MAY 1, 2022: (New Moon) SOLAR ECLIPSE in TAURUS

A New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens on MAY 1, 2022 (4:28 AM, Philippine Time), in the fixed sign of TAURUS.

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Eclipses signal in great new beginnings and great new endings. A Solar Eclipse happens this month, and the energy may usher in new beginnings in the area of life that it touches. A process of change is underway, in life areas where we find it difficult to accommodate change. Those with planets or points from 5°-15° in fixed signs (TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS) can feel this eclipse strongly.

 Also, if born on the following dates, this eclipse may affect you more than most:

TAURUS: April 26 – May 5

LEO: July 29 – August 7

SCORPIO: October 29 – November 7

AQUARIUS: January 26 – February 4

A set of eclipses happen every 6 months, so nothing to be afraid of! They are fairly regular occurrences in time. However, there are important reminders that one should take note of in the event of an eclipse. Some of which are as follows:

1. Remember not to make life changing decisions at least a week before and after the eclipse. Eclipses are shadows covering the light, so awareness is compromised. It’s best to go with the flow for now.

2. Be open to changes manifesting. During this time, its important to accept the progression of life situations. Holding on or fighting transformation may cause more stress and anxiety.

3. Expect heightened emotions. Embracing feelings does not require one to act on them or to make decisions based on them. Respect your emotions, allow it to exist, and let it run its course. To know that most people around you might be feeling out of sorts too, can help with the bubble of isolation that one might feel during these periods.

This Solar Eclipse in particular is conjunct URANUS, the planet of change and awakening. Unexpected, exciting news that may serve as a nudge from the Universe, leading us to the right direction. This is eclipse is ruled by VENUS, which is, on this day, exactly conjunct JUPITER, the planet of expansion and abundance. Beautiful manifestations may be waiting on the wings, however, Taurus, being a fixed sign, may find it difficult to welcome change with open arms. We might feel like we are being pushed out of our comfort zones. However, encouragement may be found in the most unexpected places. With the Eclipse also harmoniously conversing with Mars, the planet of movement, assertion and motivation, the winds of change are sure to blow, touching each and every one of us.

What life area will this particular Solar Eclipse trigger in your chart?

1. Aries Risings: Money and personal income, material purchases, personal savings, self-worth, and financial independence, wishes, accumulations, and gains

2. Taurus Risings: SELF! Changes and improvements in physique, new personal goals, confidence, and authentic self-expression

3. Gemini Risings: Rest and contemplation, spirituality, letting go, planning a new frontier, solitude, and peace of mind

4. Cancer Risings: Social network, friendships and groups, community, advocacies, future plans, hopes, and wishes, accumulations, and gains

5. Leo Risings: Career! Improvement of profession, reputation, public achievement, ambitions, general life direction

6. Virgo Risings: Travel abroad, foreigners, higher education, going back to school, the higher mind, religion, and belief systems

7. Libra Risings: Joint ventures, business partnerships, joint accounts, investments, inheritance, mutual funds, stock market, merging of assets

8. Scorpio Risings: Relationships, Committed partnerships, Litigation, Client-based work, one is to one interaction, concern for others

9. Sagittarius Risings: Daily schedule, health, volunteering, service, practicing a craft, perfecting a technique, workplace, and relationship with co-workers, everyday errands

10. Capricorn Risings: Romance, love life, fertility, and children

11. Aquarius Risings: Family, home, parents, properties, residential areas

12. Pisces Risings: Siblings, extended relatives, automobiles, out of town trips, neighbors, webinars, short term courses, accreditations

Good Luck Everyone! Happy Eclipse season!