The oasis which is September is finally here, what a relief this brings! After 2 grueling months of Retrograde Mars, compounded by your ruler, Mercury, doing his usual 3 week detour, plus the Moon undergoing her annual eclipse cycles, things are finally calming down and moving forward. This month, Saturn and Pluto also turn direct, after being retrograde for so long.

Ah ok. Eh, ano naman?

This month is all about movement, kaya paghandaan ngayon ang sudden surge – yung mga natengga for a while, may tendency naman mag-sabay sabay ng andar! Ang mood ngayon ay conducive to “ngarag”, so make sure you are prepared. Preparation will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed. As you enter September, it will help to get organized – write down to-do lists to help ground you and keep you focused, while you re-adjust to the rush of forward moving energy. This is the time for action! Pero, maganda pag-planuhan muna kung paano, so you can truly take advantage of the energy.

Next month, VENUS turns Retrograde for the last hurrah of 2018 Retrograde Season, so better use this month of clarity to do as much as you can!

To help you with your planning, here’s a treat: Your SEPTEMBER Cosmic Weather Report! 

2018-09:SOLAR CHART:06_VIRGO.png

On the 6th: MERCURY, the planet of Commmunciation and Intellect, enters YOUR sign, affecting your solar 1st House of SELF, Physical Body and Vitality. Self-expression levels up the next couple of weeks, as alot of your mental process is focused on the self – what do you want? What do you need? What is important to you?  May tendency ka ngayon to be a bit restless, and a bit more direct pag dating sa mga bagay na gusto mo or mga bagay na hindi acceptable for you. You can be very opinonated the next couple of weeks, so be careful not to seem to antagonizing/polarizing, when dealing with people who have diferent opinions and viewpoints than you. HIndi naman kasi lahat ng tao pareho mag-isip. You will like discussions and just being connected to people more than usual, so this is a good idea to schedule meetings or to just hang out with friends and exchange ideas and opinions. Although again, you’ll be more assertive of your thoughts, so this should make for interesting debates and interactions! 

On the 9th, a NEW MOON also happens in your sign, affecting your solar 1st House of SELF, Physical Body and Vitality. New Moon energy helps us facilitate beginnings, and this particular one helps you jumpstart beginnings that have to do with your physical body and how you present yourself to the world. Gusto mo ba ng new hairstyle? New wardrobe? Baka gusto mo na mag change of career, or magkaroon ng seriyosong relationship. Whatever else that may be, magandang hilingin lahat yan ngayon, habang new moon. Mataas ang manifestational energy ngayon, meaning mas malaki ang chance na magmaterialize ang mga bagay na pinagplanuhan or inumpisahan during this time, so take advantage of this! 

On the 10th: VENUS joins JUPITER in your solar 3rd House of Communication, Short-term Travel, Neighbors and Siblings. Venus in the house of communication gives you a certain charm and grace when you speak – there is tenderness and gentleness that is unmistakably Venusian. Your words are diplomatic and sensitive, kaya naman people will enjoy your company more during this time. If you need to discuss something serious with someone and you are afraid to sound offensive, or to say the wrong thing, now is a good time to try! Tama ang mga salitang pipiliin mo, and the chance to be misinterpreted is fairly less than usual, so go out there, connect and communicate! 

On the 11th, MARS, your RULER, moves back into your solar 6th House of Workplace, Everyday Routines, Health and Service. Mars is finally direct, happily gaining speed after 2 months of  retrograde. Mars here takes on the same things that it did, when it changed direction, but this time, instead of kaguluhan, it is set on doing things right – tricky situations regarding your everyday errands, workplace, asaran with co-workers or employers/employees, frustrations sa limitation ng katawan and ng health mo will finally sort themselves out and things will start moving forward. Yung mga plano na parang walang katapusang planning lamang will finally materialize into action! Your will power will be back on track, and your determination will solidify once more. Actually, a surge of action now is most likely kaya plan ahead, para hindi ma-overwhelm!

On the 22nd, The SUN enters your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finance, Material Possessions, Values and Self-Worth. The main focus now shifts towards your material resources, and your ability to earn. Important ang income and cashflow sa’yo ngayon, and you can use this focus to look for ways para ma-improve ang financial habits mo. Paradoxically, this position too encourages alot of spending, kasi mahina ang defenses natin when it comes to buying shiny glossy objects – we feel weak and want the finer things in life, kaya naman may tendency mapagastos lalo, during this time. Guard for this impulse, dear Virgo! Kahit very practical ka, remember, you are still an earth sign, and earth signs have a particular weakness towards wordly comforts! 

And lastly, on the 24th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances. Full Moons help us process endings so new beginnings can occur. Your intimate relationships are now up for an overhaul -cycles are expectedly ending for some, and for others, certain endings might be a bit difficult to digest. Maybe long suffering ka na sa relationship mo, and your intimate needs are not being mt already, and you are ready to take action to correct that. Maybe finacial difficulties happened through a joint partnership, and there is difficulty in forgiving or accepting the circumstance. Malalim ang 8th house – nandito nahahanap ang ating mga deepest fears, emotional scars, all the things that we choose to hide from the world, because we might consider them too personal or too raw to bring out in the open. Pag may full moon dito, mabigat ang pakiramdam, kasi it shines a light onto things that we choose to bury and hide. How can we transform these shadows into something beautiful and positive? Yan ang challenge mo ngayon. Trust the process, and know that there is nothing that you cannot bounce back from – after all, you are a child of the Universe, made of the very elements that stars are made of ❤

Good luck dear Virgo! See you next month!