The oasis which is September is finally here, what a relief this brings! After 2 grueling months of your co-ruler, Mars going Retrograde, compounded by Mercury, doing his usual 3 week detour, plus the Moon undergoing her annual eclipse cycles, things are finally calming down and moving forward. This month, Saturn and Pluto also turn direct, after being retrograde for so long.

Ah ok. Eh, ano naman?

This month is all about movement, kaya paghandaan ngayon ang sudden surge – yung mga natengga for a while, may tendency naman mag-sabay sabay ng andar! Ang mood ngayon ay conducive to “ngarag”, so make sure you are prepared. Preparation will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed. As you enter September, it will help to get organized – write down to-do lists to help ground you and keep you focused, while you re-adjust to the rush of forward moving energy. This is the time for action! Pero, maganda pag-planuhan muna kung paano, so you can truly take advantage of the energy.

Next month, VENUS turns Retrograde for the last hurrah of 2018’s Retrograde season, so better use this month of clarity to do as much as you can!

To help you with your planning, here’s a treat: Your SEPTEMBER Cosmic Weather Report! 

2019-09:SOLAR CHART:08_SCORPIO.png

On the 6th: MERCURY enters your solar 11th House of Friendships, Networking, Groups, Ambitions and Wishes. Your mental focus turns to your peers, as Mercury activates your friendships and group associations. This is can be a very busy time for you, socializing in person or through social media, may subtle need ka kasi ngayon to communicate and connect with the world at large, so to speak. Mababaw na interaction lang, which is not really your usual cup of tea, pero perfect for brainstorming and working on group projects or political/social projects that have an impact on the community. Your mind is in-tune with the collective, more than usual. Madaming hihingi ng opinion mo ngayon, which you would be more than willing to give. This is also a time where you will be more focused on your life goals in general – your wishes, dreams and ambitions tend to be prominent thoughts in your head now, kaya naman sakto din ngayon mag fine-tune ng mga plans regarding that, lalo na Mars is finally direct! 

On the 9th, a NEW MOON also happens in your solar 11th House of Friendships, Networking, Groups, Ambitions and Wishes. What a great supportive energy this brings, with Mercury being here as well. New Moons help us facilitate much needed beginnings, and with this energy, plans you come up with will be easier to bring to fruition. Expect new friendships or new association/aquaintances during this period, that may really be helpful for you in one way or another. Sakto din yun kasi sociable ka ngayon, and full of ideas bursting! It would also be good to take the time now to reflect and identify kung anu-ano na nga ba ang mga long term goals mo. Aligned ka pa din ba sa mga ito? Whatever you focus on and whatever you put your mind to ngayong gabing ito, will take the energy of the New Moon, and they will be easier to attract and to execute, kaya take advantage of this!

On the 10th: VENUS joins JUPITER in YOUR sign, affecting your solar 1st House of Self, Appearance, Physical body and Vitality. This is one of the best transits you can have this year, kasi kung nasaan si Venus, is where you are most magnetic! With Venus here in your sign, your attractiveness, charm and tenderness increase significantly, as you become sparkly and very appealing to others. With Jupiter here, this glorious aura is magnified, therefore bringing you alot of confidence and zest! Kung single, take advantage of this! Makipag-date ngayon, or magschedule ng mga client meeting – maganda ang magiging pagtanggap sa’yo ngayon! You feel beautiful, and this feeling brings good things to you. It will be difficult to deny yourself of whatever you crave this time, be it food, new purchases, pleasure, and the likes, so a little self restraint might come in handy too! 🙂

On the 11th, MARS, your RULER, moves back into your solar 4th House of Family, Home, Land and Ancestry. Mars is finally direct, happily gaining speed after 2 months of  retrograde. Mars here takes on the same things that it did, when it changed directions, but this time, it is set on doing things right. Issues around the home, from light tampuhans, to full on deep level sumbatans – all these will finally sort themselves out. Resolutions to improve or to be more undertanding will finally start to materialize, and other plans na parang walang katapusang planning lamang will finally see the light of day! This is the time to move, and to take action, although give mars a couple of weeks or so to re-adjust. Things will be back on track in no time!

On the 22nd, The SUN enters your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things and Karma. Your main focus turns inward, as the Sun slows down and plugs in to the collective unconscious. Oras ngayon para mag re-charge, before the Sun goes into your sign, starting a new solar year for you. Medyo reflective and contemplative ang mood mo ngayon, a bit quiet and passive. A year is about to end for you – did you accomplish enough this year, and do you feel fulfilled? Are there regrets, things you feel you should’ve done differently? Were you truthful enough in life and love, or did you hide from your authenticity? Makakatulong ngayon ang meditation, to get you mind in a clear, happy space. Important ngayon ang self care, especially emotional care. Give yourself time to be still, important ‘yan ngayong panahan na ito.

And lastly, on the 24th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 6th House of the Workplace, Everyday routines, and Health. This may signal the culmination of something you are wrapping up at work, some activity regarding your workmates, workplace, etc. Full moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can occur. What are the things that you need to let go of, when it comes to how you approach your day to day errands and your routines? Is the daily grind grinding you down, or are you still happy with how life unfolds on a daily basis? May mga gusto ka ba baguhin, like adding classes, or maybe downgrading and giving more time for rest and recreation? One other good thing to do now is to try to end vices – this is also the house of health, and there is a higher chance of success when you let go of bad habits now, like smoking or drinking. Full Moon energy is very potent, it will help you end what you need to end, and it helps to take advantage of this! The Universe approves!

Good luck dear Scorpio! See you next month!