it is happiest! This is a great year to expand your heart center, dear Leo! This year will be full of joy, as you re-discover doing the things that you do, just because you enjoy doing them. 2019 will be abundant with the arts, creatives, hobbies, sports, and of course, romance and love affairs! Take note of creative ideas that pop up during this year, kasi you may come up with good creative ideas that you can make money from in the future. Use this time well!

On March 7, URANUS enters your solar 10th House of Career, Reputation and Public Persona.

A great shift when it comes to your career and your reputation may figure prominently during the next 7 years, so get ready for surprising, unexpected changes, most especially when it comes to your profession. Big changes when it comes to how the world sees you, are sure to happen, so get ready! It’s time to upgrade the role that you play in the stage of life, kasi na out-grow mo na ang current role mo. Off to new adventures, new mountains to scale, new horizons to uncover!

On JULY 2, A SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Karma and the Unconscious.

This mid-year Eclipse will bring opportunities that will allow you to really reset certain areas of your life. This is the time to do some mental spring cleaning – the next 6 months may bring you alot of insights on what emotional and mental baggage you will have to get rid of, in order for you to truly move forward in life. What atitudes do you need to develop, so you can succesfully navigate changes na hindi masyadong nagdadamdam? Mabigat, pero new beginnings waiting at the end of the tunnel will definately be worth the effort!

From July 8 – August 1, MERCURY goes RETROGRADE in YOUR sign, directly affecting your solar 1st House of Self, Self Presentation, First Impressions, Physical Body and Vitality.

This period may be a bit frustrating, kasi lahat nalang ng sinasabi mo, na mimisinterpret! So make sure your communication is as clear and as precise as possible. You may appear confusing to most, so remember to be as simple as you can kasi sa utak mo na sanay sa complexity, it makes sense, pero sa iba, magulo na pala. Be grcious enough to repeat your statements, and apologize if necessary, lalo na pag may mga na-offend. ‘Wag sensitive ha, hindi ka inaasar, may retrograde lang talaga. 3 weeks lang naman yan.

On July 16, A LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 6th House of Daily Work, Routines, Errands, Service and Health.

Alot of routine restructuring will define the next 6 months, as you come face to face with the certain habits that no longer serve a practical purpose in your day to day.  Lunar eclipses magnify the energy of for endings, so expect alot of deep realizations during this period, about what it is that you need to cut from your life, so your day to day hustle can become much easier. This is a good time to let go of unhealthy habits, mataas kasi ang will power mo ngayon! Situations emphasizing the importance of a healthy mind and body connection may figure prominently during the second half of 2019, kaya take advantage!

From October 21 – November 20, MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Ancestry and Land.

Misunderstandings between you and your family may figure prominently now, kaya be as kind as possible when you talk to them, especially your parents. Make sure you are as patient as possible, kasi prone to misinterpretations ka ngayon. Pag hindi magets ang point mo, ulitin mo nalang patiently and with love always! ‘Wag mapipikon, ha! This is not a good time to sign a property lease, to buy land, to sell anything too, kasi you might not get the proper value of your sale – may mga sira, repairs na nakatago, etc. Better be safe than sorry.

On December 3 – JUPITER enters your solar 6th House of everyday Work, Routines, Errands, Service and Health.

What a nice way to end the year! There is joy in working and serving for the next 12 months. You may meet alot of people who can greatly help you with you errands and tasks, so remember names and faces! Office expansions are also possible, and things like getting better equipments, and establishing more effecient routines are very much possible. Madami din offers for jobs and projects na dadating, kaya choose well, or else you might find yourself struggling with having too much on your plate!