The oasis which is September is finally here, what a relief this brings! After 2 grueling months of Retrograde Mars, compounded by Mercury, doing his usual 3 week detour, plus the Moon undergoing her annual eclipse cycles, things are finally calming down and moving forward. This month, Saturn and Pluto also turn direct, after being retrograde for so long.

Ah ok. Eh, ano naman?

This month is all about movement, kaya paghandaan ngayon ang sudden surge – yung mga natengga for a while, may tendency naman mag-sabay sabay ng andar! Ang mood ngayon ay conducive to “ngarag”, so make sure you are prepared. Preparation will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed. As you enter September, it will help to get organized – write down to-do lists to help ground you and keep you focused, while you re-adjust to the rush of forward moving energy. This is the time for action! Pero, maganda pag-planuhan muna kung paano, so you can truly take advantage of the energy.

Next month, your ruler, VENUS, turns Retrograde for the last hurrah of 2018’s Retrograde Season, so better use this month of clarity to do as much as you can!

To help you with your planning, here’s a treat: Your SEPTEMBER Cosmic Weather Report! 



On the 6th: MERCURY, the planet of Commmunciation and Intellect, enters your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things and Karma. The mental focus during this time is a sense of reminiscing – past events seem to run on a loop inside your mind, and alongside it, alot of words that are left unexpressed. May feeling ngayon of not finding the right words, or of not wanting to say them out loud. Introspective kasi ang mood mo ngayon, as you reflect on exactly where you are in life, and what it took to get there. Masaya ka ba ngayon kung nasaan ka? What could you have done better? Reflections regarding the past come up now to help you make important decisions in the future, so pay attention to your thoughts!

On the 9th, a NEW MOON also happens in your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things and Karma. New moon energy helps us facilitate new beginnings, and this is such a good companion to mercury, as all the plans that you conjure up during this time will be so much easier to manifest. The 12th house is the house of endings and self-undoing. The new moon energy of starting things may really help you here, by gently pushing you and encouragng you to let go of whatever it is that you are fighting to keep in your life, kahit toxic na at hindi na talaga nakakabuti sa’yo. This may not be easy, but remember that you are very much supported, and that  the end of this process will bring you the peace and contentment needed to be able to close this cycle. Trust the process and be brave, dear Libra, and the rewards will surely follow after ❤

On the 10th: VENUS joins JUPITER in your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Material Possessions, Values and Self-worth. Well well well, what do we have here? Only the 2 most benefic planets entering you money house! This is wonderfully glorious blessing of a transit, especially if you have Libra on your Ascendant! Venus here brings a little bit of luck when it comes to your personal income. You may be receive opportunities, perhaps small favors, presents, little extras within the 3 weeks of Venus being here. Downside lang is that Venus also makes you want to splurge – the craving to have the finer things in life tend to be prominent when Venus is here, so bantayan ang mga luho, ok! But all in all, with a little self-restraint, this is one of the best places for Venus to be at. Take advantage! ❤

On the 11th, MARS, your RULER, moves back into your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun and Children. Mars is finally direct, happily gaining speed after 2 months of  retrograde. Mars here takes on the same things that it did, when it changed direction, but this time, instead of chaos, it is set on doing things right – tricky situations regarding your creative expressions, romantic prospects and sense of just enjoying and having fun, and just being in touch with your heart center will start moving forward. Yung mga plano na parang walang katapusang planning lamang will finally materialize into action! You will find it easier to have fun and to relax. Creative blockages if any, will now be cleared, and your ideas will flow smoothly again. Actually, a surge of action now is most likely kaya plan ahead, para hindi ma-overwhelm!

On the 22nd, The SUN enters YOUR sign, affecting your solar 1st House of Self, Physical body and Vitality. Happy Birthday, Libra! The spotlight turns to you! You are on top form, and the focus now is on you and what you want, and what you need to do to jumpstart your personal new year. You are starting a new solar cycle, and this brings good things to you! Maganda ngayon mag experiment – may mga bagay ka ba na gusto ma-accomplish this year na hindi mo pa nagagawa dati? Maganda mag innovate ngayon, kasi with the Sun in your solar first house, your inner courage and passion comes out,  sa pananamit, sa pag-sasalita, sa pakikitungo sa mga tao. Of course, there is still unmistakeable grace and gentleness in all of this, you are Venusian, after all, but you might be more willing to expand, and to stretch your limits now, more than any other time. This is an exciting period – your energy bar is full, well enough to last you another year of gloriousness and beauty and bounty!

And lastly, on the 24th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 7th House of  Relationships and Committed Partnerships. Full Moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can take place. Relationships issues are at a culmination for now, and partnerships are undergoing a little bit of an overhaul, so to speak. The Full Moon shines a light on whatever it is that we need to let go or move on from, in order for us to feel happier and more connected to our authentic selves. Endings need not always be hearbreaking. It can be letting go of certain attitudes or mind conditions that we have been accustomed to. Deciding to trust more. Deciding that you are now willing to compromise. Maybe realizing that the relationship is worth saving, after all. Of course the opposite can also happen, but the deal is that all of us have certain things that we can improve on, relationships that we need to leave, or those that we need to decide to really fight for. Whatever the case, magandang panahon ito to look inside yourself and decide. Ano ba ang mga kailangan mo baguhin sa sarili mo, at sa pakitungo mo sa iba, para mas maging magaan at maganda ang partnerships mo? Ask for guidance and wisdom this night, and trust too, that the Universe is supporting you and that it will help you bring all these into fruition ❤

Good Libra! See you next month! ❤