2022 MARS RETROGRADE:04 Cancer

Hello Cancer!

Welcome to your 2022 MARS RETROGRADE Survival Guide!

Here we are again, under the effect of a retrograding Mars. This may be an emotionally charged period for you, but don’t worry, if navigate this well, you can emerge from this unscathed, and happier even!

‘Tis also the season of laziness, with MARS turning backwards, tapos malamig, maulan. It may seem so difficult to get things done, so it might be best to save significant endeavors either before or after this period.  Mars retrograde restricts energy and forward movement, making it difficult to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. Maximum effort usually yields minimum results, kaya nakakawala lalo ng gana. 

Also, with Mars also retrograding in Gemini the sign of communication, data and information, clashes of words and thoughts may lead to a standstill of action, and instead of moving forward, natetengga sa arbitrary discussions. Parang court case na stuck sa courts ng ilang taon na, puro appeal, tapos sa daming ebidensya on both ends, hindi na lalo makausad. Puro pasabog, pagalingan, walang nagbibigay, wala din nananalo.

This is not the time to start something new. Instead, it is a good time to revisit and improve upon existing endeavors. Rather than starting new initiatives, it’s better to improve your current projects. This is a time  to reflect, bago ulit mag full speed ahead.

Mars starts its reverse motion in your 12h House, covering the area highlighted below:

Mars Retrograde 2022:Chart:04 Cancer

The 12th House Represents:

Rest Dreams Collective Unconscious Compassion & Empathy Tying up loose ends Meditation & Prayer  Alcohol Drugs, Escapism Hidden Situations Hidden Enemies The Unconscious The Womb Sacrifices Endings Karma

Mars goes reverse in your solar 12th House, which makes this period a very introspective, contemplative time for you. Reflect kung reflect, meditate kung meditate! Solitude is welcome and encouraged during this time, as you come to terms with certain endings or losses na hindi mo pa masyado na po-process. 12th house activity usually deals with some sort of painful ending – ‘a letting go’ that is necessary in order for you to begin the next cycle with as little of an emotional baggage as possible.

Reminders during this time:

  • Events can happen that will trigger old hurts, resentments and deep insecurities. Do not disregard  or escape from these feelings. Try to understand them – why are you reacting this way? Why is it difficult to let go? What do I need in order to be able to truly move on?

  • Vague fears come up, and you feel anxious more than usual. Sobrang active ng imagination mo ngayon, kaya may tendency maging overly suspicious or praning. Take note of this, and adjust accordingly. Analyze first if pwedeng may m

    erit yung issue mo, or napaparaning ka lang. Baka kasi mag bintang ka, or sumama yung loob mo, na wala naman palang dahilan, nag assume ka lang. which leads us to the next point –

  • Your usually dependable intuition will be a bit ‘off’, so be careful in following hunches or mga ‘kutob’. Usually, sobrang galing ng intuition mo and you’ve learned to rely on it through the years. However, for now, it would help to try and gather facts first, before you decide on anything. Your intuition will be going through a celestial ‘tune-up’ of some sort. Remain objective for now – money on reality is the safest bet.

  • Private affairs that are kept on the down low might consume you for now – there are things happening behind closed doors that command your full attention, to the detriment of other areas in your life. Try to balance your attention, para hindi naman ma-alangan ang ilang bahagi ng buhay mo. Pwede din that you will discover a secret during this time, or discover information that was previously unknown to you, as the 12th house rules things that are yet to be revealed.

  • Be cautious about who you trust and share sensitive information to. This is the house of hidden enemies, so it’s important to choose well those who you confide in!

  • You are prone to mental stress now, so be your own best friend and make sure not to overcomplicate things that can be handled with ease. Take frequent breaks/vacations, but when you do, plan accordingly and manage your time well so you do not cram and feel unnecessary pressure!

  • Start a journal. Express your thoughts, insights, dreams, during this time. Your unconscious is very active, and insights that come out may greatly help you through this emotionally complex period.

Other Areas Affected by Mars: 

Mars rules 2 houses in your chart, dear Cancer. Mars being retrograde affects these areas, too. Expect slowdowns, misinterpretations and possible frustrations in these 2 areas of your life:

10th House: Influence of the Mother Profession & Career Need For Achievement Authority Figures Recognition Social Status Public Life Reputation Ambitions

5th House: Children Joy & Play Love Affairs Romance Inner Child Arts & Crafts Sports & Hobbies The Urge To Produce Creative Self-Expression The Urge To Influence Escape From Responsibilities

You got this, dear CANCER! GOOD LUCK!