The month ahead may find you a in an insecure space, and more than usual, you may find that you are looking for security and fulfilment in your finances and material possessions. The part of your chart that rules money, values and self-worth will be highly activated, and if not navigated well, this may pose a bit of a challenge. Reflections about your self worth and whether it is truly tied up to the amout of money you earn will be a central theme for this period.

Nagsimula na din umandar ang mga natengga na projects, kaya lang, Venus, turns Retrograde early in the month, which brings back a little slowness in the air. Although moving na ang projects, may tendency naman ngayon to have low confidence and poor self esteem, so we tend to second-guess ourselves, leading to a slowness in the over-all process. Generally, tahimik ang October, in preparation for the next month, kung saan naman talagang magkakaroon ng madaming planetary activities.

What can be done to minimize the possible setbacks during this time? Well, planning of course! Use this quiet period to re-assess your financial habits, and indentify what unhealthy practices you should let go of,  in order for you to be able to truly expand and grow. ‘Yan talaga ang main goal for now: re-assessing and planning. To help you with that, here is a little contribution from Filstrology: please welcome, without futher ado – Your OCTOBER 2018 Cosmic Weather Report!

2018-10:Solar Chart:07_LIBRA

On the 6th of the month VENUS goes RETROGRADE in your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self-worth. This may be a challenging but colorful time for you dear Libra, especially Libra Ascendants! The need to shop and splurge may be heightened, as Venus moves backwards in your house of money and values. It’s best to learn how you can work with the energy, to ensure a productive, (not destructive!) period. Click HERE for your detailed Venus Retrograde tips and forecast!

On the 8th, a NEW MOON happens in YOUR sign, affecting your solar 1st House of Self, First Impressions, Physical body and Vitality. New Moon energy help us facilitate new beginnings. You may be drawn to making changes in how you present yourself to the world – superficially, this may manifest as an impulse to buy new clothes, acessories, or maybe get a haircut. Baka makapagdecide ka din around this time, na gusto mo mag bago ng trabaho, or career. Maybe you feel like there is something about your physical appearance that you would like to alter. Medyo tricky ito, kasi Venus retrograde ngayon, so exercise caution when you start feeling these urges. But nevertheless, this does not take away from the fact that this is a great time to identify all these new beginnings that you want for yourself, and to research about what exactly to do, and how. Don’t give in to impulsivity, take your time in planning, para mas maging smooth and execution ng changes na gusto mo ma-achieve!

On the 10th, MERCURY enters your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self-worth. Expanding your personal income is the main focus of your mind and intellect, and you may find yourself very nitpicky about the details of your cashflow. Madami kang ideas ngayon on how to improve your finances, and you’ll probably notice how drawn you are towards anything contributes to this subject. Ano pa ba ang mgagandang raket? Saan ba pwede mag invest? Magingat sa mga sudden urges, or money ideas na feeling mo e sobrang okay talaga. Remember, Venus, your Ruler, is retrograde, so decisions about money are best left until Dec 17, for when the sky clears up. This is important advice that might save you from a great deal of hassle and heartache, so please take note!

On the 24th, the SUN also enters your solar solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self-worth. The main focus now is definitely your security, your creature comforts, and how to improve your income. Kaya lang, double edged sword ito kasi may urge din ngayon to buy things, – glossy beautiful purchases are difficult to avoid kasi may comfort din talaga in being around material possessions that are of value. Again, resist the urge to splurge or to invest in “opporunities”, during this time. Your ruling planet is retrograde, so your dinscernement is not as sharp as it usually is. But nevertheless, this is an opportunity to improve your financial awareness, and you can grow by leaps and bounds if you keep your need for luho under control. Always  remember that the best kind of security is the one that eminates from within!

On the 24th, A FULL MOON happens in your solar 8th House of Transformations, Intimacy, Joint Finances and Other people’s money. Something about you is bound to change, in a deep and transformative way. Full Moons help us facilitate endings, so new beginnings can occur, and the  8th house rules our secrets and fears, and the things that we hold on to for comfort, even if they are destructive. May mga tinatago ka bang unhealthy emotions deep inside that you cannot let go of? Are there things that you haven’t forgiven yourself for, and nagiging poison na ito, affecting your current relationships? If you are tired of feeling weighed down by all these feelings, emotional debts and actual debts, this time may be very cathartic for you. Take a few moments to reflect on what you need to let go of. What is holding you back? Write it down and ride the energy wave of this Full Moon. The energy for manifestation is strong, and powerful, and it will definitely help you leave these unhealthy habits in the past, where they belong 🙂

Good Luck Libra! See you next month! ❤