MARS RETROGRADE 2018: SOS Manual For All Zodiac Signs


Welcome to your Mars Retrograde 2018: Iwas Pusoy Manual! 

For those who already know what Mars Retrograde is all about, Click here for the forecast links below the page!

Para naman sa mga medyo confused at curious pa, mag Mars Retrograde 101 muna tayo!

Okay so first of all, let us open this session (haha, session talaga) by defining the terms.

1. What is Mars and what does it represent?

For this purpose, we are talking about the planet, Mars (Hindi yung chocolate or yung tawagan ng titas of Manila). Specifically, it’s the 4th planet from the Sun, pagkatapos ng ating beloved Mother Earth.

Mars represents the following: 

Drive Anger, Passion, Work Persona, Forward Movement, Desire, Sexual drive and style, Assertiveness, Impulses, Survival Instincts

In Natal Astrology (yung mag papagawa ka talaga ng birthchart), dito nakikita kung paano ka magalit, kung ano ang work ethic mo, kung paano mo ineexpress ang sexuality mo. Paano ka ba mag express ng gigil, demure ba, o balahura type? Sobrang bagal mo ba gumalaw (Mars in Taurus)? O baka naman ikaw yung tipong laging nagmamadali at sobrang impatient (Mars in Aries). Lahat yan indicated by where your personal Mars is – meaning, kung saan ito naka-pwesto nung exact moment na pinaganak ka. Para sa mga hindi well versed sa Astrology, parang barbero diba or magic or weird hula type. However, this system is actually based on thousands of years of significant statistical data, and if you give it a  chance, you’ll be really amazed with the accuracy.

So anyway…

2. What does it mean when a planet is in retrograde?

Here is a simple, up-front visual guide to what exactly is happening when planets go retrograde:

Para sa mga tipid ang data/mabagal ang net/ or tamad lang mag click, the simplest explanation is this analogy:

Pag nakasakay ka sa auto, tapos may mada-daanan ka na auto na slightly mas mabagal sa’yo, during the time of the overtake, diba pag tumingin ka sa labas, parang umaatras yung sasakyan na naunahan mo? Ganon din sa solar system. Pag na-o-overtake natin si Mars, muka siyang umaatras. Pero sa totoong buhay, hindi naman. Mas mabilis lang ang   Earth umandar, kaya nauunahan natin siya.

Now, when a planet is in retrograde, dumadaan siya sa part ng orbit niya na pinakamalapit sa atin. Lumalakas ang energy na nirerepresenta nito, to the point of overload, so ang effect, parang nagkakaroon ng short circuit. In a way, parang may brown out. All the functions of that planet turn inward, bumabaliktad. Nagkakaroon ng confusion at delay, pag dating sa mga bagay ng ni-rerepresenta nito.

3. What does it mean specifically when MARS is in RETROGRADE?

Okay so ito na. Una sa lahat, Of all planets, pinaka rare mag retrograde si Mars, it only happens every 2 and a half years, so it’s quite the event. 

Mars represents energy and drive. Pag retrograde si Mars, there is an apparent reduction of energy. The drive to move forward is diminished, and things/situations tend to get stuck. Kumbaga, MABAGAL at TAMAD more than usual ang mga tao, lalo na sa area ng buhay na tinatamaan nitong retrograde. Iba iba yan per person.

Since mabagal lahat, mas mabilis magkapikunan. During this time, we experience situations that make us re-asses how we get angry, how we assert ourselves, how we deal with obstacles.

If your resolve is weak and you are too complacent, these slow-to-progress situations will require you to learn how to move faster, or perhaps be more forceful and assertive. If, on the other hand, you are too hasty and callous, the conflicts that will arise will teach you to learn how to be more patient and understanding. Kasi kung hindi, you will alienate and lose people in the aftermath.

4. How will the 2018 Mars retrograde personally affect you?

Yes, hassle sa muscle, pero don’t panic! Baby ka palang nagyayari na ‘yan every 2 years, ang difference lang ngayon, may cosmic weather report ka, so you’ll know how to prepare better. For precision, there is no substitute for a thorough personal reading from a competent Astrologer (you need your exact birth time and place for that). Pero kahit wala ‘yon, knowing the general energies at play are still more than helpful.

Kumbaga, may partida ka, iwas pusoy. Yung sobrang galit, magiging tampo nalang, yung hiwalayan for good, pwedeng cool off nalang muna. Magtataka si crush kung bakit lahat mainit ulo… except you! So pwede ka din maging hero dito, kaya makinig ha, this is valuable information. 

Instead of worriying (yes, Virgo, I’m looking at you), i-save ang energy sa planning. ‘Di ba nga, the best defense is a good offense? So game na, just sit back, relax, and let Filstrology break it down for you!

Click below for your Sun sign and your Rising sign. Good Luck and Enjoy!

ARIES                 LIBRA              
TAURUS             SCORPIO    
LEO                    AQUARIUS    
VIRGO               PISCES


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