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Welcome to your ❤ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ❤ for July, 2019!

Mahabang basahan ito, pampakondisyon? July’s Theme for you? Sing it!

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On the 2nd of the month, MARS, your ruler, enters your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children.

What a wonderful energy to start the month with! Your need to creatively express yourself figures strongly for the next couple of months, and with your ruler here, you will be more than willing to make things happen! Mars here brings you courage to fight for your right to simply be who you truly are, without compromises. Fun and pleasure become important now, pero wag ma-carried away, ha! Moderation is still key, so we can enjoy our cycles without regret.

Anything that gives us pleasure is given importance now – love, romance, children, hobbies, crafts, singing and dancing. Perhaps you’ve been so tense and stressed lately, and this is your chance to rejuvenate for a bit. Sabi nga ni Gary V, the warrior is a child -now is the time to let your inner child out! Have fun, dear Aries! ❤

On the 3rd, a New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon in steroids – the energy for new beginnings is massive. Expect some changes when it comes to your home or family, especially kung ang birthday mo ay within March 26 – April 4. May possible changes in residence, or baka naman rennovation lang. It’s higly likely for changes to manifest within the next 6 months, either tungkol sa bahay mismo, or sa family members mo. Also, this may be a good time to sell family owned properties/land, so if this may benifit you in some way, take advantage!

Eclipses are shadows covering the light, and symbolically, it may represent our judgements. Best not to make any major decisions regarding the home at least 1 week before and after the eclipse – may tendency ka ngayon to overlook details, most especially since Mercury turns retrograde soon after! 

On the 4th, VENUS enters your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

Joy is abundant now in the homefront, as this is the time of the year when your heart is happiest spending time with family, or people that  you consider your family. More than usual, masarap sa heart ngayon to just stay at home and enjoy feeling comfortable in your own home. If gusto maging social, you’ll feel that you’d rather invite people over and have a party/get together, or tambay in someone’s house, vs going out, kasi happy homebody ka ngayon. You may feel the need to improve and beautify your home, too. You might want to buy furniture or something ornamental and decorative, for home improvement. Good time to check real estate! Good deals will find their way to you, pag nandito si Venus, so take advantage of this period!

On the 8th, until the end of the month, MERCURY turns retrograde on your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children.

With Mercury Retrograde, communication breakdown is the common theme. Naku, mag-iinarte ang mga printer and other gadgets for communicating, kaya be extra patient! Kung may important messages, twice i-send. Avoid signing contracts and agreement, and if unavoidable, make sure that you double and even triple check the contracts! Read the fineprint too! There is also a tendency for transportation to be delayed, for tickets to get lost, for seats to be double-booked, so when travelling, make sure you have plan B, C, D.

When Mercury goes Retrograde in your 5th house, there is an underlying feeling that your creativity is blocked, and that your usual go-to’s when it comes to inspiration, fall short in delivery.  Romantic interaction may feel blocked somehow, too, or that words get in the way of you saying what you really feel deep in your heart. Be patient, kasi kung hindi, edi tampuhan yan! Yikes. With Mars here, you are compelled to move forward quickly, however, Mercury asks you to take a step back. Learning how to balance these energies will help you thoroughly in navigating this period!

On the 17th, a Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

A Lunar Eclipse is like a Full Moon on steriods – these are periods that really compel us to move on from areas where we are stuck. May mga bagay na tinatanggal sa path natin, or tayo mismo ang tinatanggal sa mga situations na hindi na nakakabuti. Career culminations and re-adjustments will define the next 6 months, as you come face to face with the ending of cycles and habits that no longer serve you, lalo na when it comes to your profession. Ready ka man o hindi, it won’t really matter too much, change will come no matter what. Lunar eclipses magnify the energy of endings, so expect alot of realizations regarding things that you have outgrown, during this period. Are you still happy with your career? If not, what needs to be done, para maging masaya? What are you known for, and does it match who you really are inside? Expect to discover genuine answers to these questions, this second half of the year.

On the 20th, Retrograde MERCURY re-enters your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

Family matters may start becoming a little bit more complicated than usual these days. Mis-understandings stemming from miscommunications may take up alot of your time. It would be great to take a step back for now and let things flow! Hayaan mo lang dumiskarte ang mga bata, hayaan mo lang magsalita si mommy at daddy. Listen and as much as possible, wag papatol. Talk calmly but try not to lose your cool and your patience! Try not to take it personally, it’s just the effects of the retrograde. Also, this is not a good time to sign property leases, residential contracts and the likes. If hindi maiiwasan, read any kind of contract 100 times, before making a decision! 

On the 23rd the SUN enters your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children.

The SUN represents your vitality, energy and ego. The Sun entering the 5th house is one of the happiest periods of the year for you! The Sun here illuminates your heart center – your inner child comes out to play! This is the time of the year when your main focus lands on creative expression and authenticity. Honesty about what you are feeling is important now, walang pretenses. This is also the house of love and romance, so with all these activations, you are sure to be more malambing and affectionate! Swerte ng kids and loved ones mo ngayon kasi you would really want to spend happy quality moments with them. Your energy is really positive now, or at the very least, hindi ka bugnutin, hehe. Take advantage of this and draw the energy in! If single, go out, meet people and have fun! Take this time to create, to laugh and most importantly, to spread love! 

On the 28th, VENUS joins the party, as she enters your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children.

What a great energy to help wrap up the month with! When Venus, the planet of beauty and relationships enter the house which is your heart center, abundant joy is a possibility. The 5th house represents things that make us happy – mga creative things na enjoy na enjoy tayo gawin, small moments that make us laugh, falling in love, feeling kilig… With Venus here, we crave aunthenticity, and are encouraged to go after what truly  gives us pleasure. What makes you feel happy and alive? Extra affectionate ka talaga ngayon, with so many activations in this house, so swerte ang partner mo ngayon, hehe. Masayang transit ‘to, so if you are single, go out, meet people and have fun!

On the 31st, capping off the month, a New Moon happens in your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children.

THe energy that started th emonth, closes it too. New moons help facilitate new beginnings, and again, as with the other activations, this one focuses on the little things that make you heart happy! Are you having fun with your life? This can signal in new opportunities when it comes to your romantic prospects and your creative expression. This is a great time to reconnect with your inner child, so for parents, this can bring in good energy towards your relationship with your kids.

Are you able to freely express your individuality through creativity? This energy can be as subtle as wanting to be more confident in expressing yourself through fashion, by wearing something more colorful, hindi lang puro black kasi feeling mo nakakapayat. This can be as grand as finally being confident enough to take the first steps and ask someone out for a date! What is preventing you from experienceing true joy? Why are you afraid to truly express what is inside your heart? Reflect on these things, meditate and write them down.  The energies support change, kaya humiling ka, nakikinig sa iyo ang Universe! ❤

Good Luck Aries! See you next month! ❤