JULY 2019 Cosmic Weather Report for ALL ZODIAC SIGNS

What an active sky we have, as we start the 2nd half of the year! We have 2 Eclipses, and Mercury turning retrograding back into a water sign again! Get ready for heightened emotions again!

Let’s start by saying that, as with every Eclipse and Retrograde season, JULY is all about CHANGE. Big ones, small ones, ones that will feel right, and possibly, ones that won’t feel right, yet. The way to succesfully navigate through this month, is to trust the process. Allow life to unfold, no matter how irritatingly slow or how unbelievably difficult it may be. Instead of resisting and fighting against the current, ask instead: “What is this teaching me?” Remember: The pain, is directly proportional to how well you are able to let go. The more you go with the flow, the easier it is to process the upcoming energies. 


Let’s discuss Eclipses for a bit – parang ‘wildcards’ kasi yan, indicating that important, unexpected events are about to happen. This may seem a bit unsettling, and it helps to trust that whatever happens, mas makakabuti sa’yo ito in the long run. Pwede ka masurprise in a good way, pwede ka din ma-hassle sa umpisa. ‘Wag ma-praning, ha! Lagi naman may eclipses, twice a year. Ngayon lang, you may be able to pinpoint what part of your life may be affected, kaya mas mapag-hahandaan mo. 


The Universe now offers you something new, in the area of life where the eclipse takes place.

If born on the following dates, this may affect you more than most:

ARIES: March 26 – April 4
CANCER: June 26 – July 5
LIBRA: September 28 – October 7
CAPRICORN: December 28 – January 6


The Universe helps you end unhealthy attachments/forces you to let go of things that no longer serve you, in the area where the eclipse takes place.  

If born on the following dates, this may affect you more than most:

ARIES: April 8 -17
CANCER: July 9 – 18
LIBRA: October 11 – 20
CAPRICORN: January 9 – 18

Hindi naman kailangan sobrang dramatic, pero may tendency tayo magkaroon ng turning points ngayon, especially if you were born during the days mentioned.  Pwedeng may mangyaring malaking event, like getting engaged, promoted or having a child, to something very subtle like watching a film or reading a book that will change your outlook on life. Baka may makilala kang tao ngayon who triggers a significant change inside your heart. Pwede din yun.

With the eclipse energy, combined by a potentially emotional Mercury Retrograde,  individual energies may seem to be malfunctioning. Take a deep breath and observe. Allow things to unfold. As with everything else in life, this period too, shall pass. Observe it. Allow growth. Do not React – Respond, instead.

For really specific details on how these events may affect you, you will need your exact birth time and place, and a competent astrologer who can compute and interpret your charts. However, even without these, knowing the general energies at play can greatly help you level up your diskarte. Kailangan mo ba ng tulong sa pag sa-strategize? This is where Filstrology comes in handy. Game na, let the forecasting begin!

For more accuracy, click on your Ascendant sign first, and then your Sun Sign:

ARIES                    LIBRA

TAURUS                SCORPIO


CANCER               CAPRICORN

LEO                       AQUARIUS

VIRGO                  PISCES



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