The oasis which is September is finally here, what a relief this brings! After 2 grueling months of Retrograde Mars, compounded by your ruler, Mercury, doing his usual 3 week detour, things are finally calming down and moving forward. This month, Saturn and Pluto also turn direct, after being retrograde for so long. 

Ah ok. Eh, ano naman?

This month is all about movement, kaya paghandaan ngayon ang sudden surge – yung mga natengga for a while, may tendency naman mag-sabay sabay ng andar! Ang mood ngayon ay conducive to “ngarag”, so make sure you are prepared. Preparation will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed. As you enter September, it will help to get organized – write down to-do lists to help ground you and keep you focused, while you re-adjust to the rush of forward moving energy. This is the time for action, dear Gemini! But maganda pag-planuhan muna kung paano, so you can truly take advantage of the energy.

Next month, VENUS turns Retrograde for the last hurrah of 2018’s Retrograde Season, so better use this month of clarity to do as much as you can!

To help you with your planning, here’s a treat especially for you! – Your SEPTEMBER Cosmic Weather Report! 

2018-09:SOLAR CHART:03_GEMINI.png

On the 6th: MERCURY, the planet of Commmunciation and Intellect, enters your solar 4th House of Home, Family and Ancestry. With Mercury here, The need to communicate wth your family increases. Gugustuin mo mag bonding, mag catch up.  There might be alot of action and events in the homefront, or family may require your presence and insight more than usual. Pag bigyan mo sila ha, kung kaya. Take the time, makakabuti din kasi ‘yan sa’yo. Be careful not to chismis too much about family members also, kasi may tendency tayo na pag-usapan sila, but of course out of concern naman, not just for chismis’ sake. Discussion about family matters are enjoyable and favorable now, so are discussions about the home itself – kailangan na ba ng renovation, okay ba ngayon to move locations, things of the sort. These next 2 weeks are a good time to do a sales pitch for land or property!

On the 9th, a NEW MOON also happens in your solar 4th House of Home, Family and Ancestry. New moon energy helps us facilitate new beginnings. This is the time of the month where we are very open to starting new cycles, so this a great time for manifestation! New beginnings when it comes to your home and family may be in order, pag may new moon dito. New beginnings are right aroud the corner. Should you be giving more of your time to your family, kasi busy ka masyado lately? Perhaps the opposite could be true, and you decide to give space to your children, kasi medyo too strict ka na recently. Do you plan to sell land, or the home? Do you plan to move? Take a moment to reflect on what new beginnings you need to manifest for your home and family – write them down, and trust that the Universe will help you bring all these into fruition 🙂

On the 10th: VENUS joins JUPITER in your solar 6th House of Work, Everyday Routine, and Health. Venus here in the house of your everyday errands and routines bring in a lot of assistance, as co-workers or employers become a bit nicer and easier to get along with. High productivity is very possible here, and so take advantage of this! Pwede din to start a little romance in the workplace – either magkacrush ka, or maging crush ka ng workmate mo. Masaya maging inspired, so why not! Make sure lang na walang masasagasaan, and that you can afford na makipaglandian! hehe. One thing to watch out for in this position, is having a bit of a sweet tooth – Venus here makes you crave sugar a bit more than usual, so alalay lang sa mga matatamis!

On the 11th, MARS moves back into your solar 9th House of Higher Learning, Foreign travel and Foreigners. Mars is finally direct, happily gaining speed after 2 months of  retrograde. Mars here takes on the same things that it did, when it turned retrograde, but this time, it is set on doing things right – tricky situations regarding plans for travel, associations with foreigners, clashes regarding belief systems or religion, and difficulties regarding extended studies will finally sort themselves out and things will start moving forward. Yung mga plano na parang walang katapusang planning lamang  will finally materialize into action! Expect a surge of action, plan ahead, para hindi ma-overwhelm!

On the 22nd, The SUN enters your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, and Children. This is one of the most light-hearted fun places for the Sun to be at – the focus turns to joy, and whatever makes your heart happy. The 5th house rules things that we do because we simple enjoy them – kumain ng ice-cream, tumawa, basa ng comics, dating, falling in love, arts and crafts, spending time doing hobbies, playing games, etc. Important ngayon ang  creativity and authentic self expression. Maraming darating na creative thoughts sa’yo na pwedeng mag translate into good business ideas, kaya be ready to note them down! You are more expressive and very receptive to showering and being showered with affection and romance, so this is also a good time to go out and meet people, especially if single. Malay mo chance mo na ‘to, so go go go!

And lastly, on the 24th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 11th House of Friendships, Networking, Organizations, Ambitions and Wishes. Full Moon energy helps us wrap up cycles and process endings, so new beginnings can take place. We usually have one full moon per area of life in a year, and this one will shine a light on your friendships and group associations. You need to make roon for new, healthy energy to flow, and you are being called to let go of certain associations that do not serve you anymore. May mga tao talaga tayo na na o-outgrow na natin, and sometimes, kahit hindi na sila nakakabuti saatin, abusado na, nagsasalita behind our backs, or tinetake tayo for granted, we still stay and try and push to work things out. We need to let go of that which is harmful already, in order for us to truly blossom and grow! Use the energy of the full moon to help you move on from these associations, so you can remove uneccessary baggage that prevent you from reaching your full potential. You can do it! And always trust that the Universe supports you all the way 🙂

Good luck dear Gemini! See you next month! 🙂