2021 05:Banner:08 Scorpio


Welcome to your  COSMIC WEATHER REPORT  for MAY 2021!

2021 05:Solar Chart:08 Scorpio

For the whole month, MARS, your ruler, continues its travel through your 9th House of Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, and Foreigners. 

With Mars staying put here, you may feel stir crazy and full of wanderlust! There is a longing for excitement, travel and adventure, which may be tricky since nasa quarantine/lockdown season nanaman tayo. You may feel the need to explore outside, kaya lang mahirap pa mag travel ngayon, hindi pa nababakunahan ang karamihan. You may also feel protective of certain ideals or beliefs now, more than ever, so mag ingat not to get trapped into debates, arguments about religion, or politics. Minsan just simple points of views over simple mundane things, napag dedebatihan. Important din sayo ngayon to learn new things, so you may find yourself daydreaming about going back to class, or learning a new language, or perhaps reading philosophical books that trigger the higher mind. When it comes to mind expansion either through travel or through studying, game na game ka ngayon!

On the 4th, MERCURY, enters and travels through your 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy, and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

This energy brings your mental focus on joint finances, inheritances, and possible investors, dear Scorpio. Dahil sa global lockdown, parang literal tumigil ang mundo sa pag-ikot, madaming negosyo ang tinamaan talaga. If isa ka doon, then this energy will greatly help. Mercury here allows you to be sharp and convincing, kaya this will be a good time to engage in conversations in financial exploration and merging. You may find investors or financiers  for whatever business plans you have, kasi with Mercury here, you’ll know the right things to say in your pitch. On the personal side, conversations about intimacy may come up in your relationships. Heightened kasi ang need mo for intimacy ngayon. Perhaps you are longing to transform a relationship into something much deeper and more enriching. May tendency ka to uncover secrets for now, and you may discover useful information through research. You are psychologically sensitive to your surroundings too; you can read between the lines, and see-through people’s intentions more clearly. Use this energy wisely!

On the 9th, VENUS, follows, entering and traveling through your 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy, and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

The 8th house runs deep, and Venus here is intense. Hindi siya satisfied dito with shallow encounters. Hindi pang small talk ang energy na ito. Gusto mo ng bonding na malalim ngayon, yung honest, soul bearing connections that leave you feeling vulnerable. Conversations are rewarding when you share your fears, dreams and your innermost thoughts. Perhaps you are longing to transform a relationship into something much deeper and more enriching. You may seem much more intense than usual and this may attract people who are equally intense, or this may intimidate people who just want lightness in their interactions. Relationships now may be tricky. If on the rocks na, ma ha-highlight ang power struggles. If ok naman kayo, this may be a good period for intimacy. Money-wise, this transit may be helpful! Given the situation, it may not be much, pero anything helps di ba. You may receive monetary gains indirectly, through your long term partner, who may earn extra under the influence of this transit!

On the 12th, a NEW MOON happens in your 7th House of One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships.

New moons help us facilitate new beginnings, and this particular one is focused on the part of your sky that deals with your relationships and committed partnerships. This New Moon is sextile dreamy Neptune (creativity, fantasy, illusions, idealisms) and loosely trine intense Pluto (deep changes, rebirth). Transformations driven by idealisms and the imagination are set in motion now, so help direct the energy by setting your intentions!  If you are Scorpio rising, this energy brings into focus your need for someone to lean on or rely on, and also your need to take care of someone, kaya naman this is a wonderful time to start a new relationship, business man o personal. Maybe the recent quarantine made you realize a few things about what really matters to you. Masaya ka pa ba? What do you need to do para mas maging smooth sailing ang relationship ninyo? May prospect ka ba, and nagiisip ka na to take the relationship on the next level? This is a good time to try! Trust that God, through the Universe, will help you and guide you so you can bring these things to fruition. ♡

On the 14th, JUPITER enters and travels through your 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure, and Children.

