Welcome to your ⭑ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ⭑ for JUNE 2023!

3-6: MERCURY conjuncts URANUS in your 9th House (Belief Systems, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, Foreigners).

Get ready for a burst of innovative ideas and sudden insights that could potentially revolutionize your approach to learning, spirituality, and your worldview, dear Virgo! This transit brings a heightened focus on expanding your knowledge and broadening your horizons. You may feel a strong urge to seek out new experiences, whether through travel, higher education, or exploring different belief systems. This is a time of intellectual growth and spiritual exploration. Consider how you can align your external expression with your inner truth and values, integrating your newfound wisdom into your everyday life. Embrace opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations, attend workshops or seminars, or immerse yourself in cultures that inspire you. However, remember to carefully analyze any risks involved before making long-term commitments or embarking on major journeys! Avoid rushing into decisions without proper planning and preparation. Be cautious, but remain open-minded and adaptable, allowing the universe to surprise you with unexpected breakthroughs in self-discovery and your perspective on life. ❤

4: A FULL MOON happens in your 4th House (Home, Family, Roots, Land).

Symbolically, Full Moons represent a climax, stirring up deep emotions, and a time of completion. When a Full Moon occurs in your 4th house, it highlights a significant shift in matters of home, family, and emotional security. During this period, you might find yourself engaged in deep introspection and experiencing powerful emotions, dear Virgo, kaya please give yourself ample personal time for relaxation and self-care! The Moon also forms a supportive link with Mars, infusing your home life and family relationships with dynamic energy, courage, and a passionate drive. This experience, while it might not be immediately evident, can lead to a greater sense of empowerment within your personal life and domestic sphere. It’s a perfect time to focus on your home life, heal family relationships, and nurture your emotional wellbeing. Matters related to your home, family, or personal history may also come into focus. Embrace this intense energy to let go of what no longer serves your inner peace and security!<3

5: VENUS enters and travels through your 12th House (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things).

Venus entering your 12th house introduces a serene wave of tranquility, compassion, and introspection to your spiritual and subconscious realms, dear Virgo! This is a time to indulge in solitude and engage in self-reflection, so malamang-lamang may pagka muni-muni and senti mood ka ngayon. Your empathy and spiritual awareness will be heightened, drawing you towards altruistic actions and deeper self-understanding! Embrace the pleasure of solitude, nourish your spiritual life, and immerse yourself in activities that soothe your soul. However, it’s important to note that Venus will turn retrograde next month, signaling a time of introspection and isolation, as you reassess matters of spirituality and inner peace. Kaya naman, it’s advisable to make the most of the current Venusian energy and maximize your efforts to enjoy your solitude before the retrograde period begins. Maypagka heavy na kasi ang energy by then. For now, enjoy, this enchanting period of increased spiritual growth and self-discovery! ❤

11: MERCURY enters and travels through your 10th House (Career, Profession, Reputation, Public Persona).

When Mercury enters your 10th House, it brings a strong emphasis on your career, public image, and professional aspirations. This transit enhances your communication skills and mental focus, dear Virgo, making it an opportune time for strategic planning, goal setting, and networking with influential individuals in your field! Don’t be afraid to engage with your bosses, kasi you’ll find it easy to articulate your ideas, showcase your expertise, and for sure, you’ll leave a positive impression! This is a favorable period for advancing your career, seeking recognition for your hard work, and pursuing ambitious goals. Use this time to align your professional aspirations with your communication style, and seize opportunities to showcase your talents and abilities to achieve long-term success in your chosen field. ❤

18: A NEW MOON happens in your 10th House (Career, Profession, Reputation, Public Persona).

A New Moon in your 10th house brings fresh beginnings and opportunities in the realm of career, reputation, and long-term goals, dear Virgo! This lunation inspires you to reassess your professional life and set intentions for career growth and achievement. New opportunities for career advancement or taking on leadership roles might just surface unexpectedly, so stay vigilant! Now is an ideal time to refine your career goals, take on new professional challenges, or make significant strides in your journey. Most importantly, remember to align your career decisions and long-term goals with your core values! Mas importante pa din na mataas ang integrity, no matter how successful you can be. However, be mindful as the Moon forms a square with Neptune, infusing your career and public standing with an extra dose of dreaminess and imagination. Stay discerning and ensure your career plans remain grounded and practical, avoiding the trap of overly idealistic thinking! It’s easy to get carried away with lofty career dreams without a concrete plan. Manifest a solid foundation of professional growth and career success through practical action, to lessen the risk! ❤

21: SUN enters and travels through your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains).

Prepare for a significant shift as the Sun enters your 11th house, dear Virgo, bringing focus and vitality to your social connections, friendships, and aspirations! With the Sun illuminating this area of your chart, you can expect a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm in your interactions within groups and communities. It’s a time to expand your network, engage in collaborative projects, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and aspirations, as this period encourages you to actively participate in social events, join organizations, and contribute to collective endeavors. Embrace opportunities for networking, sharing your ideas with others, and making a positive impact within your community. Allow the Sun’s radiant energy to guide you in manifesting your aspirations, as you nurture meaningful friendships, and embrace the power of collective collaboration. ❤

25-27: MARS in your 12th House (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things) squares URANUS in your 9th House (Belief Systems, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, Foreigners).

Brace yourself, Virgo! With Mars in your 1st house exchanging tense energy with Uranus in your 10th, this setup indicates a clash between your personal desires and career aspirations, leading to potential disruptions, surprising developments, and the need to balance self-assertiveness with your professional goals. Be careful as this might stir up tension or conflict, especially in your career or public standing! This time calls for embracing change, asserting your personal power, and innovating in your career. It’s a transformative period within your personal identity and career landscape, but remember, despite these potential challenges, maintaining respect and diplomacy should always be your priority! Practice patience and prudence!

27: MERCURY enters your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains).

When Mercury enters your 11th House, it brings a heightened focus on your social connections, friendships, and aspirations. This transit amplifies your communication and networking skills, dear Virgo, making it easier for you to connect with like-minded individuals and engage in group activities! You’ll find yourself actively participating in social events, brainstorming ideas with peers, and collaborating on projects. This is an excellent time for networking, joining social organizations, and expanding your social circle. Madami kang kausap ngayon! Your ability to communicate your dreams and aspirations is enhanced, allowing you to inspire and motivate others. Embrace the opportunities for networking, collaboration, and community involvement that Mercury’s presence brings forth! ❤

★Good Luck, VIRGO! See you next month! ★