2019 Annual Forecast:Banner:01 Aries

*disclaimer: This is a VERY GENERAL overview of 2019’s Cosmic Climate. Take this with lightness, fun and with a smile! With that being said, Let’s go!


2019 for most of you, will be a year of RESTRUCTURING. This year is all about balancing your Career and your Family life, dear Aries. It’s time to set things in order. WHat is really important, for you? Expect circumstances that will really force you to answer this question. Malalim na levels, hugot kung hugot. Ano nga ba ang mahalaga? Saan ka nagkukulang? Ano ba talaga ang gusto mong ma-achieve sa buhay? Is what you’re doing worth it? Are you contibuting enough to what is truly important for you?

This year, you are meant to rediscover what HOME and FAMILY really means for you, and madaming realizations ngayong taon na hindi madali i-process.  At the same time, your finances are also up for a long term overhaul – a tedious 7 year process starts this year, dear Aries! Magandang opportunity to, if used well.

Good news is that Venus and your ruler, Mars, stay DIRECT the whole year – our energy and hearts are healthily moving forward in general, so bring it on!

Here is a very short summary of key points during this year, From Filstrology, with love! We’ll discuss them in detail over the course of the year ❤

2019 Overview:Solar Chart:01 Aries.png

On JANUARY 6, A PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 10th House of Career, Reputation, and Public Persona.

Expect alot of new energy coming in, dear Aries! This year will bring new beginnings pag dating sa Career mo, Profession man yan or Vocation. Perhaps some need to step up their game. Karamihan naman sainyo, will need to slow down. For the next 6 months, expect situations that will redefine what your work truly means for you. Also, expect the intensification of issues regarding how you balance your work and family life.

On January 21, A LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 5th House of Creativity, Self-Expression, Romance, Fun and Children.

Alot of upgrading your hobbies and habits will figure prominently for the next 6 months, as you come face to face with the ending of cycles and habits that no longer serve you. Are you having enough fun? Are you being authentic in your self-expression? This will be an important theme, the first half of 2019 – letting go of parts of you that feel inauthentic and obligatory will be something that you’d need to face during this time. Romance, joy and other things that activate your heart, will need to be heard. Listen!

From March 5 – 28, MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in your solar 12th House of Spirituality and Endings

Secrets may come out during this time. Socially, you may feel isolated and withrawn, so avoid scheduling important meetings or group conversations during this time. Mahihirapan ka mag focus, mabilis ka din made-drain. Anxieties may come up – a sense that something may happen, pero di ka sure kung ano. Trust your gut instincts, but don’t take risks as of now!

From November 6, 2018 URANUS re-entered YOUR sign, staying there until  March 7, 2019. 

This transit will again, directly affect your solar 1st house of the self, your physical body and how you present yourself to the world. The last 7 years was such a great shift; madaming pagbabago ang nagyari sa pagkatao mo mismo, karamihan doon, unexpected pa. Huling hirit na ngayon – may mga changes ka pa ba na gusto ihabol, habang naandito pa and innotive Energy ni Uranus sa sign mo? Revisit the last 7 years. Look back at who you were then, and who you are now. Ibang ba na. It’s time to do the final review and polishing of the finished result!

Last November 8, 2018 JUPITER entered your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Foreign Travel, and foreigners.

Jupiter, the great magnifier, is on the part of your sky where it is happiest! This is a great year to explore and travel – Adventure is everywhere, and the world is your playground! Go out, meet people, engage in other cultures, work with and befriend foreigners! Study languages, do not be afraid to expand your mind – the sky is the limit! Just be sure not to put too much on your plate, para hindi ma-overwhelm!

On March 7 Uranus enters your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth

A great shift when it comes to your personal finances, is underway, dear Aries! During the next 7 years, alot of you may try your luck in entrepreneurship, as you crave for more freedom in the way that you earn your money. There is a feeling now of wanting to break free from traditional livelihoods, and this may pay off, pag pinaghandaang mabuti. Preparation, is the key word here. Try to be as grounded as you can be, wag padalos-dalos!

On JULY 2, A SOLAR ECLIPSE happens on your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Ancestry and Land.

New beginnings in terms of your Home and Family are set to happen to you within the next 6th months. This is the time na pwede na punin ulit, kung ano man ang nawala. This is the perfect time to move houses, to buy properties, to relocate to better places. This is a wonderful time to start a family, too! For others, may additional family members na dadating, pwedeng baby, pwedeng gaining members through marriage. Pwedeng mag forge ng extremely close friendships that can equate to family ties, as well.

From July 8 – August 1, MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in your solar 5th House of Creativity, Self-Expression, Romance, Fun and Children.

This may be a period of confusion between you and your romantic prospects, so make sure you are as clear and as concise as possible, in your communication. Exes may appear to say hello out of nowhere! FYI lang. For those who are parents already, be extra patient with your children during this period – they may try your patiencevery well, and whatever you say during this period may be prone to misinterpretation, so baka instead of improving the situation, mas makagulo. Be as patient as you possibly can!

On July 16, A LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 10th House of Career, Reputation, and Public Persona.

Closures when it comes to your Career, are in order – hindi naman sa mawawalan ka ng trabaho, pero certain realization will find their conclusion now. Pwedeng ngayon mo ma realize na hindi mo na gusto ang ginagawa mo and would like a change of working environment. For the next 6 months, a process of letting go and moving on, regarding some area of your career, will happen, and although mahirap sa umpisa, changes now will be for the best in the long run.

From October 21 – November 20, MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy, Other People’s Money, Joint Ventures/Investments.

Please try your best to avoid signing any contracts during the duration of this retrograde, especially those involving joint ventures and investments. Statistically, something in the fineprint is always overlooked, and it will bring heartache in the future. The sense of urgency that you feel, is just mercurial energy. Instead of speeding up, slow down, review everything ,ask question and study possibilities.

On December 3 – Jupiter enters your solar 10th House of Career, Reputation, and Public Persona. It stays there for a year!

What a great ending for this year, dear Aries! Jupiter, the great benific, enters your solar 10th house of Career, Work and Public Reputation. You end the year strongly, with the luckiest Planet at the very peak of your chart. Every 12 years lang ito diyan, kaya napakaganda nito para sa Career mo. Napakalaki ng potential for massive acheivement ❤