2020 Venus Retrograde:12 Pisces


Welcome to your VENUS RETROGRADE Walkthrough/Cheatsheet!

Bago ang specifics, let’s start with the general reminders for all:
  • Don’t schedule cosmetic procedures. Malaki ang chance na hindi ka maging happy, at pagsisisihan ito. INSTEAD: Use this period to really research, asses and revisit your plans, para sure na pulido talaga, and that you have everything in order. Wait until end of July, when Venus is out of shadow, before making any final decision.

  • Don’t get married or get engaged. ‘Wag din mag start ng bagong relationship, during this period. Saka nalang when Venus, the planet of LOVE, is strong and moving direct. INSTEAD: again, wait until June 25 (or better yet, after  to July 29, when Venus is completely out of the retrograde zone), commit to anything, para sure na clear and smooth ang energy for any kind of relationship.

  • Don’t make any drastic relationship decisions (Personal or business). Hindi dependable and emotions natin ngayon, and what we think we want when Venus is Retrograde tend to change kapag direct na. INSTEAD: Put decisions off until the retrograde is over. ‘Wag makipag hiwalay, or maglayas, or mag-alsabalutan, kasi malamang, hindi mo mapaninindigan ‘yan.

  • Don’t take risks with your physical appearance. ‘Wag mag experiment with drastic hairstyles or try a new stylist, or bumili ng mga bagong damit na hindi mo usual style. May tendency na magbago ang isip pagkatapos ng retrograde. INSTEAD: stick to the status quo for now, regarding hair and clothes.

  • Don’t purchase expensive items or accessories kagaya ng alahas, watches, sapatos na mamahalin. INSTEAD: look for bargains kasi when you focus on getting a good deal ngayon, ok din talaga. Always canvass first, compare muna with other sellers. Pag aralan muna ng mabuti, bago bumili ng mamahalin na bagay, lalo na pag impulse, yung ngayon m olang naisip. Important yan para ‘di  magkaroon ng pag-sisisi or buyer’s remorse.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s start with how this cycle may affect you personally:

VENUS stations retrograde in your solar 4th  House, covering the area highlighted below:

2020 Venus Retrograde:Solar Chart:12 Pisces

The Astrological 4th House represents the following keywords:  

Home ● Family ● Ancestry ● Land ● Properties ● Heritage ● Parents  ● Emotional Security ● Private Life 

Venus prompts you to re-think the notion of home and family, and although this may sound simple, this process could make you feel raw and vulnerable. Is home now still a place, or has it turned into one person, a job, a dream that we chase? Certain past issues, heartches, mga sama ng loob or hinanakit when it comes to family tend to come up now, perhaps to help us get rid of old unhealthy baggage that we choose to keep hidden inside us. Perhaps there is a family issue that you need to help resolve, or perhaps you yourself have issues na kailangan mong mailabas. Venus facilitates a purge of some sort, para tuluyan na mawala yung mga poison of pain that we keep holding on to, regardless if we are aware of it or not. Finding lost items in the home may happen now. Lost jewelry, old letters and other romantic nostalgic items may re-discovered, putting you in a pensive, wistful mood.

Since Venus also rules  beauty and aesthetics,  the need to beautify, shop, re-decorate and buy things for the home, intensifies. Baka conflicted emotions make you feel like you need retail therapy, instead of sorting out issues. Mag ingat sa big expensive purchases, kasi may malaking chance for you to have buyer’s remorse. Hindi malayong mag-bago ang isip mo about the item pag direct na ulit si Venus.

ADVICE: Exercise patience especially with your family and your parents. Avoid unnecessary online window shopping, kasi mabilis kang mapabili ng mga gamit ngayon, lalo na if these will benefit your house in some way.  This is NOT a good time for buying real estate! Selling real estate may be more supported, just be ready for reversals or buyers changing their minds, if any. It’s best to wait until Venus turns direct, or better yet when she moves out of her retrograde shadow, by Late July.