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Here we are now, in the grand finale of 2018’s Retrograde season: VENUS turns retrograde from October 5 to November 16! With her usual tumble to to retrograde land, which happens only every 18 months, everything Venusian is on centerstage! Expect challenges, frustrations, excitement, and opportunities for long-term growth especially when it comes to LOVE, MONEY and BEAUTY.

Bago ang specifics, let’s start with the general reminders for all:

  • Don’t schedule surgical or cosmetic procedures. Malaki ang chance na hindi ka maging happy, at pagsisisihan ito. INSTEAD: Use this period to really research, asses and revisit your plans, para sure na pulido talaga, and that you have everything in order. Wait until December 18, before you finalize anything. Venus will be out of shadow by then.

  • Don’t get married or get engaged. ‘Wag din mag start ng bagong relationship, during this period. Saka nalang when Venus, the planet of LOVE, is strong and moving direct. INSTEAD: again, wait until December 18 onwards, para sure na clear, smooth and lucky ang energy for any kind of relationship.

  • Don’t make any drastic relationship decisions (Personal or business). Hindi dependable and emotions natin ngayon, and what we think we want when Venus is in Retrograde tends to change kapag direct na. INSTEAD: Put decisions off until the retrograde is over. ‘Wag makipag hiwalay, or maglayas, or magsabalutan, kasi malamang, hindi mo mapaninindigan ‘yan.

  • Don’t take risks with your physical appearance. ‘Wag mag experiment with drastic hairstyles or try a new stylist, or bumili ng mga bagong damit na hindi mo usual style. May tendency na magbago ang isip pagkatapos ng retrograde. INSTEAD: do the usual lang for now, regarding hair and clothes. Staus quo lang!

  • Don’t purchase expensive items or accessories kagaya ng alahas, watches, sapatos na mamahalin. INSTEAD: look for bargains kasi when you focus on getting a good deal ngayon, ok din talaga. Always compare first with other sellers, ma-pa mall or online, mas okay kasi na pag aralan muna, bago bumili ng mamahalin na bagay. Para hindi tayo magkaroon ng pag-sisisi or buyer’s remorse.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s start with how this cycle may affect you personally:

VENUS starts its reverse motion specifically in your solar 12th house, back to your solar 11th house, covering the area highlighted below:

VENUS Retrograde 2018 CHART 09SAGITTARIUS.jpg

12th House Represents:
Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Sacrifices, The Unconscious, Escapism, Things you are yet to find out, meditation,
11th House Represents:
Friendships, Organizations, Groups, Networking, The collective, Peers, Ambitions, Hopes and Wishes,


This Venus Retrograde season urges you to embark on an adventure within. Always one to be looking outside the great beyond, this introspective period might be a little bit uncomfortable, pero it is truly necessary and very rewarding.

  • Masaya ka ba ngayon?
  • Are you living a life of love?
  • Do you have the love that you deserve? Did you let it go?
  • What are you regrets, and are they holding you back?

You are then invited to re-renter the collective, as you re-assess your friendships, and the groups that you belong to. Do you feel valued? Are there friendships na napapabayaan mo na? Circumstances that allow you to face these concerns will tend to pop up during this time.

From October 6 – October 31

Venus turns retrograde on the part of your sky that represents spirituality and endings.  Things that you’ve forgotten, nakalimutan man or kinalimutan tend to come up to the surface ngayon, for re-examinations. Matinding reminiscing ito. As you probably expect, may level of rawness and pain ang process na ito, kasi theres a tendency for you to re-live painful experiences na binaon mo na sa nakaraan, with good reason.  There is a chance now of truly being able to let go for real, hindi yung pa-strong lang. Mag-lalabasan ang mga ex, and mga lumang tao, serving partially as reminders ng paghihirap na pinagdaanan mo before you finally arrived where you are, kaya expect to be a little bit sensitive and pensive at this time. Don’t let the world pressure you into anything. Allow yourself the time to be still, to think, and to just feel. Don’t run away from your emotions this time – respect the space they hold, and allow them to exist. This is the chance to be at peace with them, so seize the moment!

Also, sudden information regarding your relationships may come-up unexpectedly. Secrets tend to be uncovered in this house, and usually these bring challenges. Whatever happens, tiwala lang! You are capable of being understanding, more than most, so there is nothing that you will not be able to handle. All experience, after all, is valueable! News about a lost, valued item may suddenly available, either for it to be retrieved, or to be truly let go of. Usually during this time, valuable things that were lost tend to be found, so that’s one good thing to look forward to 🙂

From November 1 – November 16

The focus of the heart turns outwards, to your groups, friendships and network of connections, in general. Things here tend to suffer from the shallow trappings of the world, and usually, that’s okay. However, this retrograde will tend to bring out what is hidden, and real feelings and emotions are difficult to tame during this time. Tampuhans may come out, pero okay yun kasi mag-kakaroon ka ng chance to heal relationships that maybe you didn’t even realize were broken. Old friendships may pop up out from nowhere, wanting to be reconnected. Pag isipang mabuti if this will be a good idea.

You may also feel a bit withrawn sa interactions mo, be it in real life, or social media, as you review what relationships are real or not. Who you should keep in your circle? Who you should move on from? The process is not easy, but it makes room for new people to be able to come in, na mas aligned sa purpose, direction, and need mo for growth and expansion.

So that’s it! A bit challenging, but this can be very rewarding as well. Wag mag alala, there is nothing to be afraid of! Basta whatever happens, what is certain is that the lessons to be learned during this time will be well worth the effort. Kayang kaya yan! ❤

Good Luck SAGITTARUS!!! You can do this!!!<3