2021 07:Banner:03 Gemini


Welcome to your ⭑COSMIC WEATHER REPORT⭑ for July 2021!


2021 07:Solar Chart:03 Gemini

From July 1-3, MARS in your 3rd House (Communication, Immediate Environment, Siblings, and Short-term Travel) opposes SATURN in your 9th House (Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners).

The month starts with tension, as Mars, the planet of motivation and drive, opposes Saturn, the planet of deliberate action, limitations and delays. Travel plans may be tricky, so make sure you plan for contingencies! Pag masyado nang complex, huwag na ipilit. Also, strong feelings of tension, ‘push-pull’, and inclinations that oscillate from your need to focus on the smallest of details, towards your need to understand the bigger picture may be overwhelming for these first few days. Balance is the key!

From 2-4, MARS in your 3rd House (Communication, Immediate Environment, Siblings, and Short-term Travel) squares URANUS in your solar your 12th House (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious)

Your immediate environment, or immediate community may feel unstable during this time, as Mars squares Uranus, the planet of disruption. Check on your siblings or cousins, make sure they are ok! Baka meron sakanila na kailangan ang tulong mo. Also, keep in mind that there is a tendency to overdo things now, and over-calculations may happen in these areas of your life. It’s best to exercise prudence and to keep your reactions as conservative as possible, no matter how frustrating things may be. Bihira naman ma-relax pag sinabihan ng “relax ka lang”, but that is actually really good advice for now.  Relax ka lang! Remember that haste makes waste, so taper the need to rush into anything! This too, shall pass!

On the 10th, a NEW MOON happens in your 2nd House (Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth)

A dreamy and imaginative NEW MOON happens in your solar 2nd house, and this might mean new financial beginnings for you, dear Gemini! New Moons facilitate new beginnings, and this one in particular is located in the part of your sky that controls money, income and expenditures. May pagka imaginative and fairy-tale like ang New Moon na ito, with a strong, specific emphasis on changing, starting again and leaving unhealthy attitudes behind. If you are Gemini rising, watch out for financial opportunities within the next 2 weeks! Your thoughts are magnetic, so taking the time to reflect and meditate on your financial goals will make manifestation much much easier! Write down what you want to happen in terms of income and earnings – the Universe will help you and guide you so you can bring these things to fruition, tiwala lang! 

From the 12th, MERCURY enters and travels through your 2nd House (Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth)

New business ideas and other insights on how to improve your income may suddenly appear, out of nowhere dear Gemini! Make sure you note everything down, these ideas will prove useful in the coming months ahead. This is also a good time to troubleshoot, habang may oras talaga na tutukan ito. Ano ba pa ang kailangan i-adjust para mas ma-maximize ang savings and income mo? There is a need for practical conversations on how to improve your financial security kasi focused ka on your money and possessions, more than usual. How you were able to handle the sudden quarantine and lockdown may be a good gauge on what you need to sustain and what you need to improve upon.

From 12-14, VENUS conjuncts with MARS in your your 3rd House (Communication, Immediate Environment, Siblings, and Short-term Travel).

Venus and Mars meet once every 2 years or so, so this is usually something to look forward to! Passion meets tenderness and motivation meets inspiration, every time these two ‘cosmic lovers’ cross paths. A new cycle starts, marking the creation of something new in the house where it occurs. This energy is very potent especially for Gemini risings! New skill sets may be discovered now, and you may feel hungry for learning and intellectual growth. This is also in your house of communication, so this can be a great period to focus on clarifying confusing situations especially with siblings of neighbors, even close work mates. Your conversations may be fiery and intense for now ,,especially when it comes to your love life! Sizzling, but be careful na hindi mapaso!

On the 22nd, VENUS enters and travels through your 4th House (Home, Family, Roots and Land).

This is the time of the year when your heart is happiest spending time with family or people that you consider your family. More than usual, masarap sa heart ngayon to just stay at home, where it’s comfortable. You may feel extra fondness for your parents too, so calling them or spending time with them will truly add sparkle to your day to day. Also, happy homebody ka ngayon. You may feel the need to improve and beautify your home, too. You might want to buy furniture or something ornamental and decorative, for home improvement. Pero online shopping lang muna ha, lalo na kung hindi pa vaccinated!

From the 22nd, the SUN enters and travels through your 3rd House (Communication, Immediate Environment, Siblings, and Short-term Travel).

This is a mentally stimulating time for you, where you will feel the need to express your thoughts and communicate more than usual. As your main focus finally settles in your 3rd house of communication, you may find yourself very busy with calls, social media, and social interactions, in general. You might also feel the need to reach out to your siblings or play a more active role in your immediate community, kagaya ng rotary, or barangay activities. Madaming help ang kailangan ngayon, so kahit pagtulong lang to solicit funds, or to be a spokesperson in some capacity, malaki ang maitutulong. Since kailangan pa din mag social distancing, this may be something that you can do online, so do help out!

On the 24th, a FULL MOON happens in your 9th House (Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners).

Full Moons helps us process endings, so new beginnings can take place. This month’s full Moon is particularly intense, being sandwiched between the giant, transformative energies of Saturn and Pluto, kaya it’s best to prepare! So much growth has happened, so many changes as of late. Perhaps may mga oras na you felt like you were stretching your limits. This quarantine can help you recalibrate for a bit. You may be wrapping up a project concerning a foreigner, or a significant person living abroad, perhaps ending some sort of association with someone or something that is foreign-related. Maybe you have travel plans na altered or cancelled na. OK lang yun, Mahirap na. Take the time to write down what you need help with, in terms of transitioning and moving on. The energy for manifesting is strong, so take advantage of it!

On the 28th, MERCURY enters and travels through your 3rd House (Communication, Immediate Environment, Siblings, and Short-term Travel).

Mercury in the 3rd house is always a busy time, where you may find yourself amping up on communication, and community and interaction. Your thoughts are sharp and clear, dear Gemini. You may find yourself thinking about how to improve the system, or how to help the community in these trying times. You may be socially in-demand, so ‘wag ka na magulat if madaming tatawag or magtatanong ng opinions mo. Kahit over the phone or online lang, e moving ang social life mo.  Confident ka makipagusap ngayon, and your ideas will come across with clarity and objectivity. This is also a great time to learn new skills, mabilis kasi ang pick up  mo ngayon! Take advantage, madaming tutorials and courses available ngayon online!

Also on the 28th, JUPITER retrogrades back to your 9th House (Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners).

Jupiter returns to your 9th House to tie up loose ends. Now is the time to cement, wrap up and finalize any  unfinished business you have that started the first half of the year, regarding traveling abroad, foreigners, and perhaps embracing new belief systems. You may find yourself going on a trip, or planning one! Although a bit restricted here, Jupiter is still the planet of expansion, so this is still good energy! The next time this happens will be 11 years from now, so this is the best chance this decade to maximize this area of your life.

From the 30th, MARS enters and travels through your 4th House (Home, Family, Roots and Land).

Energy now is redirected towards issues of home, family and your properties, dear Gemini! With Mars here, domesticity becomes active, as you finally feel you have the energy to do things that needed to be done but you kept procrastinating on. You might feel energized enough to put listings up for your properties, kung meron man. Maybe you are looking to expand and buy land. Magkakaroon ka ng drive na asikasuhin yan ngayon. Family relationships are also prioritized now, so, para hindi magka-iritahan, take care not to be defensive, controlling, or overbearing, kasi may tendency tayo ngayon na masyadong maging involved sa mga nangyayari sa mga kapamilya natin. Respect your elders and be extra patient with everyone at home!