Welcome to your ⭑COSMIC WEATHER REPORT for May 2023!

5: A Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains).

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring in your 11th House, dear Capricorn, brings in a significant period of growth and introspection related to your social connections, community, and personal aspirations. This eclipse marks the end of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle, with the focus now shifting towards finalizing processes that began in late 2021.

Over the next 6 months, you may experience important insights and realizations about your place in society, your friendships, and your goals for the future. This eclipse may highlight any insecurities or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from fully participating in social situations and achieving your aspirations. For example, you may decide to join a new club or organization, or set new goals for your career or personal life. This is a time to let go of any old patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you and embrace new opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Be open to new ways of thinking about your social connections and personal aspirations, and be willing to make adjustments as needed, as this can lead you towards a more fulfilling sense of purpose. ❤

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If possible, avoid making life-changing decisions 2 weeks before and after the eclipse. Eclipses after all, are shadows covering light. There are things that you can’t see clearly yet, as you may be overwhelmed with feelings and emotions. This is the time for change, yes, pero palamigin muna natin, like newly baked cookies na sobrang init pa. Nakakapaso pa, kailangan hipan-hipanin muna!

your 7th House (One-on-one interaction, Relationships, Committed Partnerships).

With Venus entering your 7th house, get ready for a period of growth and expansion in your relationships, dear Caprocorn! This transit invites you to explore your own needs and desires and communicate them more effectively with your partner or those around you. If single ka pa, looking for a partner, this is a great period to put yourself out there, as you become extra magnetic now, with Venus easily drawing things towards you. Focus on building strong and meaningful connections with others, both personal and professional, and trust in the plans and the abundance of the universe. Whether it’s through strengthening the connection with your current partner or meeting someone new who brings joy and happiness into your life, this is a time to embrace the beauty of deep and meaningful connections with others. ❤

15: Finally, MERCURY turns direct in your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Pleasure, Children!).

5After 3 tricky weeks, MERCURY, the planet of communication, finally turns direct! Decisions made during the last 3 weeks may be revisited now. Time to rebuild damages, if any! Pwede na bumili ng gadgets. Expect issues or confusion surrounding 5th house themes to dissipate, as you see things with sharper focus. Mag sorry sa mga nasaktan, or be humble enough to accept apologies that you may receive or both! Enjoy the clarity!

17: JUPITER enters your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Pleasure, Children!).

This year’s main event happens now, finally! With Jupiter entering your 5th house, get ready for a period of growth and expansion in your creative endeavors, romance, and self-expression over the next 12 months. This transit may bring new opportunities to express your creativity and pursue your passions, whether it’s through a new hobby, artistic endeavor, or career path.

You might also find that your romantic life becomes more fulfilling and exciting, as you connect more deeply with your partner or meet someone new who shares your passions and interests. This is a time to embrace the joy and pleasure that comes with falling in love, dear Capricorn!

This transit also invites you to focus on your own personal growth and self-expression. You might find yourself exploring new aspects of your personality, and finding ways to express yourself more authentically and confidently. This could lead to greater success and recognition in your career or creative pursuits. This is a time to embrace the opportunities that come your way and allow yourself to explore new passions and creative expressions. Trust in the abundance of the universe, and know that this transit has the potential to bring new levels of joy and fulfillment to your life. So, go out there, and express yourself!

19: A New Moon happens in your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Pleasure, Children!).

A new moon represents a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. When it occurs in your 5th house, which governs creativity, self-expression, and pleasure, this signifies a time to focus on these areas of your life, dear Capricorn! However, the added influence of Uranus in conjunction with the new moon could bring unexpected changes or disruptions to your creative projects, romantic relationships, or leisure activities. You may feel inspired to take risks and explore new forms of self-expression, or you may meet someone new who challenges your usual approach to relationships. Nakakawindang sa umpisa, but it is important to embrace these changes as they could ultimately lead to positive growth and new opportunities for joy and fulfillment. Trust in your ability to adapt to change and remain open to new experiences, and use this time to explore your passions, try new hobbies, and allow yourself to have fun! By doing so, you could unlock your full creative potential and find greater satisfaction in your personal life. ❤

20: MARS enters your 8th House (Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures).

With Mars transiting through your 8th house, get ready for a period of intensity and transformation! The 8th house represents shared resources, intimacy, and personal power, and with Mars igniting this area of your chart, you may find yourself facing some challenging situations. Financial matters, such as shared assets or debts, may come to the forefront, and you may need to navigate complex negotiations or legal issues.

This transit also affects your intimate relationships and intimate energy, as you may experience a surge in passion or desire. However, it’s important to be aware of any power struggles or conflicts that may arise in your personal life, and to approach them with honesty and integrity. With Mars here, you have the potential to deepen your emotional connections and transform your relationships on a profound level. This transit also highlights the need for self-reflection and personal growth, as you may be faced with the opportunity to confront and overcome deep-seated fears or emotional blockages. Chance mo na ngayon to unload unnecessary emotions that are weighing you down. Embrace this time of transformation, dear Capricorn, and trust in your inner strength and resilience to navigate any challenges that may arise! ❤

19-23: MARS in your 8th House (Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures) opposes PLUTO in your 2nd House (Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Self-Worth).

The Mars opposite Pluto transit brings intensity and transformation to your life, as Mars, the planet of action, courage, and aggression, opposes Pluto, the planet of power, control, and transformation. This can lead to confrontations, power struggles, and frustration, but also offers opportunities for growth and change as you face inner demons and shed limiting patterns. It’s important to stay mindful and grounded, channeling the intense energy of this transit into productive pursuits while examining your motivations and values to achieve your goals. ❤

21: The SUN enters your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

With the sun entering your 6th house, it’s time to focus on your health, work, and daily routines, dear Capricorn. This is the perfect opportunity to establish healthy habits, exercise more, and take better care of your body. You may also experience success in your career and receive recognition for your hard work, or be presented with new opportunities for growth and advancement. Productive period ito if you use it well. However, be sure to balance your work life and personal life, and prioritize self-care to avoid burnout! This is a time to improve your daily routines, prioritize your well-being, and strive for success in your career!

27-29: The SUN in your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service) squares SATURN in your 3rd House (Immediate Environment, Siblings, Short-term Travel).

You may feel a sense of inner tension and conflict for now, dear Capricorn, as your sense of self-worth and personal power is challenged. This can manifest in external situations, such as conflicts with others or unexpected setbacks in your personal or professional life. Parang ang bagal ng usad ng mga plano. Use this time as an opportunity to examine your own motivations and values, and to gain clarity on your goals and aspirations. It’s important to approach this transit with a growth mindset, and to trust in your own inner wisdom and intuition to guide you through any challenges that arise. Remember that challenges are opportunities for growth and transformation, and that by facing them head-on, you can emerge stronger and more empowered than before. ❤

Good Luck CAPRICORN! See you next month!