JULY 2021 Cosmic Weather Report FOR ALL ZODIAC SIGNS!

We enter the second half of the year with complex emotions, as July dances in, post eclipse season, post mercury retrograde, with elegance and charm and… non compromising machismo. It gracefully swoops in right under our noses, sabay upo sa la mesa, tapos naghahamon. Nakakalito diba! Bunong braso energy pala ito, guys. 

Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), you are centerstage this month. Battle of the wills. Patigasan ng ulo ito!

Welcome to the Fixed Frustration Tournament!

MARS (anger, assertion) in LEO opposing SATURN (limitation, delay, responsibility) in AQUARIUS

MARS in LEO squaring URANUS (disruptions, sudden change, innovations) in TAURUS

MARS (passion, intensity) conjunct VENUS (love, relationships, wants) in LEO

MOON in SCORPIO squaring MARS and VENUS in LEO, while opposing URANUS in TAURUS

JUPITER (truth, abundance, but also excess), re-enters AQUARIUS

But kidding aside, these are energies that we will all feel, wherever they fall in our chart. May sense of push and pull, head-butting and self contraditions during the course of the month. While the best strategy is often to go with the flow, it is often the most difficult, especially during this month. Compromise may be difficult, and even ‘agreeing to disagree’ may feel inauthentic, kasi there is a need to really push hard for your agenda, and convert people along the way.

However, sometimes, it is more important to be kind, than to be right. This is a lesson that this month may teach us well, if we let it.

Let me remind you of a little prayer that we all know but oftentimes forget. A helpful mantra to keep close, during this month of fixed frustration:


Final reminders: Mutables (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), help your fixed sign friends to soften up when they get too rigid for their own good. Cardinals (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), no egging on, wag na manggatong! Hehe. Alalay lang sa isa’t isa. We can ALL be winners this month (Aries, shhh 🤐) ♡.

Good luck everyone! Let the games begin! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

For really specific details on how this month’s Cosmic Weather may affect you, you will need your exact birth time and place, and a competent astrologer who can compute and interpret your charts. However, even without these, knowing the general energies at play can greatly assist in planning ahead. You know the drill! 

For better accuracy, check your Rising sign first, followed by your Sun sign!

ARIES                 LIBRA             
TAURUS             SCORPIO    
LEO                    AQUARIUS    
VIRGO               PISCES