Hello LEO! 

The month ahead may find you a bit introspective and pensive, rest mode ba. The womb of your chart, the home and family sector kasi, is very much activated. Reflections about the home, being closer to your family and rediscovering your roots and where you truly belong will be a theme for this period.

Nagsimula na din umandar ang mga natengga na projects, kaya lang, Venus turns Retrograde early in the month, which brings back a little slowness in the air. Although moving na ang projects, may tendency naman ngayon to have low confidence and poor self esteem, so we tend to second-guess ourselves, leading to a slowness in the over-all process. But generally, tahimik ang October, in preparation for the next month, kung saan naman talagang magkakaroon ng madaming planetary activities.

What can be done to maximize the possible gains during this time? Well, planning of course! Use this quiet period to re-assess parts of your life and your home that are not working well anymore, in order for you to be able to improve and grow. ‘Yan talaga ang main goal for now: re-assessing and planning. To help you with that, here is a little contribution from Filstrology: please welcome, without futher ado – Your OCTOBER 2018 Cosmic Weather Report!

2018-10:Solar Chart:05_LEO

On the 6th of the month VENUS goes RETROGRADE in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots, Ancestry and Land. This might be a quiet introverted time for you dear Leo, especially Leo Ascendants! Introspection may cause you to feel a little bit out of sorts, as deeply rooted issues about family and the home resurface, carrying unresolved conflicts or uncomfortable memories from the past. It’s best to learn how you can work with the energy, to ensure a productive, (not destructive!) period. Click HERE for your detailed Venus Retrograde tips and forecast!

On the 8th, a NEW MOON happens in your solar 3rd House of Communications, Immediate Environment, Transportation and Siblings. New Moons help us facilitate new beginnings, and this time, the energy is focused on interaction with your immedite surroundings – neighborhoods, immediate communities, your siblings. Are you contributing to your community, or, like so many others, have you developed apathy and wala ka na lang din talagang pakialam? Sana naman hindi. But if yes, then perhaps this is a good time to start being more aware and more proactive. Ok din ngayon to go out of town, short distance travel kasi is favored now. This is also a good time to look into buying a new vehicle, provided that you do the purchase after the retrograde 🙂

On the 10th, MERCURY enters your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots, Ancestry and Land. The intellect goes inward, as Mercury joins Retrograde Venus in the 4th house. Alot of activations here means a lot of focus on the home front. Feelings of starting your own family, or how to better maintain your existing one figures prominently now. Madami kang home improvement na maiisip – how to improve the house, how to connect better with your family. May need din to understand and improve on whatever you can, for example, may properties ba na nakatengga? Pano ba ito pwede pagka-kitaan?

On the 24th, the SUN also enters your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots, Ancestry and Land. Ngayon naman the Sun follows suit, joining the party in your house of home! The main focus of the psyche is all about your home and your family, and what it means to truly belong. There is happiness in the comfort and security of your home, and circumstances may happen where you are called to update or re-define  whatever “home” means, for you. Kamusta ang mga magulang mo? Nabibigyan mo pa ba sila ng oras? ang mga anak mo? There is a feeling of nostagia – madalas mo mapapansin na nag rereminisce ka ng mga oras na mas simple ang lahat, walang complications. This is a  “nesting” phase, so use this time to relax and reset. the coming months will be a bit busier, so this is much needed! ‘Wag sayangin ang chance.

On the 24th, A FULL MOON happens in your solar 10th House of Career, Reputation and Public Persona. Full Moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can occur. You are experiencing a culmination of some sort in your career – maybe a project is wrapping up, and there a need to transition from this point to the next. New beginnings are always necessary in order for us to continue growing, but before beginnings – endings first. We need to deconstruct, in order to rebuild. You are perhaps also ending a phase in your public persona, and letting go of a previous image might be a bit difficult, Maybe there is a change through a promotion, a marriage, separation, or a change in career.  This full moon’s energy will aid us well into this transition, so take the time to reflect – write down what you need help with. The Universe is paying attention!

Good luck dear Leo! See you next month! ❤