Welcome to your COSMIC WEATHER REPORT for November 2022! 

2022 11:Chart:04 Cancer

For the whole month, a newly retrograde Mars continues its backward dance in your 12th House  (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things).

Mars soldiers through its retrograde’s first leg, dear Cancer, making your feelings and emotions a bit rocky for the meanwhile. To see how this exactly affects you, click here for your personal Mars Retrograde 2022 walkthrough!

3-5: VENUS in your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Pleasure, Children!) opposes URANUS in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains).

Unnerving, but also exciting surprises may happen within the first week of the month, especially from your romantic prospects, or from your children. Brilliant creative ideas may unexpectedly pop up out of nowhere, so for those who are in creative fields, this may be a week of inspired output. Social gatherings and interactions may fill most of this period, and this may feel exhilarating but also exhausting! Make sure you plan for contingencies, dear Cancer, especially for any group related activities. Try to go with the flow as much as you can, as plans may have a tendency to shift without prior notice!

6-8: VENUS then squares SATURN in your 8th House (Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures).

Some business partners, or even your significant other, may seem cold for the meanwhile, or maybe vise-versa, you’re the one feeling a bit aloof. You may not be in the mood to interact and to mingle, so give your self plenty of space, and enjoy your ‘me’ time! If a partner or a loved one doesn’t reply, try not to be offended. They’re probably just overwhelmed too, and needing as much space as you are. You may feel weathered by certain financial obligations, too. Breathe in and out. This mood shall pass, and it’s best to just let it be for now!

8: A Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains).

Eclipses in general signal in great endings or great beginnings, depending on where it lands on your natal chart. Lunar Eclipses in general are Full Moons on steroids. A project or process regarding your involvement in certain groups or organizations may be coming to a close now. This is usually a period that brings in a clearer picture of what works, and what doesn’t, in terms of your friendships, organizations, and groups that you closely associate with. This period will update and re-establish your boundaries, and this may not sit well with others. Friendships do not necessarily have to end, for example, maybe some friends are moving abroad, and for the time being, there may be a significant distance between you.

Mag-ingat ngayong panahon na ito, as this particular eclipse carries with it heavy energy. Saturn in Aquarius (restriction, limitation) squares this eclipse, causing emotional earthquakes and discomfort, while a suspicious Mercury in Scorpio opposes it, bringing an intense need to investigate, with an overt fixation on details.

REMINDER: Avoid making important decisions 2 weeks before and after the eclipse. Eclipses are shadows covering light. There are things that you can’t see clearly yet, especially with issues concerning feelings and emotions. Remember too, that endings are necessary, to create space for new beginnings.  Trust the process, but keep your eyes and ears open!

14-16: VENUS in your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Pleasure, Children!) trines JUPITER in your 9th House (Belief Systems, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, Foreigners).

The two benefic planets pleasantly converse with each during these days, creating smooth, harmonious energy between these two areas in your life. Schedule something fun during these days, do something creative, or spend time with your loved ones. Enjoy the closeness and be happy, dear Cancer, you deserve it! ❤

16: VENUS enters and travels through your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

The next 3 weeks is a great time to get update your health routines, as the connection between mind and body is not just heightened, but strengthened. Perfect time ngayon to shine in your day to day routine – Venus here makes you a little bit magnetic at work, or while you do your daily errands. Co-workers are helpful and easy to be with, so use this time wisely – people are cooperative which will help boost your productivity! Pwede din magkaroon ng maliit na office romance during this period. Kung single, why not?! On a side note, be careful with sweets, kasi pag nandito si Venus, nagkakaroon ng craving sa matatamis!

17: MERCURY enters and travels through your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

This is a great time to refine your day-to-day routine, now in the new normal, dear Cancer. With Mercury here, makakahanap ka ng mga paraan kung paano mo ma iimprove or mapapadali ang mga tasks and daily errands mo, para mas maging efficient. This transit also adds emphasis to the importance of health. Are you feeling more tired than usual? Masikip na ba ang pants? Are there vices you are planning to get rid of? This is a good time to read and learn about healthier habits that you can incorporate in your routine. Sa youtube, madaming libreng work-outs na naka-post. Mabilis ang pick-up mo sa mga ganyang bagay ngayon so take note!

18-20: A Retrograde MARS in your 12th House (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things) squares NEPTUNE in your 9th House (Belief Systems, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, Foreigners).

A great desire for escapism may be felt during this day, and you may find it difficult to focus on certain tasks.  Energy may be significantly low and nebulous in terms of practical, mechanical tasks. When it comes to creative work, however, this period may be bursting with inspired ideas, with your imagination being hyper activated by a retrograde Mars! Write ideas down and journal your thoughts as much as possible. Rest as much as you can. Take it easy for now, avoid spreading yourself too thin work-wise, and also avoid engaging in heavy errands that require plenty of technical focus, for example operating machinery, or scheduling exams that require precision in answers. If driving, make sure to focus on the road!

22: The Sun enters and travel through your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

Your main focus now turns to your daily work and routines, dear Cancer. Your day to day schedule takes centerstage, as your everyday hustle intensifies. This is a great time to improve your work, your techniques, and your skill sets. How do you make your daily work more efficient?  Your health is given a lot of importance now, too, with the recent pandemic (and now the hundreds of variants and even monkeypox) intensifying the need to improve take care of your body. Kailangan kasi healthy in order to be able to do more, diba? Harmony between your mind and your body, and the ability to command both, is important to you now. The potential for achievement is high during this period, so use this energy well! 

24: A New Moon happens in your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

New Moons set the stage for new beginnings to manifest. It is the time of the month where our intentions get set, and it helps to be aligned with this energy to help our plans grow and prosper. With JUPITER trine this new Moon, auspicious job opportunities or improvements may be given to you, making your daily grind smoother and more efficient. This may also be a new chapter in your health journey, dear Cancer, as you discover healthier habits to incorporate in your day to day. This lunation has a strong, specific emphasis on expansion and abundance, so take advantage of this energy!

★ Good Luck, CANCER! See you next month! ★