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Here we are now, in the grand finale of 2018’s Retrograde season: VENUS turns retrograde from October 5 to November 16! With her usual tumble to to retrograde land, which happens only every 18 months, everything Venusian is on the centerstage! Expect challenges, frustrations, excitement, and opportunities for long-term growth especially when it comes to LOVE, MONEY and BEAUTY.

Bago ang specifics, let’s start with the general reminders for all:

  • Don’t schedule any kind of cosmetic procedure. Malaki ang chance na hindi ka maging happy, at pagsisisihan ito. INSTEAD: Use this period to really research, asses and revisit your plans, para sure na pulido talaga, and that you have everything in order. Wait until December 18, when Venus is out of shadow, before making any final decision.

  • Don’t get married or get engaged. ‘Wag din mag start ng bagong relationship, during this period. Saka nalang when Venus, the planet of LOVE, is strong and moving direct. INSTEAD: again, wait until December 18 onwards to commit to anything, para sure na clear, smooth and lucky ang energy for any kind of relationship.

  • Don’t make any drastic relationship decisions (Personal or business). Hindi dependable and emotions natin ngayon, and what we think we want when Venus is in Retrograde tend to change kapag direct na. INSTEAD: Put decisions off until the retrograde is over. ‘Wag makipag hiwalay, or maglayas, or magsabalutan, kasi malamang, hindi mo mapaninindigan ‘yan.

  • Don’t take risks with your physical appearance. ‘Wag mag experiment with drastic hairstyles or try a new stylist, or bumili ng mga bagong damit na hindi mo usual style. May tendency na magbago ang isip pagkatapos ng retrograde. INSTEAD: do the usual lang for now, regarding hair and clothes.

  • Don’t purchase expensive items or accessories kagaya ng alahas, watches, sapatos na mamahalin. INSTEAD: look for bargains kasi when you focus on getting a good deal ngayon, ok din talaga. Always compare first with other sellers, ma-pa mall or online, mas okay kasi na pag aralan muna, bago bumili ng mamahalin na bagay. Para hindi tayo magkaroon ng pag-sisisi or buyer’s remorse.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s start with how this cycle may affect you personally:

VENUS starts its reverse motion specifically in your solar 11th house, back to your solar 10th house, covering the area highlighted below:

VENUS Retrograde 2018 CHART 10CAPRICORN.jpg

11th House Represents:
Friendships, Organizations, Groups, Networking, The collective, Peers, Ambitions, Hopes and Wishes,
10th House Represents:
Career/Vocation, Profession, Reputation, Public Persona, Legacy, Social Status, Role in Society


This Venus Retrograde season urges you to review your friendships and associations. Are you giving back to your friends the support you require? This is a very serious, very sobering period for most of you. With your ruler, Saturn, being in your sign, feelings of limitations and confidence issues are very much present, kaya importante ngayon to have genuine, supportive relationships that you can depend on. After a re-assessment of your network, the lens of Venus turn naman towards your Career/Profession and Reputation. Challenging situations regaring these may arise, and you may feel a bit off-center for the time being.

From October 6 – October 31

The focus of the heart is directed towards your groups, friendships, acquaintances and network of connections. Things here tend to suffer from the shallow trappings of the world, mababaw na interactions lang ba. Usually, that’s okay. However, this particular retrograde will tend to bring out what is hidden, and real feelings and emotions are difficult to tame during this time. Tampuhans may come out, pero okay yun kasi mag-kakaroon ka ng chance to heal relationships that maybe you didn’t even realize were broken. Old forgotten friendships may pop up out from nowhere, requesting to somehow reconnect. Or baka vise-vera, baka you may feel the need na mangamusta nalang bigla out of blue.

 You may also feel a bit withrawn sa interactions mo, be it in real life, or social media, as you review which of your relationships are real or not. Who you should keep in your circle? Who you should move on from? Malaki ang potential for hurt feelings dito, the process will not be easy, but it will make room for new people to be able to come in, na mas aligned sa purpose, direction, and need mo for growth and expansion.

You also will need to re-asses you hopes and dreams for the future. Kailangan na ba ng realistic adjusting, o kaya pa ipilit?

From November 1 – November 16

Venus moves back in the part of your sky that deals with your Career and Reputation. The nature of your job itself and your place in it may come up for review. is this still something that makes you happy, and are the difficulties still worth it? Hindi ka naman takot to do what is required of you, after all, no one values hard work more than you, Capricorn! But this is a time where in questions will arise, and wag mo deadmahin. Maganda din to really use this time to internalize and review,  just to make sure you are still going up the right path.

Some shake-up may happen that will allow you to refine your public image. Mag ingat sa mga scandal, or conficts sa trabaho, the 10th house kasi is very public, so activations here tend to be out in the open. Don’t enage in drama, if possible! Office romances tend to have a little bit of a pull, but make sure na you can afford to entertain them, at walang masasagasaan!

So that’s it! A bit challenging, but this can be very rewarding as well. Wag mag alala, there is nothing to be afraid of! Basta whatever happens, what is certain is that the lessons to be learned during this time will be well worth the effort. Kayang kaya yan! ❤

Good Luck CAPRICORN!!! You can do this!!!<3