March 18, 2022: FULL MOON in VIRGO

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Once again, the brightest night of the month is upon us! Full Moons bring energies of completion and culmination, and oftentimes, flashes of emotional insights that were previously overlooked. This month’s FULL MOON happens in critical VIRGO, the sign of analysis and discernment. 

This FULL MOON shines a light on the areas of our life that need order and organization. Virgo excels in narrowed attention and focused thought, and this full Moon will feel like a magnifying glass is placed on the life area where this happens in your chart, so you can sharply see details that are often overlooked. This is a remarkable chance for check-ups and maintenance, to set things right and to make sure everything is where they are supposed to be. 

This Moon is also opposite Neptune, the planet of imagination and creativity, which infuses concrete action with artistic idealism. Now is the time to take practical steps that lead you closer to that which you desire. DREAMS may become tangible GOALS under this lunation. With The Moon also trining PLUTO, the planet that represents not only transformation but transmutation. Necessary changes within you may take place in order for you to be capable of fully bringing your vision to reality.

Full focus, attention, and the need to thoroughly sift through and organize particulars can be expected in these areas of life: 

ARIES RISING: Daily schedule, health, volunteering, service, practicing a craft, perfecting a technique, workplace, and relationship with co-workers, everyday errands

TAURUS RISING:  Romance, love life, fertility and children, creativity and creative entrepreneurship

GEMINI RISING:  Family, home, parents especially the father,  ancestry and roots, family history, properties, residential areas, land

CANCER RISING: Siblings, extended relatives, automobiles, local transportation, out of town trips, neighbors, webinars, short term courses, accreditations

LEO RISING: Money and personal income, material purchases, personal savings, possessions, personal security, self-worth, and financial independence 

VIRGO RISING:  SELF and self-presentation! Changes and improvements in physique, new personal goals, confidence, and authentic self-expression

LIBRA RISING: Rest and contemplation, spirituality, letting go, planning a new frontier, solitude and peace of mind, secrets, hidden information 

SCORPIO RISING: Social networks, friendships, and groups, peers, community, advocacies, future plans, hopes and wishes, accumulations, and gains 

SAGITTARIUS RISING:  Career, improvement of profession, reputation, public achievement, ambitions, parents especially the mother, life direction

CAPRICORN RISING:  Travel abroad, foreigners, higher education, going back to school, the pursuit of higher education, the higher mind, religion, and belief systems

AQUARIUS RISING: Joint ventures, business partnerships, joint accounts, investments, inheritance, mutual funds, stock market, merging of assets 

PISCES RISING: Partnerships, committed  relationships, marriages, marriage proposals, legal matters, lawsuits or filing of cases, client relationships, long term partners 

Happy Full Moon, and take extra care, everyone! Check here for more in-depth information on this month’s transits.


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