2020 Mars Retrograde:05 Leo

Hello Leo!

In general, Mars retrograde affects your ability to see or feel good about the “bigger picture”, so your usual positivity might ba taking a backseat at this time. You are famously known for having  good cheer and optimism, pero ngayon sliiiiiightly nega ka, slightly lang! Mababa ang sense of adventure mo ngayon, and you are more inclined to take a more conservative stance, for the time being.

 Mars retrograde restricts energy and forward movement, making it difficult to accomplish tasks. Maximim effort usually yields minimal results, kaya nakakawala lalo ng gana!

This is not the time to start something new. Instead, it is a good time to pause and take a break. Instead of starting new initiatives, improve your existing projects. Time to reflect, bago ulit mag full speed ahead. Parang cosmic humps ba, celestial version nung garalgal sa kalsada sa NLEX at SLEX roads para iwas overspeeding.

Mars turns retrograde specifically in your solar 9th house, covering the area highlighted below:
9th House represents: long distance travel, foregners and foreign culture, expansion of mind, higher learning, religion, faith, higher truths, philosophy, adventure


These days will find you feeling a bit conservative, when it comes to putting yourself out there – going out on adventures, travelling, conversing with foreigners will take a back-seat for now. Affected dito ang mga LDR chatmates na taga ibang bansa. Low morale kasi ngayon, so mababa ang confidence. Mahirap to set things in motion pag low mojo!

Reminders for this time:

  • This is NOT the time to apply for a Visa. Lalo na if Leo rising ka! If traveling, expect setbacks and tempers to go out of hand. Make sure you have all your bases covered – kumbaga, siguraduhin na pulido lahat ng plano. Prepare a Plan B and Plan C.
  • You might be questioning religious beliefs, feel that no one is listening to your prayers. Maybe feel that you are out of alignment with the higher source. Kapit lang, this will pass.
  • Para sa mga nag do-doctor, nag aa-bogado, double degrees, masterals, or yung mga professors, you are going to have to exert more effort this time, kasi mabagal ang pag process ng information ngayon. Pwede ka umulit ng project na akala mo ok na.  Hassle sa umpisa yan, but you’ll find yourself releasing much better outputs, after the revision.
  • Take extra effort to understand the bigger picture. Micro-managing can feel safer, but you risk not seeing the forest for the trees.
  • Process the intent vs the content of speech, most especially when dealing with foreigners or people based abroad.
Good luck Leo!
May the odds be ever in your favour!