Hello Aquarius!

You are in the spotlight during this retrograde, as Mars turns backwards on your sign. Anong ibig sabihin nito?!? Well, this means you are right on centerstage, where all the action is! The last time this happened was in 1971, so this is going to be unfamiliar energy for most of you. If you are  born during January 26th – February 1st, the impact will be greater, so listen up!

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to make sure you do as much as you can, before June 27, while the energy is still direct. Tamad season starts after. Mars in retrograde restricts energy and forward movement, making it difficult to accomplish tasks. Maximum effort usually yields minimal results, kaya nakakawala lalo ng gana.

This is NOT the time to start something new. Instead, it is a good time to pause and take it easy. Instead of starting new initiatives, improve your existing projects. Time to reflect muna, bago ulit mag full speed ahead. Parang cosmic humps ba, celestial version nung garalgal sa kalsada sa NLEX at SLEX roads para iwas overspeeding.

Mars starts its reverse motion specifically in your sign! It goes backwards in your 1st House, back to your solar 12st House, covering the area highlighted below:Mars Retrograde 2018 Charts - 11.AQUARIUS

1st House represents: The Self, your physical body, persona/personality, appearance, first impressions, new initiatives

12th House represents: endings, spirituality, secrets, escapism, silence and solitude, transendance, self-undoing


June 27 – August 12

Mars starts turning backwards in your solar 1st House, making this retrograde quite personal for you, compared to the other signs. You are likely to feel tired easily. Mapapansin mo nalang na lagi kang inaantok, kahit hindi ka naman puyat. Your self awareness will be heightened, and you may second guess yourself more than usual , during this time. This allows you to assess if there are things about yourself that needs revision. Mas magiging conscious ka sa pag-galaw mo, sa itsura mo, pati kung pano ka mag-salita – lahat yan up for inspection during this time. Your temper is also a point of concern now – How do you handle anger? Are you a pushover, or are you overly aggressive? These are concerns that are likely to come up during this period.

Reminders for this time:

  • This is the perfect time to refine and level up how you present yourself to the world. Situations that highlight your flaws might come up, and people might be more honest than usual. Its best to be open to constructive criticism. Ikagaganda at ikagagaling mo lang ito, so try not to be defensive!

  • Be more conscious of your health. Mabilis ka mag-kasakit  at mapagod ngayon, kaya kailangan mapunuan mo yung mababawas na energy, so eat well, take your vitamins, and make sure you get enough rest!

  • Extend your patience as much as you can. Everyone is slow during this time, so mapipikon ka. You have to remember though, na ikaw din ngayon, mabagal! There is a tendency to be ngarag, pressured or trapped, kasi people will push for movement, and alam naman natin lahat na hate na hate mo yun. Communicate your concerns peacefully, try not to flare up!

  •  Please Please Please DRIVE CAREFULLY! Lalo ngayon, tag ulan! ‘Wag magmadali or manggit-git. Accident prone ka ngayon, so take extra care! 

  • This is also a good time to review your life plans – are they still aligned with your inner truths? Baka naman nag bago ka na, and hindi mo na pala gusto yung ginagawa mo, na o-obliga ka nalang. The first step is to be honest with yourself – everything else will follow.

August 12- August 27

Mars continues moving backwards, re-entering your 12th house. Expect a few issues regarding your spirituality, privacy and your intution. Mapapansin mo na hindi ka masyado confident ngayon, and you might feel withrawn or isolated. May issues ka ba kay God? baka lumabas yan ngayon. Are you too private and walled that no one can get inside your heart anymore? Baka naman masyado kang careless sa sarili mo, and you need to pull back a little. ‘Di bale, 2 weeks lang naman ito. Use the introspective energy to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned during this Mars retrograde season.

This retrograde cycle will not be easy, pero the results will be well worth it. Level up ka pagkatapos nito, and the wisdon and experience you gain will help you for years and years to come. Good luck and congratulations in advance, dear Aquarius!!!