July 14, 2022: FULL MOON in CAPRICORN

Once again, the brightest night of the month is upon us! Full Moons bring energies of completion and culmination, and oftentimes, flashes of emotional insights that were previously overlooked. This month’s FULL MOON happens in 21°21′ of CAPRICORN, the sign of ability, achievement, and authority.

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 4.28.21 PM

This month’s Full Moon carries with it a tough, austere texture. This period encourages intense introspection that may connect your with your inner discontent, and what was once something that you look away from, now becomes a compass that brings you forward. Capricorn is a sign that values character and integrity above all; it understands that in order for one to excel, one has to put in the hours, no shortcuts. Capricorn does what needs to be done, no matter how hard, no matter how tedious, no matter how unpleasant it may be.

This full MOON in Capricorn however, is a little bit odd. It is conjunct PLUTO, the planet of deep transformation, opposite MERCURY, the planet that represents how we think and communicate, and it is also trine URANUS, the planet of awakenings, breakthroughs and radical change. All these energies conspire to allow old school Capricorn, which is a sign bound by tradition and stability, to try and do things differently. Shake ups now may cause unease and awkwardness, and wherever this full Moon hits you, is an area where you may be compelled to break tradition and do things out of the box. This allows you to explore different ways of doing the same thing. The end result may be similar, but the path is definitely richer and more interesting.

With a MERCURY-PLUTO opposition prominently intertwined with this energy, previously unknown information may come up to the surface, illuminated by your personal realizations, or through the disclosure of confidences. Our emotional paths within the next 2 weeks may be ripe with detours and unexpected diatribes, but ultimately, what is exposed is cleansed. What we resist, persists. The longer we linger, the stranger it gets.


Time to upgrade, re-route, and explore! What area will this intimidating but transformative Full Moon activate in your chart?

ARIES RISING: Career, improvement of profession, reputation and recognition, public achievement, public life, ambitions, parents especially the mother, general life direction.

TAURUS RISING: Travel abroad, foreigners, higher education, going back to school, the pursuit of higher education, the higher mind, religion and churches, publishing, teaching, mentors, and belief systems

GEMINI RISING: Joint ventures, business partnerships, joint accounts, shared resources, investments, inheritance, mutual funds, stock market, merging of assets, reminders of mortality, deep change, 

CANCER RISING: Partnerships, committed  relationships, marriages, marriage proposals, legal matters, lawsuits or filing of cases, client relationships, long term partners, contracts

LEO RISING:  Daily schedule, routines, health and the connection between mind and body, volunteering, service, practicing a craft, perfecting a technique, workplace and relationship with co-workers, everyday errands, Pets

VIRGO RISING: Romance, love life, fertility and children, creativity, performance, and creative entrepreneurship, sports, hobbies, crafts, artistic pursuits, fun, pleasure, games and play

LIBRA RISING: Family, home, parents especially the father, ancestry and roots, family history, properties, residential areas, land, inner base of operations, private life

SCORPIO RISING: Siblings, cousins, extended relatives, automobiles, local transportation, out of town trips, neighbors, webinars, short term courses, accreditations, your immediate environment

SAGITTARIUS RISING: Money and personal income, material purchases, personal savings, possessions, personal security, self-worth, financial independence, wealth accumulation, cashflow

CAPRICORN RISING: SELF and self-presentation! Changes and improvements in physique, new personal goals, confidence, authentic self-expression, your physical body

AQUARIUS RISING: Rest and contemplation, spirituality, letting go, planning a new frontier, solitude and peace of mind, secrets, hidden information and hidden situations, endings and tying up loose ends

PISCES RISING: Social networks, friendships, and groups, peers, community, groups and organizations, advocacies, social reform, future plans, hopes and wishes, accumulations, and gains

Happy Full Moon, good luck, and take care, everyone!

Check here for more in-depth information on this month’s transits.


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