February 6, 2023: FULL MOON in LEO

The brightest night of the month is here once more! Full Moons bring energies of completion and culmination, and oftentimes, flashes of emotional insights that were previously overlooked. Emotions are heightened, and feelings are potent, so fasten your emotional seatbelts!

This month’s FULL MOON happens in 16°40 in the realm of Fixed Fire, LEO, the sign of the King.


LEO (The Lion)

Majestic Leo, the sign of the king, ruled by the Sun itself, can prove to be so bright that it’s almost blinding. Leo is so shiny, so illuminated (it’s Sun ruled after all), a magnet for attention. This creates the paradox that often escapes the casual observer: Leo is so easily seen, so much that it doesn’t feel seen, at all.

For others, what may seem as ostentatious attention-seeking behavior, is actually an attempt to connect the outside world to that which feels unreachable within. Leo, with its regal bearing, is so easy to notice, but things that are too bright can be hard to see. The glare becomes a clean clean canvas that invites onlookers to paint their impressions on who they feel the person is, based on preconceived notions. Oftentimes these may even have nothing to do with Leo at all! These impressions come in a spectrum, too, from “She’s beautiful and smart”, to “She’s arrogant”, to “He’s so vain”, to “He’s so humble” – adjectives are free for all. Leo energy does not focus on the good descriptors alone. Instead, it feels the need to win them all. If they expect me to be a star, then I should be one. or, If they think I am weak, I’ll prove to them that I’m not. Leo sees approval almost as a royal duty, just like a famous actor, who may feel the need to uphold a certain image or bearing in order to retain the respect and affection of the crowd. The perceived expectation becomes an assignment, and eventually, a burden it unintentionally carries. Possibly for a lifetime.

In modern tradition, Leo is also associated with the 5th astrological house, which represents the inner child. At the very core, Leo energy is that of a child in the playground waving hands to the parent, “Look at me ma, no hands!”, or a child in a school play, looking out at the audience, wanting to make his parents proud. At the core, there is no vanity. What is there, instead, is the need to be witnessed. The need to make people proud. Perceived expectations from others become a serious assignment to master. Eventually, the pursuit of validation becomes a prison. With Leo, there is a deep craving, a yearning almost, to be seen and to be accepted for its true authentic self. There is a strong, primal, childlike need to feel seen, and to feel loved. This true self however, is buried deep under what he feels are the external expectations of the world around him. The journey is to uncover this truth – to find the heart of the Lion, and to find the courage to give expression to it, in spite of what the world at large may say or think. To reconnect with the inner child in the playground, and to be the one to say “bravo! well done!”, as many times as needed. And to learn that this voice, your own, is the only voice that needs to matter. Once this is accomplished, the only possible outcome is what is hoped for in the beginning: truly love yourself, all parts of you, with full conviction, and the world inevitably follows ❤


This Full Moon is built with an underlying tension, a need to break free from the expectations of the world and individuate. We are tempted to focus on our truth, and to let our hearts courageously shine in whatever it is that we do. With this lunation squaring Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, it’s best to make sure you have contingencies in any plans done in the area where it lands on your chart. Erratic energy can be experienced, and frustrations due to feeling stuck and feeling detached from your joy center can be overwhelming for now. The cosmic weather is clear however, and any attempts to break free from unhealthy patterns may be sustainable, even if may seem otherwise in the beginning. With Saturn in the mix as well, there may be responsibilities that prevent you from going the full mile, but within the next 2 weeks, you may encounter teasers of the great possibilities that may manifest, once you decide to fully take the leap. Maybe this becomes enough fuel to push you forward. This may even be the last month where staying where you feel hurt and stuck feels justifiable. Pluto and Saturn are changing signs next month, ushering in a new era! But thats another tale for another day. ❤

What area of your life will be shaken by this unnerving (but exciting) FULL MOON in LEO? 

Check your rising sign below, to find out!

ARIES RISING: Romance, love life, fertility and children, creativity, performance and creative entrepreneurship, sports, hobbies, crafts, artistic pursuits, fun, pleasure, games, speculations

TAURUS RISING: Family, home, parents especially the father, ancestry and roots, family history, properties, residential areas, land, inner base of operations, private life

GEMINI RISING: Siblings, cousins, extended relatives, automobiles, local transportation, out of town trips, neighbors, webinars, short term courses, accreditations, your immediate environment

CANCER RISING: Money, finances, income, cashflow, savings, personal resources, possessions, self-worth, financial security,

LEO RISING: SELF and self-presentation! Changes and improvements in physique, new personal goals, confidence, authentic self-expression, your physical body

VIRGO RISING: Rest and contemplation, spirituality, letting go, planning a new frontier, solitude and peace of mind, secrets, hidden information and hidden situations, far away/foreign lands, endings, and tying up loose ends

LIBRA RISING: Social networks, friendships, peers, community, groups and organizations, advocacies, social reform, politics, future plans, hopes and wishes, accumulations, and gains

SCORPIO RISING: Career, improvement of profession, reputation and recognition, public achievement, public life, ambitions, parents especially the mother, public status, general life direction

SAGITTARIUS RISING: Travel abroad, foreigners, going back to school, the pursuit of higher education, the higher mind, religion and churches, publishing, teaching, philosophy, mentors, and belief systems

CAPRICORN RISING:  Joint ventures, business partnerships, joint accounts, shared resources, investments, inheritance, mutual funds, stock market, merging of assets, reminders of mortality, deep change

AQUARIUS RISING: Partnerships, committed relationships, marriages, marriage proposals, legal matters, lawsuits or filing of cases, client relationships, one-on-one interactions, long term partners, contracts

PISCES RISING: Daily schedule, routines, health and the connection between mind and body, volunteering, service, practicing a craft, perfecting a technique, workplace and relationship with co-workers, everyday errands, Pets

Good luck everyone! For more information on this months transits, click here! ❤




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