Hello Aries! 

The month ahead will put you in an introspective mood, kasi your intimacy sector is being highly activated. There is a real danger of feeling too raw, or too vulnerable.

Nagsimula na umandar ang mga natengga na projects, kaya lang, Venus turns Retrograde early in the month, which brings back a little slowness in the air. Although moving na ang projects ngayon, may tendency naman tayo to have low confidence and poor self esteem, so we tend to second-guess ourselves, leading to a slowness in the over-all process. Tahimik ang buwan ngayon, in preparation for the next folllowing month, kung saan naman talagang magkakaroon ng madaming planetary activities.

What can be done to minimize the possible stresses during this time? Well, planning of course! Use this quiet period to re-assess parts of your life that are not working well anymore, in order for you to be able to improve and grow. ‘Yan talaga ang main goal for now, re-assessing and planning. To help you with that, here is a little contribution from Filstrology: please welcome, without futher ado – Your Monthy Cosmic Weather Report!

2018-10:Solar Chart:01_ARIES

On the 6th of the month VENUS goes RETROGRADE in your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint finances. This might be a very intense time for you dear Aries, especially for Aries Ascendants! Venus retrograding in your 8th house of intimacy and transformation may bring events that are highly significant when it comes to your intimate partnerships, so it’s best to learn how you can work with the energy, to ensure a productive, (not destructive!) period. Click HERE for your detailed Venus Retrograde tips and forecast!

On the 8th, a NEW MOON happens in your solar 7th House of Relationships and Committed Partnerships. Time to reflect! New Moon energy help us facilitate new beginnings, kaya naman reflecting today about your relationships and what your true needs are can really be helpful. Malakas ang energies for manifestation ngayon, and new beginnings are very much favored – not necesarily new relationships, but resolutions, for your existing unions. “From now on, I will be kinder towards my aprtner, or more considerate.”, or “From now on, I will learn to speak my mind and learn to discuss my true feelings with my partner”. Things like that. Para sa mga single, this is a great time to attract the one! Take the time to reflect with a little new moon ritual. Write down everything you want in your ideal mate, itsura, traits, etc., and then read it repeatedly under the new moon sky. Keep the paper and see what happens! ❤

On the 10th, MERCURY enters your solar 8th House of transformation, Intimacy and Joint finances. More activity for your intimacy sector, as Mercury joins Retrograde Venus, marking a potentially very colorful period. Malalim ang reflections mo ngayon, na malamang nakasentro sa mga bagay na hindi mo usually dinidiscuss out in the open – intimacies, dreams, secrets, mga deepest fears, and deepest passions. With Venus Retrograding in the same house, madaming converstations ngayon na maaaring mangyari concerning joint finances and investments, mga utang, mga issues regarding intimacy or lack there-of, and other topics that are usually too awkward to tackle. Truths come out during this time. Take advantage of this period, kasi madaming pwedeng ma-arreglo at mapagkasunduan, finally, habang in effect ang transit na ito.

On the 24th, the SUN enters your solar 8th House of transformation, Intimacy and Joint finances. Another Activation on your 8th house, dear Aries! Ngayon naman, the Sun itself is lighting up your intimacy sector too, and issues regarding your closest partnerships with be magnified, with Mercury and Venus retrograde being here as well. The energy is slow but intense, and the Sun shines a light on this, kaya maaaring mag-dala ito ng frustrations and added pressure. Siguraduhin na maaasikaso ngayon ang mga concerns regarding joint finances. Are you giving or taking too much? This may be a very transformative time for you, triggered by deep emotional realizations. May mga topics na hindi madaling tanggapin sa umpisa,  pero necessary in order for you to grow and evolve as a person. This is the time to research about plans, or mag umpisa ng mga plano regarding your partnerships. Ano nga ba ang magandang “next step?” This is a question that will need to be adressed during this period.

On the 24th too, A FULL MOON happens in your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Values, Self-worth and Possessions. Full Moons help us process endings so new beginnings can occur. With the Full Moon in your second house, feelings of wanting to shape up and to let go of unhealthy financial habits will come up. ‘Wag deadmahin yan, kasi this is a really good time to let go of attitudes that no longer serve you, especially when it comes to your cashflow. Healthier finances help your over-all confidence, and when you are confident, great things are easily attracted and easily manifested! Take the time to reflect kung ano man ang mga kailangan mo na i-let go, pag dating sa over all financial attitude mo. This is the best time to end bad habits, so you can start better ones!

GOOD LUCK DEAR ARIES!!! See you next month! ❤