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Welcome to your COSMIC WEATHER REPORT, for the month of May! ❤

Your theme for the month is… MONEY! Oooh la-la!


For the whole month, the South Node continues to conjunct the heavyweights, PLUTO and SATURN, in your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

The South Node of the Moon signifies things that we should release, in order for us to truly continue in the path of our “Soul Growth”. Usually these are familiar, wonderful things that can make us feel safe, mga comfort zones natin, kumbaga. Alam naman natin na in order for us to truly learn grow, we need to step out of the comfort zone, so we can learn, expand and ascend. However, oftentimes, we tend to resist difficulties, running the risk of inactivity and stagnation.

Ngayon, lahat ng dissatisfaction mo sa career and work, magiintensify. May mga bagay na takot ka pakawalan, pero there is a feeling growing now that you should be somewhere else, doing something else. Unti-unting ipapamuka sayo na yung pagpipilit mo mag hold on sa mga bagay na clearly ay hindi na umaandar, nadadala ka na sa alanganin. This is a long process, subtle muna, until it reaches boiling point, January of 2020. This aspect affects Aries Ascendants most! The lesson here is to embrace courage, by learning to surrender. Mahirap, pero kaya! One day, it will all make sense, pangako yan! ❤

On the 4th, a NEW MOON happens in your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Material Wealth, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth

A NEW MOON happens in your solar 2nd house, and this might mean new financial beginnings for you, dear Aries! New Moons facilitate new beginnings, and this one in particular is located in the part of your sky that controls money, income and expeditures. May pagka imaginative and fairy-tale like ang New Moon na ito (it forms a sextile with dreamy Neptune), with a strong, specific emphasis on changing, starting again and leaving unhealthy attitudes behind. If you are Aries rising, watch out for financial opportunities within the next 2 weeks! Your thoughts are magnetic, so taking the time to reflect and meditate on your financial goals will make manifestation much much easier! Write down what you want to happen in terms of income and earnings – the Universe will help you and guide you so you can bring these things to fruition, tiwala lang! ❤

On the 7th, MERCURY enters your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Material Wealth, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth, joining the SUN and URANUS.

New business ideas and other insights on how to improve your income may suddenly appear, out of nowhere. Remember these ideas now, most especially since Uranus is also here, infusing your thoughts with Uranian innovation and out-of-the-box ideas. Make sure you note everything down, these ideas will prove useful in the coming months ahead. This is also a good time to troubleshoot – ano ba pa ang kailangan i-adjust para mas ma-maximize ang savings and income mo? There is a need for practical conversations on how to improve your stability kasi focused ka on your money and possessions. If napadami ka man ng gastos recently, this is the time to re-align your financial priorities!

On the 16th, VENUS joins the party, as it also enters your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Material Wealth, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth.

More activation for the 2nd House, which is all about earthly comforts, and being able to provide for yourself, and your loved ones. Usually, sa transit na ito, mahirap mag-pigil sa mga luho, kaya naman ang warning for this double-edged sword of a transit ay: maghulos dili ka sa pag-gastos! Be mindful of the urge to spluge, kumabaga. May bawi din naman, kasi wherever Venus is, is where you are most magnetic, and when it is in the house of money, you may become a magnet for small financial blessings and/or opportunities to earn! You may also receive gifts, favors and other windfalls, so this is a generally a pleasant time for you. Enjoy! ❤

Also, on the 16th, MARS, your ruler, enters your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

Your energy redirects towards issues of home and family, dear Aries! With Mars here, domesticity becomes active, as you finally feel you have the energy to do things that needed to be done but you kept proscrastinating on – yung lababo barado, may tiles na kailangan palitan sa banyo. Yung sofa kailangan na ba palitan? Yung garden kailangan na i-trim. You might feel energized enough to put listings up for your properties, kung meron man. Maybe you are looking to expand and buy land – magkakaroon ka ng drive na asikasuhin ‘yan ngayon. Family relationships are also prioritized now, so take care not to be too definsive or too controlling or too overbearing, kasi may tendency tayo to be too involved in our family members’ lives at this time, and baka magkairitahan dahil doon.

On the 18th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

Full Moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can occur. Do you have concerns about your joint finances, business man or personal, dear Aries? Madami bang power struggles with partnerships/partners recently na mabigat na sa pakiramdam? The 8th house runs deep – it is the house of transformation and intensity, after all. Perfect ngayon to identify everything that you feel you should let go of, in terms of joint parnerships, joint finances, and disproportioned intimacies. There is a culmination that leads to either a confrontation, or a strong realization regarding these areas. Mahirap sa umpisa, but trust that it brings you closer to where you should be. If there is anyone brave enough to go through this, it is you, dear Aries ! Trust the process! ❤

On the 22nd, the SUN and MERCURY both enters your solar 3rd House of Communication, Intellect, Immediate Environment, Siblings, Neighborhood and Short-term Travel.

The main focus of your life shifts now from finances, towards communications and your immediate envornment. This usually signals in a very busy, intellectual time for you, where you will feel the need to express your thoughts more than usual. This week, heightened ang mental and intellectual abilities mo, so use your brain power well! Try to focus it towards important endeavors, para hindi kalat-kalat! Getting your point across as clear as possible is much easier now than at any point in the year, so it’s a very good time to make speeches, to negotiate deals, or to finalize contracts. Listo ka ngayon intellectually kaya hindi ka madali maisahan ngayon, subukan lang nila! You might also feel the need to reach out to your siblings, baka matagal na kayong hindi nagkakausap, now is the perfect time to reconnect with them! Magandang end of the month bonding ‘yan! ❤

Good Luck, Aries! See you next month! ❤