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Hello, Virgo! 

Welcome to your ❤ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ❤ for July, 2019!

July brings in alot of introspection.  Embrace the silence, and listen to what it brings up in your mind ❤ Here we go!

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On the 2nd of the month, MARS, enters your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

The month starts slow, and your energy and vitality takes a step back, for the next couple of months. Tuloy tuloy ka din kasi, the past few months! Your energy tapers down and turns inward, as it prepares for a new cycle around your chart. Oras ngayon to relax, reflect, and redefine your goals – are you still living your truth, or are you just going through the motions? Tamad ang pakiramdam ngayon, low-batt na kasi ang energy, oras na to re-charge your batteries! When Mars enters your first house after this transit, super energized ka naman, so for now, rest! What is active now is your imagination and intuition, so goal-setting ka muna ulit, to help you recalibrate, and to help you put things in perspective.

On the 3rd, a New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 11th House of Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Hopes and Wishes. 

A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon in steroids – the energy for new beginnings is massive! Expect some new beginnings when it comes to your friendships, group associations, organizations and other social networks. Within the next 6 months, you are sure to meet new acquaintances that may eventually lead to rich friendships. Remember names and faces! Existing friendships too, might experience a boost, or a renewal of some sort. It’s best not to make any major decisions at least a week before and after the eclipse! Don’t commit to a cause for this time, especially since your ruler, Mercury, turns retrograde soon after. There will be a tendency to overlook details, ergo, malaki ang chance na magkamali. You may end up saying yes to doing things na hindi mo naman pala gusto gawin talaga, so better take note of this para di ka mapasubo!

On the 4th (until the 28th), VENUS travels through your solar 11th House of Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Hopes and Wishes. 

The next 3 weeks will find you in harmony with your friendships, and the groups that you associate with. Warm social friendships characterize this period, and you may find yourself joining or associating closely with organizations that you highly resonate with. Plenty of activities with friends may happen now, and i-enjoy mo lang! This is usually a light, happy and social period, so just put yourself out there, socialize, and have fun! If single, pwede ka makameet ng romantic prospect through your friends, or perhaps, you may fall in love with one! Mahirap ma-friendzone, pero to be honest, friendship is really the best foundation for a relationship, so it’s always worth the risk. Wherever Venus is, is where we are most magnetic – malaki ang chance na ma-typan ka din, so go dear Virgo, and best of luck!

On the 8th, MERCURY turns retrograde on your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

With Mercury Retrograde, communication breakdown is the common theme. Naku, mag iinarte ang mga printer and other gadgets for communicating, kaya be extra patient. Kung may important messages, twice i-send. There is also a tendecy for transportation to be delayed, for tickets to get lost, for seats to be double-booked, so when travelling, make sure you have plan B, C, D.

The next 3 weeks will bring a little bit of introspection to you, as you reflect on where you are so far, and the journey that lead you there. Malakas ang pangangailangan mo ngayon sa peace and quiet, as your mind turns inwards. You may start feeling alone, or that no one understands you, or that you may feel withrawn because whats the point in connecting anyway, kung karamihan naman parang superficial and fake? You then tune in deeper, as you rely on subtlety and intuition, pulling into your internal resources for the time being. With Mars here, you are compelled to move forward quickly, however, Mercury asks you to take a step back. Learning how to balance these energies will help you thoroughly in navigating this period!

On the 17th, a Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children! 

Alot of upgrading your hobbies and habits will figure prominently for you for the next 6 months, as you come face to face with the ending of cycles and habits that no longer serve you. Are you honest in your self-expression?   Are you giving importance to your heart center, or palagi mo nalang dinedeadma? Letting go of parts of you that feel inauthentic and obligatory will be an important theme now, dear Virgo! Included na din dito ang love relationships kung saan hindi ka naman free enough to be truthful, or love affairs kung saan kailangan mo ideny and mga bagay na nagpapasaya sa sarili mo. True romance, joy and other things that activate your heart, will need to be heard, not just by the world, but also by you, first and foremost! Listen!

On the 20th, Retrograde MERCURY re-enters your solar 11th House of Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Hopes and Wishes.

Until the end of the month, friendships and group associations may be a bit tricky, as Mercury retrogrades in your 11th house. Increased interactions are likely to happen, and maaaring ma overwhelm ka, not being sure about how genuine people are, around you. Old friends may pop up out of nowhere, and this might make you feel uncomfortable. This transit shines a light on who your true friends are, and may show you those who do not have your best interests at heart! Well and good, at least alam mo!

On the 23rd the SUN enters your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

You are about to close another solar year, dear Virgo, and the Sun here makes this a very contemplative period for you. There is a feeling of wanting to just relax and reflect about the past, and where it has brought you. Mararamdaman mo ang pagod mo, and this is the time for slowing down and recharging your batteries.  Maaring the past year ay madaming kang mga responsibilities na inako, and this is the point where you feel like its time to unload. This is the time to identify emotional baggages, and let go of them, in preparation for a new cycle. Take this time to reflect! Pagkatapos nito, the Sun enters your 1st house again, so energized and busy ka na ulit. For now, take a step back and rest!

On the 28th, VENUS joins the party, as she enters your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

Wherever Venus, is where you are most attractive, and when Venus is in the 12th house, affection is usually expressed behind closed doors, in private. May tendency ka din ngayon to be attracted to unusual situatations, and unusal people. The more hidden, the higher the pull. Be careful with this energy, nakakadrain yan! During this time, you may find joy in solitude and introspection, as you reflect on your recent experiences in life and love. There may also be alot of reminiscing now, as you play memories of past love affairs in your head, again and again. Try to clear your mind, and do your best to let go of these past memories. You need to recharge your heart during this period, so take the time to rest,  para when you start your new love cycle next month, fresh and rejuvinated ka na!

On the 31st, capping off the month, a New Moon happens in your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

A second New Moon happens in your solar 12th house of endings. New Moons facilitate new beginnings,  and this one on particular is focused on acceptance, and the need to let go. May pag-ka senti, introverted and dreamy ka, as the month closes, kaya give yourself a lot of ‘me-time’ and alot of breathing space!

Maaaring ready ka na mag patawad at magsimulang muli. Or malapit na. This is the perfect day to start the process! Kumbaga, #Moveon na, life is too beautiful to be bitter. This can also be a time of spiritual renewal, where your connection to the higher power is strengthened. This is the perfect night for meditation and prayer! What do you need to let go of na hirap na hirap ka? Ask the Universe to help you out. Boldly ask for what you want, and kahit mahirap, trust the process! Next month, fun and fresh ang new moon energy mo,so kapit lang! ❤

Good Luck, Virgo! See you next month! ❤