October 10, 2022: FULL MOON in ARIES

The brightest night of the month is here once more! Full Moons bring energies of completion and culmination, and oftentimes, flashes of emotional insights that were previously overlooked. This month’s FULL MOON happens in 16°32′ of fiery ARIES, the sign of the warrior.

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 2.05.23 AM

c8bca67c1105fcc14cb262edab60d9efAs the first sign in the zodiac, cardinal Aries exudes energy that is urgent, immediate.  In the northern hemisphere, it jumpstarts the season of Spring, the rebirth of the earth after its long, deep winter slumber. Aries energy is fierce, as it is piercing. It can be as loud as the battle cry of a warrior, pushing forward to fight for the right to conquer new land, while, on the other end of the spectrum, it is also the quiet, final aggressive push that a small seedling musters, to break through soil. After a period of darkness, it is the energy that allows it to finally declare, “I am alive, I am here, I am me!” Aries as an archetype is undiluted courage, the kind of courage found especially in those who have not yet experienced defeat. It is the energy that sustains the daring, idealistic bravery (and innocence) of youth,  one that is yet to encounter the crippling heartache of failure.

This Aries Full Moon carries with it an expansive boost in confidence, that is almost healing and intoxicating for those of us who may have wounded egos. However, this lunation received tense, dynamic energy from the benefics, the 2 most bountiful planets in astrology; it is co-present expansive JUPITER, the planet of abundance and luck, and opposite VENUS, the planet that represents our pleasures. A tendency towards excesses may characterize the next 2 weeks, as we tend to focus on our own personal needs, especially those we’ve overlooked for a while now. We may question our existing commitments, wondering if they still serve a purpose that is fair to our current wants and needs. We may consider renegotiating our terms in certain areas of our lives, oblivious to the full impact it may have on others. Prudence may be difficult for the time being, but being able to muster it may be necessary to ensure our emotional balance, otherwise, we may tip and fall over, burdened by the weight of our magnified idiosyncrasies. 

For some of us, a magnetic attraction towards a person, situation or event, may be strongly felt, one that that may give us a feeling of euphoria in the onset, but may not necessarily be healthy for our well being in the long run. Caution towards what we helplessly get pulled into may be invaluable, at least for the time being.


What area of your life will this exciting, dynamic and regenerative ARIES FULL MOON activate in your chart?

ARIES RISING: SELF and self-presentation! Changes and improvements in physique, new personal goals, confidence, authentic self-expression, your physical body

TAURUS RISING: Rest and contemplation, spirituality, letting go, planning a new frontier, solitude and peace of mind, secrets, hidden information and hidden situations, far away/foreign lands, endings, and tying up loose ends

GEMINI RISING: Social networks, friendships, peers, community, groups and organizations, advocacies, social reform, politics, future plans, hopes and wishes, accumulations, and gains

CANCER RISING: Career, improvement of profession, reputation and recognition, public achievement, public life, ambitions, parents especially the mother, public status, general life direction

LEO RISING: Travel abroad, foreigners, going back to school, the pursuit of higher education, the higher mind, religion and churches, publishing, teaching, philosophy, mentors, and belief systems

VIRGO RISING: Joint ventures, business partnerships, joint accounts, shared resources, investments, inheritance, mutual funds, stock market, merging of assets, reminders of mortality, deep change

LIBRA RISING: Partnerships, committed relationships, marriages, marriage proposals, legal matters, lawsuits or filing of cases, client relationships, one-on-one interactions, long term partners, contracts

SCORPIO RISING: Daily schedule, routines, health and the connection between mind and body, volunteering, service, practicing a craft, perfecting a technique, workplace and relationship with co-workers, everyday errands, Pets

SAGITTARIUS RISING: Romance, love life, fertility and children, creativity, performance and creative entrepreneurship, sports, hobbies, crafts, artistic pursuits, fun, pleasure, games and play

CAPRICORN RISING: Family, home, parents especially the father, ancestry and roots, family history, properties, residential areas, land, inner base of operations, private life

AQUARIUS RISING: Siblings, cousins, extended relatives, automobiles, local transportation, out of town trips, neighbors, webinars, short term courses, accreditations, your immediate environment

PISCES RISING: Money and personal income, material purchases, personal savings, possessions, personal security, self-worth, financial independence, wealth accumulation, cashflow

Happy Full Moon, good luck, and take care, everyone!

Check here for more in-depth information on this month’s transits.


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