MAY 2019 Cosmic Weather Report FOR ALL ZODIAC SIGNS

May. Mid term elections ngayong buwan, at nag kaka-initan na sa election campaigning. Alam niyo na ba ang mga iboboto ninyo? May mga pangalan na ‘institution’ na, mga ‘tried and tested’. However, this month, kailangan natin i-review nang mabuti ang mga ito. Madami kasing “nakalakihan” or “nakasanayan”, na mga bagay that we stick to, kahit hindi na pala ito nakakatulong sa development natin, as a nation. Ganon din sa personal lives natin. Change is being demanded in very important areas of our lives, and since madami saatin ang in-denial, this month is a good period to sit and really focus kung anong mga part ng buhay natin ang kailangan na talagang pag-paalaman.

As above, so below; the sky is active this month too, with subtle, but far-reaching energies. An important configuration in the sky (Saturn Conjunct Pluto and the South Node) continues the whole month, forcing most of us to identify areas of our lives that are not healthy for us anymore – habits or people that we need to move on from. ‘Yung dating nag-bibigay sa ‘yo ng seguridad, maaaring nakalakihan mo na. Yung dating safe space mo, pwedeng naging reason na ngayon kung bakit hindi mo truly maabot ang growth and happiness na dinedeserve mo.

The next couple of months will truly highlight what you need to transcend, in order for you to break free from ties that unknowingly bind you, preventing you from living your truest, most authentic self. Hassle na proseso ito, pero ‘walang kailangan ikabahala! Kayang kaya mo yan! Live is a constant journey towards evolution, lahat tayo pinagdadaanan ito ❤ lahat tayo ma-hahassle, so don’t feel sad and alone! Pagkatapos naman nito, you will be good as new, happier, healthier and wiser more than ever!

For really specific details on how this month’s Cosmic Weather may affect you, you will need your exact birth time and place, and a competent astrologer who can compute and interpret your charts. However, even without these, knowing the general energies at play can greatly assist in planning ahead. You know the drill! 

Click below for your Sun sign and most especially your Rising sign, for more accuracy

ARIES                 LIBRA              
TAURUS             SCORPIO    
LEO                    AQUARIUS    
VIRGO               PISCES

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