2020 Mars Retrograde:02 Taurus


Welcome to your 2020 MARS RETROGRADE walkthrough!

Wag ka mahurt ha, pero alam mo naman na you may have a tendency to move a bit slower than most. You move at your own pace, and ayaw mong minamadali ka. Ok naman yon, pero medyo alalay ka lang ngayon, kasi ang energy na padating ay sobrang condusive sa kabagalan. Baka maging statue ka nalang. Nakakatamad gumalaw, in general.

Mars retrograde  restricts energy and forward movement, making it difficult to accomplish tasks. Maximim effort usually yields minimal results, kaya nakakawala lalo ng gana. 

This is not the time to start something new! Instead of starting new initiatives, improve your existing projects. Time to reflect, bago ulit mag full speed ahead. Parang cosmic humps ito, celestial version nung garalgal sa kalsada sa NLEX at SLEX roads para iwas overspeeding.

Mars begins its reverse motion in your solar 12h House, covering the area highlighted below:
12th House represents: endings, spirituality, secrets you are yet to find out, escapism, silence and solitude, transendance, self-undoing


The retrograde happens in your 12th house, which makes this period a very instrospective, contemplative time for you. You may feel isolated during this time, may kasama ka man or wala. Reflect kung reflect, meditate kung meditate! Solitude is welcome and encourged during this time, as you come to terms with certain endings or losses na hindi mo pa masyado na po-process. 12th house activity usually deals with some sort of challenging ending – ‘a letting go’ that is necessary in order for you to begin the next cycle with as little of an emotional baggage as possible.

Reminders during this time:

  • Events can happen that will trigger old hurts, resentments and deep insecurities. Do not disregard  or escape from these feelings. Try to understand them – why are you reacting this way? Why is it difficult to let go? What do I need in order to be able to truly move on?
  • Vague fears come up, and you feel anxious more than usual. Sobrang active ng imagination mo ngayon, kaya may tendency maging overly suspicious or praning. Take note of this, and adjust accordingly. Analyze first if may merit yung issue mo, or napapraning ka lang. Baka kasi mag bintang ka, or sumama yung loob mo, na wala naman palang dahilan, nag assume ka lang. which leads us to the next point –
  • Your intuition will be a bit ‘off’, so be careful in following hunches or mga ‘kutob’. It would help to try and gather facts first, before you decide on anything. Your intuition will be going through a celestial ‘tune-up’ of some sort. Remain objective for now – money on reality is the safest bet.
  • Private affairs that are kept on the down low might consume you for now – there are things happening behind closed doors that command your full attention, to the detriment of other areas in your life. Try to balance your attention, para hindi naman mag suffer ang ibang areas of your life. Pwede din that you will discover a secret during this time, as the 12th house rules things that are yet to be revealed.
  • Don’t force action. REST!
May the odds be ever in your favour!