After struggling for a long while in Saturn-ruled signs (almost 5 years), Jupiter finally breaks free and enters the part of the sky that it considers home! Jupiter is happy here, excited to stretch it’s generous wings, after being restricted and caged for so long! What great, much needed news for everyone! It stays here for 3 months, giving you a teaser of the expansive energy you will experience for 2022, before it retrogrades back to your 4th house at the end of July.

During these next 3 months, you may  feel expansive energy entering your 5th house, where your heart center is. This is the house where we experience romance, pleasure, childlike fun, and  authentic self expression. Events now may foreshadow the growth you may experience in this area of your life, for next year(2022). Jupiter here allows you to feel, for the first time in a long while, that everything is truly going to be all right. That after a difficult couple of years, you may feel hopeful; that you’ve passed the worst and that you are stronger and much wiser now for it.

This period in your life may be one for the books! Jupiter here brings with it a lot of creativity and light-hearted ‘selfishness’, yung gusto mo naman unahin ang sarili mo and just have fun! This can even be beneficial for entrepreneurial endeavors, especially if the business has something to do with creative hobbies that bring you joy. With this also being the area of romance, there is even a big chance that you may fall in love during this transit! This transit last happened to you back in 2010, so try to remember what happened around that year, to have an idea of what themes may repeat for you this Jupiter cycle!

On the 21st, the SUN enters and travels through your 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy, and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

Your main focus now finally settles in your intimacy sector, which will be highly activated for the next 30 days. Honesty and authenticity are important now especially in your dealings with your partners. When it comes to finances, magastos ba si sweetheart masyado, wala kayong maipon? Or baka naman ikaw ang magastos! The recent events showed you the importance of being financially prepared, kaya naman ngayon, it’s time to set things in order. This is indeed an excellent time to review and update the budget or financial plan of any of your joint ventures/businesses, kasi insights that come up now will be truly valuable. Now, you will want to discuss things that you may not be comfortable discussing otherwise, so take advantage of this!

On the 26th, a Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, and Self-Worth.

Eclipses in general signal in great endings or great beginnings, depending on where it lands in your natal chart. Lunar Eclipses in general are Full Moons on steroids. Some kind of project or process regarding your cash flow  maybe wrapping up within the next 6 months, opening up space for new ways to earn a living. This is usually a period that brings in a clearer picture of what works, and what doesn’t, allowing you to make more informed choices when it comes to how you earn your money.

This particular eclipse squares Jupiter na happy balikbayan ngayon, kaya may tendency ka to feel exaggerated positivity, and over-calculations. Things may feel expansive and you may entertain dreams that are bigger than reality. Illusions of grandeur may find their way in your daydreams. Well and good, mangangarap nalang din, taasan na diba! But if acting on them, make sure that facts and logistics can support your creative ideas, so they can truly be tangible!

REMEMBER: Avoid making important decisions 2 weeks before and after the eclipse. Eclipses are shadows covering light. There are things that you can’t see clearly yet, especially those that are emotional in nature! 

On the 30th, the months ends with MERCURY turning RETROGRADE in your 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy, and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

With Mercury Retrograde, communication breakdown is the common theme. Naku, mag iinarte ang mga printer and other gadgets for communicating, kaya be extra patient. Kung may important messages, twice i-send. There is also a tendency for transportation to be delayed, for tickets to get lost, or for seats to be double-booked, so when traveling, make sure you have plan B, C, D.

Mercury now turns retrograde in your house of intimacies and other people’s money. Be careful with accepting or giving investments, and other financial arrangements that you may have with partners. Iwasan makipag away dahil sa pera, pero don’t shy away from whatever discontent the retrograde is showing you. After all, this is good time to revise, revisit and reassess current joint endeavors. Is the set-up still functioning as intended? If not, what points are in need of maintenance? In the area of privacy and intimacy, are you still satisfied? This may also be a point for discussion, so paghanadaan mo na ito!

✭Good Luck, Scorpio! See you next month!✭