2020 Mars Retrograde:07 Libra

Hello Libra!

Mars retrograde na, Libra, so get ready, kasi this period is a bit tricky for you. You have this tendency to move a little bit slower than most people, not because you are lazy, but because you get stuck with decisions. Naninigurado. natatakot magkamali. Season of kabagalan ito, Libra, so mas mapapa-haba ang process mo! Hindi ka na nga makadecide, tatamadin ka pa gumalaw.

Mars Retrograde restricts energy and forward movement, making it difficult to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. Maximim effort usually yields minimal results, so adjust accordingly!

This is not the time to start something new. Instead, it is a good time to pause and take a break. Rather than starting new initiatives,, improve your current projects. This is a time  to reflect, bago ulit mag full speed ahead. Parang cosmic humps ba, celestial version nung garalgal sa kalsada sa NLEX at SLEX para iwas overspeeding.

Mars starts its reverse motion specifically in your solar 7th House, covering the area highlighted below:
7th House represents: established romantic relationships (marriage, long term unions), business partnerships, contracts, commitments to anothe


Mars starts moving backwards in your 7th house of relationships and commited partnerships. Expect relationship drama! Issues that have been overlooked will probably pop up now. It won’t be easy kasi you are full of love and romance, dear Libra. This may be extra challenging for you, on top of an incredibly challenging year already, especially for Libra Risings. May tendency ngayon manamlay pagdating sa lovelife. Para sa mga single, well, you will not be in the mood to mingle.

Reminders for this time:

  • Try your best to be more understanding of your partners, personal man or business. The will force you to figure out  a more evolved way of settling disagreements, kaya madaming dadating na misunderstandings.
  • This brings energies of apprehension and hesitation – madaming alinlangan at minsan nga, hiya pa,  pag dating sa mga close partnerships. Be more patient kung hindi kayo nagkakaintindihan. Encouragement is better than irritation!
  • Expect things to be unfair. Manage expectation in terms of expecting the other to consider you and your feelings. Palagpasin mo muna this storm before engaging in conflict. Control your reactions, set aside grievances for now, instead of resulting to unending passive-aggressive tampo> Futile yan ngayon.
  • Sa mga single, This is NOT the time to start new relationships. Palagpasin muna ang retrograde, if possible. Partnerships started now will not have solid ground, magiging unstable lang. Nako, Libra, magiging sakit lang ng ulo in the long run! so instead, thoroughly review first if this is really the kind of partnership that you want to enter.
  • Watch out for outbursts of anger, due to pent up emotions. May tendency kasi na mapuno ka ngayon, lalo na pag matagal ka nang nag titimpi. Try to control your passive-agressiveness too, kasi either sobrang sasabog ka sa galit, or sobrang passive agresive and sarcastic.
Good Luck Libra!
May the odds be ever in your favor!