Hello TAURUS! 

The month ahead will put you in very democratic, harmonious, but a little bit of pensive mood, kasi your relationship sector is being highly activated. Partnerships are very much highlighted now.  Nagsimula na din umandar ang mga natengga na projects, kaya lang, Venus, your ruler, turns Retrograde early in the month, which brings back a little slowness in the air. Although moving na ang projects, may tendency naman tayo to have low confidence and poor self esteem, so we tend to second-guess ourselves, leading to a slowness in the over-all process. But generally, tahimik ang October, in preparation for the next month, kung saan naman talagang magkakaroon ng madaming planetary activities.

What can be done to minimize the possible stresses during this time? Well, planning of course! Use this quiet period to re-assess parts of your life that are not working well anymore, in order for you to be able to improve and grow. ‘Yan talaga ang main goal for now: re-assessing and planning. To help you with that, here is a little contribution from Filstrology: please welcome, without futher ado – Your OCTOBER 2018 Cosmic Weather Report!

2018-10:Solar Chart:02_TAURUS

On the 6th of the month, your ruler, VENUS goes RETROGRADE in your solar 7th House of Partnerships and Committed Relationships. This might be an emotional time time for you dear Taurus, especially Taurus Ascendants!When the planet of love, romance and relationships turns Retrograde in your relationship house, expect a shake-up! Kumpara sa ibang signs, mataas ang probability na may ex na makikipag reconnect sa’yo. It’s best to learn how you can work with the energy, to ensure a productive, (not destructive!) period. Click HERE for your detailed Venus Retrograde tips and forecast!

On the 8th, a NEW MOON happens in your solar 6th House of Daily Routines, Chores and errands, Work, Health and Committed Partnerships. New Moon energy help us facilitate and jumpstart much needed beginnings. Are there new work habits that you need to develop? Lagi nalang ba late? Madalas ba mag procrastinate? Now is a good time to improve your attitude towards the work place, and towards your daily routine. Magandang oras din ngayon to start a good health routine, kahit light lang. Perhaps less rice, or more vegetables. Siguro light exercises. Madali kasi mag stick to resoutions right now when it comes to health and wellness. Good time to quit smoking, or any vices. Take note kasi this is such a great time to manifest, malakas ang will power mo ngayon.

On the 10th, MERCURY enters your solar 7th House of Relationships and Committed partnerships. More activity for your partnership house, as Mercury joins Retrograde Venus, marking a potentially colorful period. With Mercury here, the mind is focused on partnerships, and diplomatic communication and intellectual understanding is very high, which is very helpful especially during the retrograde period. Mapagbigay ka ngayon. Kaya mo lagyan ng reason and logic ang mga up and downs ng puso. This transit will help you become more objective, in an emotionally chaotic period, kaya ok ‘to. If single, you are more open to socializing. You give off the vibe of being understanding,  charming and intelligent, kaya take advantage of this! You easily impress others now, so go out and mingle!

On the 24th, the SUN also enters your solar 7th House of Relationships and Committed partnerships. More activation for your relationship house! This time, the ego and the main focus of the self, turns towards partnerships. Ano na ang mga happenings since the retrograde? Ngayon palang nagkakaroon ng full absorption ng mga pangyayari. This is a wonderful time to formulate plans on how to implement adjustments that you’ve both decided on.  Ang focus ngayon ay very diplomatic, na hindi usually madali for fixed Taurus energy. Ngayon, open ka to compromise, kaya kahit may tendency magkagulo, your relationship can really grow during this time. Worth it ang hassle!

If single, the focus is really to partner up! With this much energy in your relationship sector, you are prone to engage in a romantic rendevous. Kung tatagal man o hindi, is a different discussion altogether!

On the 24th too, A FULL MOON happens in YOUR sign, affecting your solar 1st House of Self, First impressions, Physical vitality and Physical body. This is a time of culmination- Full Moons help us process endings so new beggings can occur. Now is a wonderful time to focus on what we would like to change in ourselves, in terms of our attitudes and how we present ourselves to the world. Serious questions like “Am I living in authenticity?”, to superficial ones like “Should I lose weight?” are begging to be adressed at the moment. What unhealthy habits need to be let go of, in order for you to be truly happy with yourself? Pag masaya ka sa sarili mo, everything else follows – joy contentment and peace, to name a few. Mas nagiging mabait din tayo sa ibang tao. It may be difficult sa umpisa, but this period is great for manifestation, kaya  take advantage! The Universe supports your evolution, dear Taurus! Trust, and let the process unfold!

Good luck, Taurus! See you next month! ❤