Hello Capricorn!

You are known by most as the hardest worker of  all of the signs, and your perseverance and endurance are traits that are yet to be matched. Results oriented ka, kaya this period might be extra frustrating for you.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to make sure you do as much as you can, before June 27, while the energy is still direct. Tamad season starts after. Mars in retrograde restricts energy and forward movement, making it difficult to accomplish tasks. Maximum effort usually yields minimal resultskaya nakakawala lalo ng gana. Although I’m sure, challenge accepted ito for you, dear Capricorn! Well, wala din naman kasing ibang choice, hehe. Anyway…

This is NOT the time to start something new. Instead, it is a good time to pause and take it easy. Instead of starting new initiatives, improve your existing projects. Time to reflect muna, bago ulit mag full speed ahead. Parang cosmic humps ba, celestial version nung garalgal sa kalsada sa NLEX at SLEX roads para iwas overspeeding.

Mars starts its reverse motion specifically in your solar 2nd House, back to your solar 1st House, covering the area highlighted below:Mars Retrograde 2018 Chart - 10.CAPRICORN

2nd House represents: Value systems, personal income/finances, material possessions, self-worth, self-esteem, wealth

1st house represents: The Self, your physical body, persona/personality, appearance, first impressions, new initiatives


June 27 – August 12

Mars starts moving backwards in your solar 2nd house, which is a bit of a delicate position, fianancial house kasi yan. This brings feelings of unease, discontent, or even fear, when it comes to your personal finances. This period kasi, money is tied tightly to your sense of self value/self worth. When the second house is triggered, people have the tendency to find security in the material world. May underlying impression that the higher you earn, or the more possessions you have, the more you will feel valued, as a person.

  • Mag ingat sa mga get-rich-quick schemes, or too-good-to-be-true investments, vulnerable and impressionable ka kasi ngayon. Everything will sound like a good idea, but little details might be overlooked.

  • Be careful of assitance that you extend to other people. Mag ingat sa pag-papautang. Loans you give out during this time might not be paid back.

  • Re-think and revise your financial strategy. cracks in your strategy will tend to be more visible, kaya makikita agad kung anong kailangan i-improve or i-adjust sa diskarte mo. Be open to constructive insights, ‘wag maging defensive.

  • Take note of changes in your confidence when it comes to current projects. You may feel na hindi naman eefect ang mga plano mo, so wag nalang ituloy. Mananamlay ka at manghihina ang loob. Soldier on, Capricorn! this will pass soon. Don’t pull the plug on anything yet.

August 12 – August 28

Mars re-enters your solar first house. You might find that you are not as confident as you usually are, when it comes to life decisions in general. You may second-guess your self more than usual, these 2 weeks. Try to put off big decisions for now. Since this is the house of your physical body, you may feel very slow. Prone ka sa sakit ngayon, so prior to this, make sure you are eating well, taking your vitamins, and getting enough sleep, just to make sure kaya punuan yung ibabawas ng energy nitong 2 weeks na ito.

After this cycle, you will have a more solid sense of self worth, and an upgraded attitude and strategy when it comes to your finances. Yan eh kung ginamit mo ng mabuti ang energies na ito. Be vigilant, ha. Hindi kailangang mapamahal/mapagastos ka, para lang matutunan ang mga life lessons na ito. Pag mej tatanga-tanga, e, alam na. Buti nalang smart ka!!! Good luck Capricorn!!!