2020 11:Banner:02 Taurus


Welcome to your ★ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ★ for November, 2020!

2020 11:Solar Chart:02 Taurus

On the 4th of the month, MERCURY turns DIRECT in your solar 6th House of Daily Routines, Health, and Service. 

Much needed good news happens in the beginning of the month, as MERCURY, the planet of communication, turns direct! Decisions made during the last 3 weeks may be revisited now. Time to re-build the areas that may have suffered during the last 3 weeks! Mag sorry sa mga nasaktan, or be humble enough to accept apologies that you may receive, or both! Enjoy the clarity! ❤

For Taurus Risings: On the 13th, JUPITER and PLUTO forms a Conjunction in your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, and Foreigners. 

 For most of you, a new foundation when it comes to your relationship with the outside world is being built. This is a period where ideas may enter your mind, on what your next concrete steps should be, in terms of travelling, studying, and interacting with foreigners. Pray for guidance, and open your eyes and your ears for inspiration. This is the last pass out of 3, a process that started early this  year.  Ideas and insights you’ve accummulated now will eventually lead you to a better understanding of where you are in the world, and in the greater scheme of things. What can you offer this global community? Pretty soon, you’ll be rolling up your sleeves, further expanding your horizon, and broadening your understanding. Good luck! ❤ 

On the 14th, After 2 long months, MARS turns direct in your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things.

Yahoo! Sa wakas, naitawid na din! Sa dami ba naman ng nangyari this year,  plus retrograde season pa. Hindi naging madali yun, ha, so give yourself a pat on the back. You are much stronger now, and hopefully, wiser. Things will soon be back to normal in terms of energy and tempers. Isapuso mo lahat ng mga natutunan this period, dahil makakatulong talaga yan sa’yo. Good riddance, Mars Retrograde! Well, at least until October 2022, when it shakes up your 2nd house of money, and personal finances. Yikes. Pero matagal pa yan, relax muna and enjoy! ❤

On the 15th, MERCURY enters your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure, and Children. 

This is a very supportive transit for creativity and self expression, and of course, Romance! You are more expressive than usual, dear Taurus, and there may be a childlike playfulness in your communication that may draw people (especially children) closer. Pero wag too close, kasi social distancing har har. But seriously, your comforting presence is very much needed now, so do not hesitate to reach out and cheer people up, especially your loved ones.

There is also a focus on creativity, and appreciation of art. Perhaps you are thinking of turning a hobby into an entrepreneurial endeavor. Now is a good time to think about the details. This is also a great time to relearn hobbies, like playing instruments or writing. Go for it!

Also, on the 15th, a NEW MOON happens too, in your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure, and Children. 

New moons help facilitate new beginnings, and this one focuses on the little things that make you heart happy. This can signal in new opportunities when it comes to your romantic prospects and your creative expression, dear Taurus! This is a great time to reconnect with your inner child, so for parents, this can bring in good energy towards your relationship with your kids.

Are you able to freely express your individuality through creativity? This energy can be as subtle as wanting to be more confident in expressing yourself through fashion, by wearing something more colorful, hindi lang puro black kasi feeling mo nakakapayat. This can be as grand as finally being confident enough to take the first steps and ask someone out for a date! What is preventing you from experienceing true joy? Why are you afraid to truly express what is inside your heart? Reflect on these things, meditate and write them down. This is the best time to set intentions on these matters, so take advantage of the energy!

On the 21st, VENUS enters your solar 7th House of One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships.

Isa ito sa pinaka-magandang transits ni Venus, as this brings good luck when it comes to your one-to-one relationships. Wherever Venus is where you are most magnetic, kaya kapag nandito ito,  maganda ang energy na papasok sa partnerships mo. You become more diplomatic, cooperative, and more focused on love and harmony.  This is especially helpful now, when everything feels confusing and uncertain.

This is the perfect time to iron out tampuhans with your partner, ma-pa love man or business. Call or text them, kasi oras na ngayon magka-ayos. For those naman looking for romance, these next couple of weeks are a great time to put yourself “out there”.  By out there, ibig sabihin, download ka na muna ng dating app! Swipe-swipe muna habang social distancing pa. Saka na kayo mag kita, pag sure na safe na, para may something din to look forward to!

On the 22nd, the SUN follows, entering your solar 7th House of One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships.

 Your main focus now shifts towards your committed relationships, and what they can bring to you. You may feel like your relationships are under a magnifying glass, and that you hold on to partner co-dependently now more that ever. Whether or not you are still good for each other is beside the point.

If you are single, this transit brings feelings of wanting to partner-up, and a bit of unease, kasi gusto mo nang makakasama during this time. Mahirap pala makaranas ng pandemic na mag-isa! No man is an island after all! Maybe now is the time to do something about it. Pero baby steps lang, wag pabigla-bigla.

On the 30th, the month closes with a Lunar Eclipse happening in your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, and Self-Worth.

Eclipses in general signal in great endings or great beginnings, depending on where it lands in your natal chart. Lunar Eclipses in general are Full Moons on steroids. Some kind of project or process regarding your cash flow (and insights about your  your earning capacity), maybe wrapping up within the next 6 months. This is usually a period that brings in a clearer picture of what works, and what doesn’t, allowing you to make more informed choices when it comes to how you earn your money.

Avoid making important decisions 2 weeks before and after the eclipse. Eclipses are shadows covering light. There are things that you can’t see clearly yet, especially with issues concerning feelings and emotions.

Remember that whatever happens, happens for the greater good. It’s important to always look at the glass as half full. Whatever ends may end because it gave you the lesson you need already. Sometimes, endings happen, to create the space necessary for a better life coming your way.  Trust the process, but keep your eyes and ears open! 

Good Luck, TAURUS! See you next month!