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*disclaimer: This is a VERY GENERAL overview of 2019’s Cosmic Climate. Take this with lightness, fun and with a smile! With that being said, Let’s go!


2019 for most of you, will be a year of RE-EMERGENCE. New opportunities when it comes to your Career, will pop in and out, over the course of the year, and it’s up to you to seize them! You will be called to play new public roles, perhaps through marriage, through new business ventures, or other events that will change your public persona. Jupiter in your house of Communication ensures a busy, social year for you – your mind is sharp, and mabilis ang pick-up mo ngayon, kaya naman good time din ang 2019 to learn new skills na makakatulong sa possible new Career mo.

A bit of restructuring when it comes to the home, may be in order too – madaming lilipat ng bahay or mag bebenta ng property. Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng pamilya? Home is set to be redefined and re-established now, in a way that is supportive of your Career goals, and the legacy that you want to build, in this lifetime. Hindi naman kailangan mag compromise ng dreams, kaya naman i-balance yan. If anyone can do it, that’s you!

Good news is that Venus and Mars, stay DIRECT the whole year – our energy and hearts are healthily moving forward in general, so let’s do this! Bring it on!

2019 Annual Forecast:Solar Chart:07 Libra.png

Here is a short summary of key points during this year, from Filstrology, to you, with love! ❤ We’ll discuss them in detail over the course of the year.

On January 6, A PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Ancestry and Land.

Expect alot of new energy coming in with the new year dear Libra! This Eclipse at the start of 2019 will bring opportunities that will allow you to reconnect with your family and your roots. For the next 6 months, home, home improvements, and what it truly means to have a home, are topics that will preoccupy your thinking. Opportunities that may allow you to start your own family may arise. During this period, pwede din magkaroon ng opportunities to relocate, transfer residences or buy a property.

On January 21, A LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 11th House of Friendships, Social Networking, Groups and Organizations, and Ambitions.

Alot of filtering when it comes to your groups, friendships and social networks will define the next 6 months – Lunar eclipses close cycles, bringing in energy that helps us dettach from that which no longer serve us well. Expect your social life to have some kind of “renovation”. New people who are more attuned to your authentic self, will come, not only to help you grow as a person, but also to help you acheive your goals and dreams. Before this, however, we need to make room – kailangan muna natin alisin ang mga tao na hindi na nakakabuti saatin. Isa ‘yan sa mga goal ng transit na ito.

From March 5 – 28, MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in your solar 6th House of Work, Daily 

Be extra careful and diligent with your everyday hustle, may tendency kasi ma-disrupt ang mga routines mo ngayon. Make sure your words are clear and concise especially at work, because misinterpretations are common during this time! If possible, avoid scheduling important meetings or contract signings. Paghandaan mo na din yung mga nasisirang printer, modem, emails na hindi nakakarating. Having contingency plans will greatly help you navigate this well, so make sure you prepare!

Last November 6, 2018 URANUS re-entered your solar 7th House of  One-on-one interaction, Relationships and Committed Partnerships. It will stay there until  March 7, 2019. 

Relationship intensity, drama, changes and upheaval characterized the last 7 years, dear Libra, and now it’s time to wrap things up! For some, this manifested through romantic partnerships, for some naman, through work, one to one clients, bestfriends, business partnerships, and the likes. You were forcefully pushed out of relationships or associations where you felt you were stuck, or where you felt na hindi ka naman nakikita talaga, for who you really are. Although it was not easy, it was very necessary. Expect the last 3 months to cement whatever final changes you’ve settled on. But since it’s Uranus it’s still best to be prepared to for wildcard moments!

Last November 8, 2018, JUPITER entered your solar 3rd House of Communication, Immediate Environment, Short-distance travel, and Siblings. It will stay there until December 3, 2019.

Jupiter, the great magnifier, is on the part of your sky where it is happiest! 2019 will allow you to express yourself masterfully through words and writing, as Jupiter helps you improve the way that you use words, for communication. Your intellect is sharp all throughout the year, kaya maganda to take advantage of this by learning as much as you can – magiging madali sa’yo to pick up on new skills, languages, short courses and whatever else that you would like to learn. You may find yourself travelling short distances, and these small trips will be beneficial for you and your social life. Use this time well!

On March 7, URANUS enters your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacies, Other People’s Money, and Joint Ventures/Investments.

For the next 7 years, financial gains may unexpectedly come through your intimate partnerships – your significant other may recieve additional income, and you may indirectly benefit because of it. Alot of changes are in store for you – expect situations where you may feel compelled to push moral boundaries, just to stay true to your heart. Deep hidden yearnings may become too overwhelming to keep inside. May feeling na parang sasabog ka na, and parts of you may give in to what society may frown upon. Expect this period to jumpstart the process of complete emotional transformation – mahirap pero super dami mong matututunan tungkol sa sarili mo, that will really carry you through the next level of your evolution.

On JULY 2, A SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 10th House of Career, Reputation and Public Persona.

This mid year Eclipse will bring new beginnings pag dating sa Career mo, Profession man yan or Vocation. Perhaps some of you need to step up your game. Karamihan naman sainyo, will need to slow down. For the next 6 months, expect situations that will redefine what your work truly means for you. Pwede magkaroon ngayon ng chance na magimprove ang reputation and career mo, so take advantage!

From July 8 – August 1, MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in your solar 11th House of Friendships, Social Networking, Organizations and Ambitions.

Be conservative and prudent for now, and be careful with what you say. Prone to mis-interpretation ka ngayon, so don’t volunteer to be a spokesperson for anything! Future plans may seam to be confusing for the time being, and pwede ka magkaroon ng konting tampuhan with your friends, because of petty misunderstandings, so be careful with what you say during these next 3 weeks!

On July 16, A LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Ancestry and Land.

A culmination of some sort in regards to your home and family, is set to unravel within the next 6 months. This is a favourable period to sell your property or your home, so you can find new ones! Madaming mag lilipat ng bahay, or matatapos ang payment sa property, or perhaps patapos na ang important rennovations. Family members may leave through marriage, or through transfering of residences. Madaming mangyayari sa home life mo ngayon – mga bagay na kailangan tuldukan, para makabwelo sa mga bagong panimula.

From October 21 – November 20, MERCURY goes RETROGRADE in your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth.

Be careful with spending too much during this period, lalo na, may tendency ka magkaroon ng buyer’s remorse during this time. You may feel a little bit insecure financially, so you may be prone to believing get rick quick schemes, and investments that sound too good to be true,  etc. PLEASE exercise caution during this time. With anything regarding money, be conservative muna. If possible, refrain from impulsively buying phones or gadgets na may pagkamahal – may tendecy kasi ito na maging defective.

On December 3 – Jupiter enters your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Ancestry and Land. 

What a great way to end the year! Jupiter blesses your home life – possible new properties, rennovations, even additional family members may figure prominently during this transit. This is a great time for real estate, buying and selling, and also characteristically a happy time at home, with your family and with close friends who you consider family. Misunderstadings may clear up, and may chance na mag-kaayos ang mga broken parts of the family. Your inner happiness and security will strengthen, as Jupiter passes the deepest part of your chart. There is peace and contentment, and quite simply, joy. ❤